We know now don’t we that they will be facing psg in the final after a comprehensive three nil victory over leipzig. Here. To reflect on it, frank, lebouff, stephen nickel and craig burley craig, the champions league has served up. Quite a few surprises recently, no surprise today, no the only the only highlight for julian nagelsmann was. It is only one game because had it been two games, uh they’d have got a right, paced and i mean quite frankly. In the end, it was the champions league. Semi, final uh practice, game uh. It was so easy for for paris and german, and on top of that you know uh, they were well organized. They had to make some changes. We expected academy to go out. He did di maria coming back in. Obviously, pereira is coming in herrera starting uh. They were a little bit more solid in there, but rb leipzig shot themselves in the foot and and why the hell and we’ve yet again, we’ve seen another manager who figures he has to tinker with his system and get away from what his team have been used To to try and outfox the opposition, not that, i think it would have made a whole lot of difference, but i think it just shows how quite often these so called top coaches are just at times overthinking. It pc just passed the complete game, really stevie yeah and i think you know likes it, gave them the initiative right off the get go.

You know they decided to to try and play the game in the middle third field uh, and when you do that, obviously you leave a little bit of space in behind and and to go in at two nil. Then clearly got it. It got it way wrong. Uh and it should have been three and – and i suppose for pse, the worrying thing would be that yet again, neymar goes through one on one with the goalkeeper and puts it wide. They tried to change. It made a couple of substitutes at half time, but really it was done and dusted and then the third you talk about just an absolute ridiculous decision from mckayley just to fall over no touch on him whatsoever and the game’s done and dustin saw they got done. Tactically and on the field they got outplayed, so they can’t have any worries. Are any arguments i should say from a psg perspective. They’Ve got to be delighted, obviously frank yeah. They should they’ve done what they had to do. They were very mature. They they uh delayed. The game uh the other way, um and, and i think they did what we were expecting to them to do um. I was worried about the about verity not being lined up at the beginning of the game, but quite pleased to see the maya coming back, because we know that the defenders will have to make a choice. And, of course, when you have de maya and papi and neymar, you will more be cautious about the two last, but uh jimarya had a wonderful game and is a he showed that he is a real top player defensively they’ve been strong and they even brought something Offensively with marquinhos they did everything they had to do.

Rico was secure enough and did what he had to do as well. I mean there is nothing to complain about in paris and german everybody was spot on, they were around paradise, they did what they had to do. I think it’s very disappointing to see how leipzig showed their limits tonight and, in fact, never been able to compete against a very good paris saint germain, but we discussed this didn’t. We in the build up to this game. Craig, you take a look at live six team, obviously nowhere near as good as psg, and you thought well maybe the team collective spirit that got them. This far could help them. But once again we saw their frailties and lacking in the final third yeah and – and you know, psja’s frank said tried to hit the or i think stevie tried to hit the ball over the top early, and you know i think it’s, clear and bappy’s not fully Fit, although he’s still a huge threat, you know, because when he’s in the team you’re worried about him running in behind all the time, he’s still lacking that little bit of sharpness. Maybe you know by the time the final comes around that that you know that 90 minutes or whatever it was he got i’ll give him that little bit of sharpness a few days rest. But but you know, they’re going to just hit the ball in behind. If it’s basil, if it’s bayern munich in the final uh, you know, if buy and play that high line again i’m presuming they’re going to beat leon who knows uh, maybe julian later in the show, has got something different to say about it.

I don’t know but they’re going to ping that ball in behind. Are they they’re going to be a real threat and if buy and do drop off? If it is them, then they could get plenty of space in the middle of the park. So i think whatever happens down it’s going to be a great final, now uh and i think you know rb leipzig did their best to get where they’ve got to. That was a tremendous effort from them, but they were just outclassed uh. Why can’t name our score? Stevie um it’s, you know he’s he’s, obviously not got the games behind him that he normally would uh playing in a semi final champions league and even even a quarter final uh. It can only be that it can only be that little bit of sharpness that you have with having games behind you, because that would be the only worry really uh company to back, i think is, can can be a little harsh, a rash at times, but other Than that, the only worry they have is, you know: are they going to create and score goals? Because you know the three goals today, at the end of the day, are down to down to pearl, defending uh and mistakes from leiczig. So an open play psg had plenty of opportunities, uh, certainly from from two nil up where leipzig kinda went for it and they didn’t look particularly great going forward. You know 3v3 3v2 won one time and they really made a complete mess of it.

So, if you’re going to look for the areas to to get better, then definitely the front three as far as creating scoring goals is concerned, would would be probably the only one yeah. How do we sum up neymar’s performance today, frank? Well, i would say better than last time because he hit the post twice and uh and um and uh and gave an assist to uh to the maya, uh um. I think it was the second goal, yeah so better, but in the middle of the pocket the guy is absolutely fantastic and he’s very involved. He wants to invest himself into the to the even the building of the actions and everything um. But again we want him to score goals and he had opportunities to do so and uh and when he hit the post in the first chance that he had um, everybody thought okay, it’s going to be the same game as than last time. Well, i think it was better. I think it was a real threat to the defenders and it’s, maybe because of that that demaya had a chance to be more uh free than the than mbappe, and him is a consequences of maybe the investments of of neymar. So well, i’ve been harsh on him last time. Maybe i i i i only say what i what i really saw and what i really felt, but today i have to say that he was better more invested and and more creative um.

Therefore, more important for the team – i i don’t, i don’t, think it’s a major problem for them. I like what he’s doing at the moment, uh neymar dan uh. You know it’s like every great striker. You know they’ll go through a bar and i know he’s, not a striker, but even the best of strikers will go through a barren runs and, and it comes to an end, this will come to an end for him, but but what’s more important, i think, is How invested he looks actually in the game itself, and i think that was that was evident against atalanta, and it was evident again here today and frank mentioned when he drops deep he’s picking the ball up. He’S beating people he’s making he’s making things happen, he’s dragging two or three defenders towards them. It can then be popped off timbape or di maria who are equally as productive in the final third with the passing uh, and i think the good thing was that when he’s been tackled when he’s been flawed, when he’s been hammered so far, he’s picking himself up And he’s brushing himself down, and i think you know that’s a really good sign for them rather than the show pony kind of stuff, and i think the goals will come for him and the plus side is they are getting one or two from other areas. I know they were a little lucky to deal with the mistakes, but they are getting goals from other areas, so i don’t think it’s a major issue.

How good was his assist for the di maria goal? Stevie? Oh no! It was a fantastic little touch of quality that not many not many possess. Not many. Try, not many even see it. So. Yes, you can’t argue with that. Uh, just a little a little caution as he’s he’s played atalanta and he’s played leipzig. You know: has he done it in the champions league when it really matters most, i would say he hasn’t done it yet. So if, if he’s the player, we think he is, then he better do it against bayern? How much credit should we give thomas tucker for this victory or the fact that psg are in the champions? League final frank, i think a big credit, because i’ve seen many french talents or or journalists. You know criticizing before the game that the fact that icarly wasn’t lined up that they, he didn’t, play at front front, and i always said you know, since uh it worked against real madrid in the group stages and marquinhos was in the midfield zone um. Among the other midfield players, uh worked and he kept that until it’s it’s gon na it carries on working and winning so um. I think he he stepped up and um and and and trust trusted some players that we didn’t expect uh them to to be on the field like uh like paredes um, and he didn’t have the uh. He had the guts to to put ikari out and even put supermartian to thank him 10 minutes before the end to on before icarly.

So i think it’s uh it’s a good credit from uh from from tukel, i mean the team, the spirit of the team. The way they play tactically is because they listen to the coach and because they it give them the uh the end. They know the envy. The the the need and the the the will of of of success so it’s also the the victory of mr tucker well, but let let’s just hold the horses here dan on this, for the very point that stevie just brought up now, you can only beat what’s In front of you, but atalanta, and our and and leipzig are hardly heavyweights of european football, so there’s there’s many questions still out there uh for thomas took off you look at the potential. I mean look if they get leon in the final, somehow they’re going to be huge, favorites they’ve, beaten, leon twice and league on this season, homing away. If it is buying as expected, then then we’re really going to find out, because you know handsy flick come in there and a buy on team. That was pretty much in disarray, turned the whole thing around the whole thing and went on a great run and got to the the final by knocking out barcelona an incredible result. I know barcelona have got their issues, but if psg bassa is the bayern, munich is the final and they beat us by on side. Then i think we’ll can duffer cap at thomas tickle, but that’s a big f at the moment and – and you know, atalanta and leipzig – good results, but he’s hardly had to sit there with his coaching hat on to beat this leipzig team.

Today they shot themselves in the foot and as for the atalanta game, it was sort of desperation. At the end they got tired. He made the substitutions the big guns come on. They were able to turn that ship around the final, potentially that’s a different cut of fish. I i i can agree with craig and i can hold the horses as he says, but um you have to put, but i want to say something i mean atletico. Madrid was better in uh on papers than uh than uh. Leipzig and they’ve been hammered by leipzig and uh, and nobody said uh. Well, you know life’s issues whatever. It is frank, they’re horrible at the lady, they got people. You cannot say that you cannot well. I can’t agree with you because you can’t fight against history of a club. You think that atalanta and leipzig are not good enough in the champions league, because they don’t have history, but in terms of quality they they definitely showed to the world that they have quality. Atalanta, 15 days ago, they they drew against juventus turin in the syria, so it’s uh, it’s, um it’s it’s, also to give a credit to paris and germany to have been serious and to be tactically spot on to beat leipzig, where atletico madrid cannot do that. Now, having said that, i agree with you we’re gon na see. If neymar is the name of, we are waiting for uh with the the real fantastic player against, of course, a fantastic team like bayern munich, because they are the favorites because nobody can beat them right.

Now but we want to see my parents james if they are capable of doing something, but you cannot take the credit off the their the to get the last game that they had well. Thank you very much for watching espn on youtube for more sports, highlights and analysis be sure to download the espn app and for live streaming premium.