They should be okay, here’s, their manager, Music, Music, Music, talking about neymar there. Of course, three years ago, 220 million euros he cast and since then is being accused of being arrogant and selfish. Miss some big games through injury wouldn’t pass the ball, but then this year, he’s playing it seems like a much more of a team player in the knockout phase in particular, and they must be just brilliant so far, ricky is it just maturation? Do you think, or or anything else that has seen him elevate his game? It seems no, i think, a perception so so when he obviously was playing for um barcelona, he’s, surrounded by other big big stars over here. I think he’s more, the main the main man uh you’ve got. Obviously killian bappy is fantastic, but i think perception because i i’ve always rated neymar as a massive special player. He’S won big stuff already he’s. I think he’s a top goal scorer in brazilian football history. For the national team, so he’s already done a lot. I was gon na. Ask you what makes you think um say the word selfish at the time, because he puts himself above the team tactics in big games not so much this year, but in previous years. For sure, and away from home in particular, he just hasn’t shown up and you need this guy to show up. We understand that, and you know, when you’re paid, that much and your chances he’s that big you have to deliver on the big stage and up until now he just hasn’t done it.

In my opinion, yeah go wasn’t. It i’d look into his fitness a little bit. I don’t think he’s been 100 since he’s been at psg. I i think he’s found that now uh i’d say his form and confidence is as good as it’s been in his career right now. He was unbelievable in the semi final. I i think he’s uh, just playing he’s, not overthinking things right now, he’s, finding space he’s receiving the ball on the move now, which makes him very difficult to defend. He’S obviously got tons of quality around him, um and and uh he’s flowing right now, which is excellent, you’re not going to get a whole bunch defensively trying to change a player. No, i understand that. Maybe in perception you’re right there ricky i mean he has won a lot. You know he’s he’s got a pretty big trophy cabinet, let’s, be honest here um, you know ligo and he’s won it three times, but you know you could put me in that team and i’ll win when he going. I love it. Maybe not maybe not a couple of coup de frances and uh coupe de league, which, by the way, is no longer after this season. He’S won two of those, so he’s done well, but he was brought in to win the champions league that’s why he was brought in and that’s my my point. This guy can turn a game. He can dominate a game and only now he’s seeing it yeah.

I just think that you’re bringing one guy in to win the champions league it’s, not even realistic thinking, but i would say this neymar is so talented that what happens is people are going to point their finger at him and say: oh look because he’s, a skillful Player he’s, quite selfish of the ball and as uh terry knows, as a coach, you need people like that to be like that, so what i think happens is sometimes, when it doesn’t go their way or winning the champions league or anything like that or qualifying to The finance which has now done people then start to point the finger at him and say he’s selfish when he’s injured, he’s injured, which i mean, and people sometimes especially in the media. They don’t realize when players are going for an injury it’s not because they want to jimmy, would you say rolo too, like he, you know obviously making a fortune. He comes in for a crazy number to psg that he tries to do a little bit too much as well on the ball yeah. I know i don’t think so. That’S neymar go and look up his stuff when he was playing for sao paulo when he played brazil that’s what they. I think when you spend that somebody played for brazil, right and and when teams are set and he’s trying to do too much that look you’re playing against good size, it’s difficult to break them down.

But when he’s, using his teammates and and getting into half spaces. And receiving it on the fly and not trying to to be the hero that that he’s a little bit more successful you’re all right, though i mean certainly he’s uh football’s more than just one player. I get that, but when you get you know that much money and – and you know your team pays – that much money for you. I think they expect more, and maybe this is a year. Maybe you will be shut up.