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So now let’s go ahead and dive right into this nfl slate again like i said this is the showdown slate between the chicago bears and los angeles. Rams cannot wait to break it down so let’s go ahead and jump right into it here at the quarterback position. We’Re going to start with the chicago bears, and i just want to start out by saying this slate is very, very straightforward. I think there’s, some obvious picks there’s going to be some obvious value plays, and both teams really don’t have too many injuries to look at uh, with the exception of hegby we’ll touch base on him here, a little bit later on in the breakdown right now. The rams are opening up at a minus six point, spread uh 44 over 44.5 over under uh for the uh game total, which is just very, very low. They predict this to be low, scoring a defensive battle. Um and really i don’t see two effective offenses right now going at it uh. This is like i said this should be a very low scoring team. So if there’s going to be a game where you can fade both quarterbacks one or the other, if you just want to take one uh, this will be the game to do it. If you want to go more of a contrarian route play both quarterbacks. So, for a shootout and, of course, pair one of those wide receivers with the quarterbacks, we have all those settings on on uh showdowns on our dfs 101 playlist you’re, going to learn how to do that effectively, but nick falls 9.

8 really isn’t too bad again. A contrarian stack would be, you know, pairing any one of these. These wide receivers with neck fulls on the chicago bears. I really do like him here at 9.8. I think he ends up being a decent value pick. We see all these other quarterbacks over 10k on showdown slates, but nick foles is at 9.8k and he is proving he can definitely hit that price tag: 18.22, 12, 12 and 17. Really not that bad. You have to get your your price tag times two uh, which is just about 19 points, so he’s almost at value every single time and again they expect us to be low scoring. So a contrarian pick a nice value pick again with nick foles at the running back position. Uh we have cohen, obviously out on the injury reserve, so it’s just montgomery, pierce and nall. If we look at the snap counts here, let’s switch over to the bears right now, it’s, just all david montgomery. In week six he got 85 percent of snaps week. 5. 81. 85 56. Montgomery is the guy carrying the bulk of the carries here. Going all the way down at null, he literally only has two percent of the carries so um, just really there’s it’s, just one man doing it all here for the chicago bears because of the over under of this game. I do think that montgomery is going to be a little bit more on the chalky side and, of course, his price tag is very, very easy to get to 8.

4k. I think there if there’s gon na, be a person who’s gon na carry the bulk of this offensive load for the chicago bears. It has to be david, montgomery. I don’t think he’s a contrarian pick like i said i think he’s gon na be fairly chalky with the over under they only predicted the bears to put up 19.25 points, so a run heavy offense. Here i, like him, uh the next question i’m going to get in the comments is, is null even worth it if he gets the ball once if he gets one reception out of the backfield, obviously he’ll smash value. I don’t recommend him again. He only got two percent of the carries in the last matchup uh. Montgomery is out there for more than 80 percent of the plays, which is just insane for an 8.4 k price tag montgomery. We know he hasn’t been as efficient but again in this matchup. When you compare every single price tag and it’s a showdown we’re, not really comparing him against these other players in other matchups we’re. Looking in the same game, i think he presents a very good value play with a tremendous amount of upside, just with the bulk of carries that he does get at the wide receiver position. The most obvious choice is going to be allen. Robinson right, nick foles loves to throw the allen robinson, 9, 16 and 10 targets in his last three games with nick foles playing and if you even want to throw that 13 point or 13 uh targets in uh week number three.

He only played half that game. So again, al robinson getting a majority of nick foles’s uh targets, and i really do like him to pair again that contrarian uh pair stack, if you want to do it with nick foles and al robinson. I really do like that. Another thing i want to look at here is: there are darnell, mooney and anthony miller here. So if we look at the snap count, percentages for these teams, it’s, actually pretty crazy miller and mooney – are out there. 67 percent of the snaps – and you look at the price tags here, 4.4k and miller at one sorry, 2.2 k very easy to get to. I feel like both of these guys. You can jam into your lineup great value, picks and again they only have to see a decent amount of targets, really not that many that their price tag moonly has to get to 8.8 points and miller has to get to 4.4. Yes, they struggled to do it. Um in the previous matchups, but they’ve also been playing some pretty good defenses again, if you’re looking for a value play salary, savers, i really do like these value picks from the wide receiver position for the chicago bears. You look at these other wide receivers. They don’t present as much upside as these top three i like allen, robinson, i love mooney and miller for sheer value again, if you’re asking me to compare one or the other, i do love miller a little bit more just because he is cheaper at 2.

2 k. Titan position, jimmy graham graham, is definitely a wide receiver and a titan’s body on this offense he’s out there for 76 and 68 of the snaps and again nick foles, loves to throw to jimmy graham uh got ten five five and eight targets in his last four Match ups here and once nick foles has been out on the field at 7.2k, i think he’ll definitely be a contrarian pick, obviously you’re the one that favors some of these other wide receivers, just because they’re cheaper, but jimmy graham a low owned high ceiling potential. Here for a gpp option and again the rams do rank dead last in the posing titans. I think he has a good matchup. He could fly under the radar, and i do like him here for a gpp pick now let’s go ahead and switch over to the rams, and i also want to stop um at this point here and talk about the overall direction you want to go with. These builds, i do like kickers on this mat or in this matchup. Obviously, because it’s supposed to be low scoring game kickers should benefit more when the offenses do stall and the red zone which they are expected to so kickers are definitely in play. Defenses. I still you guys know how much i hate playing defenses and showdown. They have a little bit of upside, but again you’re, really banking on them. Getting a lot of turnovers and touchdowns.

You really can’t guarantee that with one of the other defense i feel like these are just two teams that are just very balanced in general, um and because vegas does present them to have a low over under. I think defenses might go a little bit over owned and again i’m just projecting. We will have the ownership projections presented later on on patreon, if you guys want to grab the ownerships and my overall take once it gets closer to the walk. Now. Let’S switch over to jared goff here 10.4k. I think jared goff is the most obvious play on the slate. If there’s going to be any offense it’s going to be through the rams and it’s going to be through jared goff, it has to be, it literally has to be, and we talk about jericho at 10.4k still relatively cheap. I think he’s going to be a core option for a majority of your lineups again, you can pay them to get completely contrarian and then stack, defenses and kickers again, uh hoping it scores less than 10 points or so, but jared goff at 10.4k. Gon na carry a lot of dealership, i think he’s, a very obvious play now. Let’S talk about this mad crazy backfield here with the los angeles ramps, daryl henderson, malcolm brown and cam makers. The question i’m gon na get in the comments tomorrow is which one of these three are you starting for value? Well me, i really don’t feel comfortable with any one of them.

Let’S go and take a look at the snap counts, um strictly looking at the rams. We’Re targeting henderson 53 malcolm brown out there for 45, so pretty much splitting carries and cam akers, who was projected to get the most at the beginning of the season, is out there for two percent of the snap. So let’s go ahead and throw cam makers out the door again uh, barring any crazy injury news, he’s one thousand dollars that’s just way too pricey for somebody who’s out there for literally a couple plays here and there malcolm brown at 3.4k, he’s, probably gon na, be My favorite value play again not based on sheer upside. I don’t believe he has a ton of upside, but if you’re looking for salary saving, he gets 45 of the carries 45 of snaps out there he’s, not the primary runner but he’s again, he’s right behind daryl anderson at 45 and daryl henderson. The 8.2 k is just way too expensive, so my favorite is going to be malcolm brown. Again, i still don’t love him, but if you’re looking for value, i think it’s going to be a running, dependent, matchup he’s, going to be out there for enough of the place, i won’t say a majority, but enough of the plays that hit his values, hit value And uh, two of the past four weeks that he’s been out in the field even only getting nine eight eight and two attempts uh in the russian game and again he gets a decent amount of targets.

So malcolm brown, not too bad daryl henderson, i he’s. Okay, again he’s not that efficient when he’s out there on the field, he still gets a bulk of the carries, and this offense when they’re relying more on the russian game. Daryl henderson is out there a lot more and i suspect they will do that in this game if they are playing ketchup, for whatever reason rely more on malcolm brown, you might want to uh go if you want to go completely contrarian, obviously, uh favor the bears And then also malcolm brown, because he will be out there more than daryl henderson when they are throwing the ball against chicago. If chicago leads the majority of the game, a lot of will lift scenarios, but you guys you guys totally get the point there. Switching over to the wide receiver position, this one’s a lot more straightforward. It goes strictly based on salary. I think cup is the best option: wood’s the second best option, uh just right behind them. I feel like they’re, basically uh neck and neck and then josh reynolds out there let’s go and take a look at snap counts, um reynolds out there for 83 of the snaps, so a very good value option here. At 2.8 k he has hidden value and pretty much every single week at 2.8. He literally only has to get to about five dk points and he’s done that in three of the past four weeks, so nine 5.

5, 6.6 and 12.5 dk points. This is a phenomenal value option. Josh reynolds is by far my favorite value play on the entire slate, a ton of value by receiver play across both teams, but josh reynolds is my favorite just because, obviously the rams are projected to win and put up more points. Robert woods, you can’t hate on him and cooper cup can’t hate on them either. I do believe they’re going to be more gpp options low over under and they pretty much split. The majority of the snap shares here so 95 and 92 percent of snaps are out there all the time and they have huge boom potential if they get it going in the passing game. Now for the tight end position, higbee did not practice. He is still questionable. His status is totally up in the air we’re gon na expect that he does not play because when you don’t practice on thursday that’s not really building well for game time on monday, if he does not play everett jumps to the top of my value board. Here, 4.8k, we know that jared goff loves his tight ends and, and everett is a beast. He just is. He gets four and four targets, even when higbee is playing so if he is not playing, they obviously expect that to double. I think, he’s. Another tremendous value option at 4.8 k and again, if you want to get contrarian, you want to play more of the chicago bears.

If you want to go for more of a cash option, favor that 3 3 build or a 4 2 build in favor of the los angeles rams.