It is halftime and i can tell you what guys i do not want to miss the second half. I love watching russell wilson, so let’s get right into it, so we can see if you guys join the team you’ll be getting this article. Obviously this article is for tonight the lineup, so we have in play tonight are posted below uh. If you haven’t already give this video a thumbs up subscribe to the channel – and let me know who you think is going to win this monday night football game between the chicago bears, the five in one chicago bears and the la rams, as always, i’m gon na. Do two lineups on each site: the first one is more of a safer one with the second one being a gpp lineup to win the milli, but let’s start over here on draftkings let’s. Take a look at the targets. First cooper cup is leading this uh rams team at 44, robert woods in second 41, and then we drop down all the way to 23, with tyler higbee over on chicago it’s, obviously going to be alan robinson he’s in first at 64., and then it drops all The way down to jimmy graham at 36. darnell mooney at 31., the sites are big, are different and draftkings. You got to take a different approach as we do on fanduel uh. The captain i really want to roll with, i think it’s going to be to be safer, since this is a safer, lineup it’s going to be jared goff, so obviously we’re going to get one of his receivers in here and we can and the receiver.

I do want to roll with is going to be robert woods just because of his upside here i do love the upside robert woods always does he’s a good little security blanket and someone that i like uh. Sorry, i was looking at my phone got an update. Uh but someone just safe in my eyes: he’s someone that’s gon na get three to four catches at least a game, and we can always take that kicking wise. I do like the kickers in this game, especially on draftkings, give us some money to stay with. I think the rams are going to be in the better one, and that is going to be our boy. Slow man did he get hurt or something i don’t know why both kickers are in here. Yeah he’s good, threw me off for a second why they had both kickers in there. So now we have 7 100 need to get us a bearish player and uh to be safe here, i’m going to get the quarterback in nick foles or we can go with alan robinson, whichever you want i’m going to roll the safer way here and going with Nick foles, it just makes me feel a lot better in that aspect. Getting both quarterbacks in here. We have five eight left see if there’s any cheaper plays down here. Girl ever is a great player as well love. The upside that he poses. Cocomet is someone that can get in there as well.

Uh don’t necessarily need to go with it. I’M. Actually, gon na remove their passion. Here it gives us ten two to play with allows us to get our boy allen. Robinson cordeo has been seeing the ball he’s going to get some targets in there get some carries. I can’t be mad with that and then allows us to go with alan robinson. I do like this lineup that we have here again going to roll with another one. It’S going to stay with jared goff as our captain again get nick foles and there’s the safety as well alan robinson boom. I love it already. David montgomery, malcolm brown. 3. 400 is way too cheap. In my opinion, then 2800 for josh reynolds. I would take it all day, and this is a more of a gpp one. The lineup is always more josh, ronald’s, fourth and team of targets on 21. By the way, now we hop over to fanduel it’s a little different, as you always need to get both quarterbacks in here, just because of how they make it for it’s just different on the site. They almost make. You have to get both quarterbacks, it sucks uh, but it’s the way of the day again we’re gon na roll with jared koff. As our captain here, i think he just has the safest floor on this slate in this game, alan robinson as well. We can fit him in here, we’re gon na take it.

So i do like going with a rob david montgomery, give me the montgomery train, no other running backs on this team other than core daryl patterson and then again, josh reynolds. I do like his upside fourth and team of targets and at 7k we’ll take that all day so again, let’s go to the gpp lineup Music didn’t. Do it over there, but let’s run with our captain as robert woods 14k. So we think robert woods is going to go off. That means jared. Goff is going to be the one throwing the ball. So we need to get that correlation in there and if they’re throwing the ball, it could potentially mean they’re down. So we’ll go with the upside or and david montgomery get him in. There lose some 9700 to play with again want to get that. Quarterback upside leaves us with mitch trubisky. Why did i go with mitchell bisky i’m, an idiot nick foles? I mean leave it to 6k again we’re not going to be able to do a lot with 6k. It does suck so we’re going to take nick foles out here and go elsewhere, like i said, it’s more of a gpp lineup, so being more of gdp. It does make sense to have uh only two or only one quarterback, because majority lineups do go with both so we’ll run with the other running back over here and daryl henderson as well. He’S been running the ball very well.

This was 7, 500 could could go with our boy, josh rollins again but i’m going to change it up and go with anthony miller. Hopefully he can finally get it going and there we have it our monday night football slate like i said i wanted to make this quick to get in, go back to watch my boy rust ball out. Uh let’s have a day fam, and i appreciate everything that you guys do for us all. Your support, all your love. It truly does mean the world peace out.