Teams are out for this game from sydney it’s a saturday game it’s on like 7 45 local time. I think it’s 9 45 over here in new zealand. So maybe a better time for you guys over in europe and whatnot, because it’ll be a bit later in the morning than like four o’clock, but yeah i’ll go over the teams. As i said, both those teams are out there’s a few. A fair few changes for both sides to be honest and recent history, the odds and all that jazz, so there’s a few, a couple of debutants starting for the wallabies in the form of non uh, noah lolacio, the brumby’s man. He comes out of the number 10 jersey to make his debut against the all blacks at home at a do or die game of blizzard cup it’s a pretty tough one, but i mean man if you’re gon na, if you’re gon na win the blitz low you Just got ta, you got ta, get that win and maybe having a guy with no baggage is gon na, be a fresh look and honestly he’s good man, he’s, really good. His distribution skills. His goal goal kicking was was solid from memory. I think uh gold ranking skull, kicking rankings on twitter. They gave him a pretty good score. Um and eres. Simone is the other guy he’s going to be there at number 12.. So two guys one in the midfield, one at 10 running the show.

So two pretty key positions: maybe an area for the all blacks to to target, expect big ball carriers running straight at lola seal, but he’s looked really good, since he even when he first came into the brumby as a super rugby level. He never looked out of place so if he’s anything like that in the test, that’ll be good on him. Uh. The front row is largely the same: it’s still slippery i’m, paying him also but jumps up from the bench so tupo he drops down. He’S got a start in the first two games: those guys swap positions at tight head, uh, salaka, loto and uh. Philip are the second row so no changes there. Ned hannigan keeps his spot in the number six jersey uh, probably on the back of knock and joe midi moody alcold, maybe i don’t know uh michael hooper’s, captain of seven and harry wilson is still there at number. Eight he’s uh only two games into his test career, but he’s looked a bit of a natural from from the game time we’ve seen with him. Nick white continues at nine, as i mentioned, laura ceo is 10. simone, as i mentioned, is 12 on taboo. Pittaya comes into the 13 channel and uh he’s up from the bench, so pasami drops down to the bench from the midfield and matt tamura is out of the squad injured, so he’s got a long ceiling. It was groin injury, so he’s out for ages and james o’connor.

I think his was knee he’s out as well so that’s. The reason lolocio and simone in theory get their starts, so lola, ciel, simone and pattaya. I feel like they’re going to have to score some points, because the all blacks, especially with one of their guys on the bench which i’ll get to in a minute, will be looking to cause havoc because um i don’t know like passami, is true and maybe hamish Stewart actually we’re like the big tackling, even though stu is not that big, he was a high tackle count guy for the uh for the reds and super rugby au. So i don’t know defensively. There may be a question mark about that 10 and the midfield combo, but we will see how things go: uh, cora, betsy and dargun are on the wings and both those guys well actually kara betty, i thought, was really good when i went to the eden park Game and then i watched the game back and he had a fair few handling errors and defensively pretty poor. He still looks good with ball in hand, even if he didn’t score that one try so it’s a kind of one tick with a few crosses on it. For his performance, but korra betty and especially dargunu, are pretty good strike, weapons and danger. Petty comes in at fullback he’s recovered from his. I think it was a groin injury as well, so that means tom banks is out of the 23, nothing about being injured.

As far as i’m aware, he is just a straight swap for uh. I guess the more experienced guy in halo, petty the bench uh ceo and two, as i mentioned, are the other back up front. Rowers simmons are still there. Fraser mcrae comes in he’ll get his debut if he gets on as well. So that means liam wright drops drops out of the 23 tape, mcdermott very, very uh, nippy, and also a guy who can certainly spot a gap. Good, like quick thinker, knows when to take a quick tap knows when to slow the game down, keeps the defense really in two minds, because you never know when he’s going to run the ball uh, he is there on the bench, so he will get his debut As well, which means jake gordon, is out of the 23 as well. I honestly think mcdermott here is a good call like that. You could be arguing that he should be starting based on the au form, but mcdermott for gordon, even though i really like jack gordon, i think, mcdermott’s a good call. If you’re going to bring someone off the bench you like to think they can bring something different and add a bit of. I don’t know a bit of a threat and i think, as far as nines go say, mcdermott is the biggest threat that the aussies have got. Uh rhys hodge is going to cover half the back line. He will be the back up 10, undoubtedly, but also he can play the centers.

The wings fall back and uh paisami has dropped to the bench. As i mentioned, he kind of usually plays 12 13, but i haven’t seen him play outside back. So i guess hodge is kind of covering a bit of that as well, so it’s, an interesting it’s, an interesting few changes for dave, rennie’s team for the all blacks they’ve also got a few changes to inukuafe comes back into the joe moody, as i mentioned. Had that that clash with uh with old ned hannigan, so he’s i’m assuming being arrested and probably going through the concussion protocols, uh dane coles and tung and fussy retain their spots. Two and three tupalotu continues on in the second row, alongside sam whitelock, who comes back, his return means uh. Vai drops out of the 23 entirely uh because remember san juan concussion in that last game at eden park. So he wasn’t able to take part uh, friselle and sam kane are six and seven so steady as she goes there. Uh satu is your guy number. Eight now he’s in friday, savior savio, is on parental leave, so he’s taking a week off to be with his young child and his missus, which is you know good on him. But man statue looks good good blues man, so there’s a ton of blues in this outfit. Actually, to be honest, i don’t know how many it is it’s a lot i mean. I count them at the end, but it’s more blues than we’ve had in the all blacks in a very long time uh.

So, yes, the tutu. He comes up from the bench to get his first start, aaron smith’s at nine, more long as a 10 they’re continuing on with that good here in aob, 12 13 continuing on there caleb clark who was just absolute wrecking ball uh at the weekend. A couple of weeks ago, eden park, he’s good blues man, number 11. jordy barrett continues on to 14.. Not the most popular selection amongst all blacks fans would still defer to follow his judgment. If you’re going to put a guy that big out on the wing i’d like to see them, kick him some eyeballs, especially because uh he’s gon na be up against corabidi and i’m, pretty sure he’s got karabini by a fair few centimeters and he’s, probably a fair Bit better in the year, but we will see, maybe if you risk losing it to coral beating, he gets into space that’s a bit of a risk reward play. But anyway, uh ambody continues on at full back another good blues player. So there you go loads, blues uh, the bench is cody taylor alex hodgman and he was really good on his debut last time, so he could have even started. Arguably but he’s on the bench. Lomax comes in to the side. Scott barrett continues on the bench. He’S fresh from his injury recovery, he’s came back last time. He didn’t park was his first game back uh papa ali. He comes into the side, so he’s kind of taking the spider savia you know savvy is out so sasuke.

The host institute is in and then at least starting and then uh papa. He comes in on the bench. Uh piranha is nine la mape is there you go at 12.. People have been calling for that guy to be back for an age. We finally get to see the man remember, he has been injured. He was not fit for the first game in wellington, the draw – and he was probably i mean if he wasn’t fit a week later. He would have been still touch and go so they’ve lived in him they’ve, given him a bit of time to get right. Hopefully, he’s right and he’s going to be he’s going to be eyeing up simone pizzaya lolacio, honestly he’ll he’ll be fancying his chances anyway, uh and recut your one ears back from his injury as well, so he is there uh and the 23 jersey. So yeah i mean i guess you got 210 starting stuff long. It goes down you can put bodhi in at uh at 10. You can move spody you’re, not his brother jordy to 15., like there’s a lot of things they can do, but they haven’t gotten out about 10 on the bench kind of similar to the wallabies yeah there’s, no la lala for this one, because he’s also on parental Leave like savia moody, as i mentioned, the head knock um jensen is just out for uh la mapi and uh. Damien mckenzie is the guy who who drops his spot with rico’s return.

So some interesting interesting choices, uh that’s a ton of blues guys. Honestly. What can i say, happy bluesman um recent times, it’s it’s three to one with the one draw it’s, still pretty pretty favors the all blacks. If you look at the average score, it’s 2018 over those most recent five games and if you look at the bookies odds, actually it is all blacks by 10.. If you look at rugby forecast, algorithm it’s, all blacks by 10 average score last five games. 28. 18. All blacks by 10., so that’s, where it goes the last time they played at anz stadium. It was 38 13 to the all blacks away from home, so pretty comfortable win. But that was like, i said 2018, so a wee while ago uh, the wallabies have got it all to do, because they have to win to keep the blizzle alive and in terms of the rugby rugby championship. Try nations hopes the wallabies are gon na win. If they win it, the blender’s low goes to one a piece and then there’ll be a showdown in brisbane, but if they lose it that’s it all blacks, retain the blade as low and put one foot forward in terms of that race. Four uh for the try nations the draw is not going to be good enough for the wallabies this time, because if they only get the same amount of winds as the all blacks, the the incumbent will keep the trophy.

And in this case, that is the all blacks, so yeah, pretty exciting stuff. When you look at the two teams, uh ted mcdermott’s debut is probably the main one i’m. Looking at, i mean simone as well. To be honest: he’s underrated, i think, he’s a good player. He’S been good for a few years. He’S really gotten a lot better, so keen to see how he goes at international level, because, as a few guys who you see, do well at super rugby level, never quite make the step up. So we’ll see how simone goes. It’S a tough test for him. Likewise lucille he’s, as i said, he’s, been on a phenomenal right. So i’ve got a bit more faith in him just on his trajectory, whereas, like simone’s been around the blocks for a few years now and kind of maybe had a a less kind of sharp uh path to that that wallaby’s wallabies jersey, uh for the all blacks. Obviously, seeing satu get a start there’s pretty good times, but the fact that la mape is back has got a smile on the dial of many an all blacks fan. I can assure you of that so yeah saturday evening morning, for some of you guys it’ll be on sky here in new zealand uh. If you haven’t worked out how to watch it, espn plus is probably one option for you. Although i heard from one person they started it a bit late at the eden park, game which is a bit frustrating but uh.

Otherwise i think they’re, a pretty good service and pretty cheap, but i’ll save that. For the end, you guys, let me know your thoughts on this one. How dirk is going to go key selections, dmacc being dropped, jock being injured tomorrow? How do you think this is going to affect the teams and um yeah i’ll talk to you guys again soon later, remember guys if you haven’t sorted out how you’re going to watch these games, espn plus, is one way to get it done. It’S relatively cheap at six dollars or five dollars. Sorry 99, a month it’s pretty reasonable compared to the price. Most of us pay around the world, especially like here in new zealand. You can watch the games live and on demand. So you can see when i searched rugby upcoming games, new zealand against australia, blitz, low cup. Those games are listed as upcoming on demand games. You can uh see there as well, so it’s a pretty good service. Uh i’ve used it before for super rugby au and super rugby ateroa in the past, works really well live and on demand now because i’m in new zealand, i had to use a vpn and connect to america to get it to work. Otherwise i won’t. Let you go to the sign up screen when you go to that, like espn, plus it won’t. Let you you know, go to the sign up option. It won’t even show that that page, because it’ll be like you’re not in the the right broadcast territory, but if you’re on the vpn and you’re connected to america, you can see that’s me there Music, it works so and it’s good as well.

Because i mean, if you want to watch the six nations at the weekend, which is actually on for free on itv, you just switch this from from america to the uk. So this is why, as a sports fan, having a vpn can be pretty useful, the one i use is express i’ll check a link in the description uh. They do 30 day money back guarantee. They do multiple options on um.