com we’re talking nfl sunday action here, 1pm eastern 10 a.m. Pacific kick on cbs. We got cleveland browns at the cincinnati, bengals 50 and a half being the total. Here. Tony cleveland minus three minus 120 right now uh. What are you thinking versus with this uh cleveland cincinnati, matchup tony before i throw down on this matchup? I forgot to mention in some earlier videos that for those who do some self handicapping, i it’s time to start paying attention to the weather. Um some weather issues turned up last week, uh in several games. You saw it, you saw it on the monday night game. Buffalo it’s raining in buffalo and buffalo cancidia plain so and it’s off topic a little bit, but but you possibly could see some some weather issues in the midwest cleveland and cincinnati uh this. This is a game as a i think, it’s a really good spot. As long as mayfield’s gotten through that rib injury, i think what we saw last week with the cleveland pittsburgh game was not only did. Did cleveland bounce back from a poor effort in week, one against baltimore. I believe we two they went in and played rookie quarterback, who they’re going to be playing this weekend in burroughs and that final in that game, i i don’t recall talking. I think it was 35 30., but it wasn’t as close as that. Uh cleveland wins. 35. 30. burroughs never gave up. If you remember that game, he was throwing the ball around the field.

I think he threw the ball 61 times against that cleveland secondary and since he’s coming cleveland’s coming off that uh that that ass kicking but the steelers just put on them, and you could see that he wasn’t he wasn’t right. He he was trying to cover up that ridge. He was rib injury. He was doing everything he could to kind of decoy and hide it, but no one on the pittsburgh side of the field, especially the defensive side of the field, were buying it. In fact, if you anybody who watched that game found what i mean, what mayfield was so focused on getting rid of the ball, he was hurting so bad. They were, they were behind playing from behind. So everybody in the stadium, all the cardboard figures, the same knew that um they were throwing the ball and hunt wasn’t having any day has a poor day running the football it’s, the worst ever. I think at least this year – maybe not worst ever but 40 yards on 18 carry is not not good enough to supplement or subsidize a passing attack that wasn’t working, not with a broken rib or a hurt rib from mayfield, but but back to what he perfectly Times the cadence i mean that’s something’s got to change right now. I watched the rest of the game and a cadence was almost the same thing for cleveland as long as mayfield was in the game and they did pull mayfield after two and a half quarters.

I think it was because um their reasoning. It could have been for two reasons, because he was miserable and two they’re trying to protect him and get him ready for a game with cincinnati, a game that they’re supposed to win a game if they’re favored to win and a game that very similar to after Week, one they lose uh, they lose in in by margin to baltimore in week one and they come back and they win a game. Two hey: they had not lost since week, two of them taken right. They were four and one going into pittsburgh last week then, and they got the drumming um. There was there’s a lot of injuries but here’s. What i expect i expect garrett to have a big day. I mean he had a pretty big day uh in week. Two not that he was not doing it three sacks so, but this guy’s got switz he’s got seven sacks in six games, that’s on pace for 18 and a half that’s, a pretty good sack total number in a covered year, anything that’s in a code year. Everything anything that’s uh that we say is good, is good by the way, guys so um, but the browns and bengals they played in week. Two everyone wants to say: burroughs is going to be better, but he’s going to be better than he was. We do very possible, i like a big big effort today from clear sunday from cleveland.

I don’t expect to see a mayfield play as poorly as he did. I expect him to be healthy another week for that rib to heal and anyone’s had redmond juice knows how painful they are, and they’re and they’re long it’s just time it takes time to heal those uh big play big big game, big play from mayfield uh beckham, Probably won’t throw another fit on the sideline, like he did last week in pittsburgh, which is that’s worse than anything in my world in my order, but those players that are divas like that and throw those fists because they’re not getting their way or they’re, not getting The calls are more of a distraction um, since they did a good job. They did a good job of handling the loss. They came out, they were accountable and i expect them to go into cincy this week. Second, road game in a row: it’s always always tough in the division and the fact that cincinnati’s or the fact that cleveland is averaging six and a half points a game on the road um. I think it played a little bit into this number and i think the number is fair if the number is right – and i think the numbers play all right – interesting stuff there from tony finn, even talking about a little cadence, there i’m sure high school coaches high School offensive coordinators. You don’t normally hear that at the nfl level, but i’m sure it happens to the best of them: baker mayfield, they tipped yeah yeah.

Well, we got uh got to get your opinion here, las vegas chris. What do you think in here with the uh, browns and bengals? I think he started drinking early. I i i couldn’t disagree more. I i i think you know what i i read the comments on the tennessee video that i did last week and everybody called me an idiot now i gave out tennessee and they won but i’m an idiot because i said tennessee’s, overrated, uh, so i’m gon na Give those people something even more idiotic to complain about if they hadn’t lost respect for me by then they’re gon na lose respect for one of the comments i’m gon na make uh. I remember that game, the prime time game and, and that was brutal cleveland. It was always cleve, you know, cincinnati trying to get the backdoor cover uh, but uh. You know, don’t forget chubbs was in that game. Chubb was in that game and gained a hell of a lot of yards. I i forget how many, but it he tore them up and down he’s, not going to be there this week, uh there’s other there’s. Another main point cincinnati’s playing at home, not on the road at home against cleveland cincinnati, is nine and two last 11 games. My opinion, who the hell is cleveland to be laying points on the road. What have they proven to anybody? This season, absolutely nothing they’re they’re, just the darlings mayfield is the most overrated over, not overrated, but over promoted, uh subject matter for weekly headlines, it’s he’s, he’s, nothing, he’s, banged up, he’s hurt uh cleveland is one and eight the last nine times on the road one And eight last nine and they’re gon na lay points on the road.

Honestly, i already gave this out as a client release. It’S the best bet took the plus three and a half uh. I think cleveland’s defense is pathetic. They rate. If you look at some listings, cleveland is in the top 10, and this is where everybody’s going to call me an idiot. My metrics, which are you know, very profitable over the last few years, have cleveland, even though they rate top 10 as a bottom 10 team. Bottom 10.: i think that they’re very overrated – i you know anything – can happen in one game, but uh i’m gon na take the plus three and a half, and you know what cleveland you show me i’m wrong. I, like it las vegas chris, like in the home, underdog there, and you can get a couple three and a half’s offshore right now. It is mostly threes, but it is available good stuff there from las vegas, chris and tony finn from and guys. This is number one and number two all time: profit producers in the nfl at, talking about tony finn and las vegas chris check out each one of their handicapper pages, because we got a two for one special if you’re interested in number one and number. Two all time at wager talk in the nfl.