You know this is a great game for us to be back at home um. You know with an opportunity a lot more than more than you’d think no he’s. He spoke very well. He’S he’s been great in this environment um, you know just around you got ta play our best. Rugby um play the rugby that we’ve been developing over the last couple of weeks, and you know i’ve seen three out of four really good half of it. Um got ta bring two tomorrow, i think a lot. You know we talked about being accurate, a lot during the week um. So the way we um you know, kick the ball to our position. Um. The way we you know were turned over um through our own errors, and you know the way kiwis put pressure on us last week and gave them the ball. You know gave them a lot of opportunity which led to you know a bit of like a butterfly effect of how things panned out there um. So you know we control our game a bit better, and you know we have a you know a similar uh, better performance than wellington. As a guy who’s played numerous blue tests, you’ve got a number of debutants. Do you have to go up to these young guys and talk to them, help them through this week it’s a big occasion for a few of them, yeah it’s, a good team effort to you know, get get those guys there in saying that they’ve earned they’ve um.

You know dave’s been big on earning the opportunity and these guys haven’t the opportunity to to run out – or you know, come off the pioneer tomorrow night and you know equally as important in these games. You’Ve seen how tight they can be and the importance uh um. You know finishing group um off the bench can be so these guys will earn their opportunity and it’s. The start of you know a career for some of these guys in the start of a journey um. You know they’ve they’ve worked hard through a super rugby outfit and then they get a chance now um to do it on. You know one of our biggest stages, it’s it’s, pretty good game. Today doing oh, we had a good. We had a good week’s prep in eden park up to the auckland game. Um look it’s, just we’ve had another two weeks under our belt um, you know, we’ve been up in the hunter it’s been nice up there it’s been a you know, challenge with the weather and stuff like that, and you know they’ve thrown a few curveballs at us And you know that’s what we can expect throughout this year. It’S been it’s been that way throughout um, but you know we. It feels like i haven’t played any age played a war ties game here, but some of our guys haven’t even played here um. So that’s. You know it’s such a such a great chance to be back in front of our home fans um.

You know watching the game. The other night that was played here. It was a great turnout, um, really really keen to see a lot of gold in the crowd. Tomorrow night and have our players experience that and the letter slow fixture at home um, you know shame that we do have restrictions with the crowd but um. You know i feel it’s gon na be loud tomorrow, night and i’m pretty pumped. For that dave said. You put your arm around him a little bit recently good on ball presence um, you know he’s a running threat as well um, so you know for, however, the back row lines up for us towards the back end of the game or early. You never know how these things work. Sometimes you know um. You know he’s going to bring a big threat at the breakdown he’s impressive there throughout the super ugly aucom um, you know so. Hopefully we can tag team get a bit of work, done, he’s, confident, confident, player um, you know for watching from afar and the brumby’s outfit he’s been really good in the way he manages himself and the team so i’ve been impressed with uh with him. There um, you know he’s, he, like probably more. You know he had a a bench spot there down wellington, doesn’t, get on out of the team and now straight into a starting spot. So it’s a you know. Everyone in our team has a great story: that’s no different, and now he gets to definitely get a car.

You know um run out there tomorrow, night and um. You know get to do it on another level, that’s what it is about earning the opportunity at another level, then proving yourself against um. You know against new zealand um in a test jersey and you know really excited for the jersey, we’re wearing tomorrow night um at home, so he’s ready to go yeah yeah, i mean that’s a good thing about starting right. The good thing about starting is you know when kickoff happens, you’re there you’re on the field, you can prepare that way, it’s quite hard, actually being a finisher um, sometimes because you could get on in the 10th minute or the 75th minute. So how you prepare can sometimes be a bit of a trick for noah um he’s on you know: zero kicker. He might be kicking off the first ball, so um yeah i’m excited for him defensively expecting a bit of pressure. How do we’ve got a plan around that um? You know we did a good job, stopping them defensively in wellington, um and, like i said through some of the accuracy in the in game two we gave them a lot of space and they’re big, powerful athletic guys that can make you pay if you give them Space and give them time so um want to starve them of that control the game as much as we can. We know we know there’s going to be times where um they’re gon na have tails up as these games always do so.

You know how we stop that get the ball back important, colin uh, your sexuality, just wondering. If you’ve read your thoughts, i know you obviously wouldn’t know down yeah uh yeah. I feel really happy for dan um. I do know dan. You know he’s a great bloke he’s, a great wallaby, um yeah great rugby player, now coach, so um, you know wishing him all the best and was a very powerful. Do you think that has the potential to you know if people are feeling that way to also you know express themselves, you know, given that there are so you know, and i guess that’s why someone like um dan’s putting that out there, and i think you know His words speak speak loud in the uh in the article happening here guys. Anyone online you go michael uh, luke robinson here from youtube: um in new zealand how’s it going yeah good thanks, mate um. Obviously you guys have two games. Now, oh and aussie um. You! You go home with the chance to win the letters woke up. Do you see that there’s sort of a home advantage? Oh, it obviously has hobby violence for you guys, but you see that as almost advantageously as we said down in auckland, it’s uh, you know same same size, footy field um. You know yeah we’re at home, we’re we’re across the road um. You know shacked up so um. Look both teams i’m sure are gon na be prepared.

Gon na have a good have had a good preparation, um as it has in the last two games. It could be 80 minutes more to split these teams. So um, you know that’s that’s that’s, all it is. You spoke about all that’s been spoken about this week about how i guess a lack of accuracy in that second game, how much more accurate you need to be to meet this one wakes up. Oh we’ll see tomorrow um, you know they. They took their opportunities well. Last week you can’t give them too many um and we want to pressure them to give us some opportunities which we think we’re capable of so yeah tomorrow night after the game, probably have a better indication just last one for me, um, obviously we know the history About how many times you know, the kiwis have won this cup um. Where does this rank in terms of your best chance in the last sort of you know, 10 or so years of being able to win it? I don’t know um every team’s been different every year or the group’s always different every year. You know we’re i’m not focused about history. Folks, about tomorrow, mate and um.