com, and this is my draftking showdown breakdown for monday night football’s game between the rams and the bears now be sure to hit that like button subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell. So you know when this and all of our other content goes live. Follow me on twitter at josh engelman, so you can get updates to these sims as we get closer to luck like tonight, for instance, 7 p.m. Eastern time i will have updates to the sim results posted to my twitter. You don’t want to miss it and finally, just let me know in the comments who do you like a captain who do you like at utility? Who are your favorite fades? Let me know in the comment section who you’re on for tonight some of the high level stuff for today 130 points is the average score in the optimal lineup. 48 900 is the median salary spent on average. There are 3.2 rams and 2.8 bears in the optimal rams. Are six point favorites tonight with a 45 point game total that’s enough of the wholesale stuff let’s dive in to the captains, all right, starting it off at captain and we don’t have ownership yet. So this is just raw results and captain is super efficient. Today, jared goff leads us off. He is the highest likelihood of being in the captain spot in the optimal but it’s just 16 of the time, which means 84 of the time it’s.

Somebody else alan robinson shows up 14 cooper cup 14 robert woods, 13 david montgomery, 10 percent, mick foles nine percent. It is really really difficult to separate these guys. You know, obviously you prefer golf to false, but it’s going to depend a little bit on ownership. Ultimately, those first six guys goff robinson foals cup, woods montgomery. They make up the large majority of likely captains there’s, not a ton, to separate them, because you gain so much from saving the salary from someone like david montgomery to go a little bit more expensive at the flex spot. So i i can’t just give any individual plays in that range. I think daryl henderson is probably going to be a little over owned, but we’ll talk about that later. If you want to get out of that huge pay up tier rams, defense shows up in the optimal three percent of the time you might want to take a look. There that’s a real long shot option, though that’s more of a 150 max type play: uh, darnell, mooney, almost four percent of the time: sam sloman, four percent, cairo, santos, two and a half you’re, really digging the bottom of the barrel. It is very likely that the captain for tonight is from david montgomery up if i’m just going in order of how often they do it. We’Re going golf cup we’re going golf robinson cup, woods montgomery, then nick foles we’ll talk about nick foles in a second.

I hope that sound wasn’t bad, because i just poked my microphone while i was talking now as we go to the utility spot. This is where the quarterbacks start to rise. Uh jared goff is the top captain. He is also the top utility option: 10. 400 he’s. The highest projected guy, he shows up in the optimal utility, 55 percent of the time, we’re talking about 70 of the time jared goff is in the optimal lineup. Similarly, while foles isn’t as popular in the captain spot, he is as popular in the utility spot. He is one of two guys: just he and goff, showing up north of fifty percent got uh falls in the optimal 52 percent of the time at utility. Then we take a step back robinson cup, woods, montgomery henderson, all in the 30s ish, with a chance to be in the optimal, so you’re, looking at probably needing two of those guys, maybe three you’re, probably picking one of the two quarterbacks, probably two or three of The rest of those guys at the top at the top uh montgomery, shows up most 42 percent cooper cup robert woods, both in the high 30s uh. Someone like daryl henderson is in the low 30s, but either way we’re talking about one third ish options: you’re gon na need to cycle through them as we work our way down. Darnell mooney shows up 28 of the time, sam sloman 28 of the time. This is where you’re gon na start to see the salary savings you’re gon na need to hit – probably one or two of these guys.

I would recommend mooney and sloman. First, i think josh, reynolds and anthony miller both show up in the optimal about 20 of the time. So if you’re playing a 20 max, for instance, you could probably get away with you know four five, even six lineups with an anthony miller or josh reynolds, a malcolm brown, a cairo santos or save even more money go to fourteen hundred dollars. Corduro patterson shows up in the optimal at utility 16 of the time that’s more than enough for you in a 20 max scenario, i don’t mind going there if you’re playing a three max having a lineup with quarter. L patterson, i think, looks pretty good. You save a lot of money, it allows you to get to the more frequent options of golf and falls and that’s what you’re trying to do you’re trying to hit the optimal. He gives you a pretty good chance to do it. If you want to save some salary now, i don’t have ownership, so it’s really hard to talk about fades. I think nick foles will likely be over owned at the captain spot relative to his odds. I would much rather have him at utility. I don’t think the ownership holds the same pace i’m. Guessing daryl henderson ends up a little bit over owned that’s, not a direction i want to go, but if he happens to have less than six percent ownership in the captain, spot it’ll look a little bit better.

I don’t really have any other major fades at captain until we get ownership. If we head to utility i’m guessing alan robinson goes a little over owned, but that’s just a guess as of right now, he still shows up in 36 percent of lineup. So he’s not like a zero percent guy, but i could see being a little lighter there uh jimmy graham tyler higby rams d bears d gerald everett. This range from 48 000 to 72, 000 or 70 4800 to 7200. God, if we own that much money, we will be making lineups from gerald everett to jimmy graham it’s kind of a no man’s land. You might see one guy come out of there in the optimal but it’s a really bad salary tier. There are just significantly better options below and significantly better options, above that i don’t expect to be in that range. All that often, i really do hope i can get to quarterly patterson. I wouldn’t be surprised if he picks up a bit too much ownership. His projection of 5.6 fantasy points looks good, but i can see that being a more own spot than what i’m showing we’ll know more at 7pm tonight. When i drop my updates alrighty folks, that will do it. That is the draftkings showdown breakdown for monday night football rams and bears one last time hit that like button subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell, so you know when it goes, live.

Follow me on twitter, at joshangelman for updates, and let me know in the comments who do you like a captain who do you like at utility, find the link somewhere around here for the fanduel version of this video good luck. Tonight, i’ll be back again for thursday night football.