They did not have a chance any chance possible. They couldn’t stop anybody, they couldn’t score baker. Mayfield was inconsistent, odell beckham was being immature. It was just so many different things going wrong for the browns, and i think that they need some type of veteran leadership in the locker room to keep them on track at all times, because they obviously cannot do that when you’re. Looking just at how uh the bengals played the cults, they were competitive throughout the game, even though gerbero was not able to be successful with getting his team, the victory, they were competitive, that’s the key to this. So when i’m, looking at the browns looking at the bangles you’re, looking at a talented roster for the browns, that has much more talent than the bengals does right now, but the key of that is baker mayfield right now, i do not believe, is a better quarterback Than joe burrow, i think that gives the bengals a fighting chance in this one when you look at odell beckham and how he had his shoes off before the games, even over he’s unbuckling, his uh, his pads, you know and – and it just looked almost like you Know i’m done here, you know the game’s not even over. You know, even though you’re losing be a professional go out there and finish the game. Teach the young guys that’s what this is about. So when you’re losing you learn more about a person more in a loss than you do in a win so for the browns i saw a lot of immaturity all across the board.

I saw undisciplined play. I saw them giving up on plays and you look at the steelers. The steelers could do whatever they wanted to do, even though the bengals uh, you know lost to the colts, it looked like they gave effort every single play. That was not the case for the browns. When you get a head to head matchup like this until the bengals um, you know get rid of aj green and pick up a couple more weapons, they’re always going to be. You know behind in games and things like that, but for the browns there’s, no excuse to get blown out like that that’s the second time this year that they’ve been blown out like that. I believe the ravens blew them the hell out the first time. So when you’re looking at the the browns, the browns, can you show up? Can you, you know, have pieces on the field that are going to be explosive and and and and do their job that’s kind of where we are at this point with this group, because this group is immature as a whole. Stefanski has to do something about odell beckham, because at this point i think you just need to trade. The guy you’ll probably be better off without him than you are with him. Based on his attitude when games are close or he’s getting blown out, he’s not getting the ball so i’m picking the bangles to win this one. I think the bengals are going to get the upset with this um, the bronze it’s just it’s, i don’t know it’s.

Just i don’t know what it is i can’t even say it’s the coach, because this is a brand new coach. This is a freddy kitchen, this isn’t any coaches they’ve had in the past, so you know it’s just an undisciplined feeling. It just feels like this team. Doesn’T have what it needs to to win, but when you look on paper they look talented, so you bengals fans, you browns fans, get in the comments section. Tell me what you think the issue is with the with the browns. Tell me you know what the issue is with baker. You know we got a whole lot of stuff to discuss, but uh i’m picking once again, i’m picking the bengals to win this game. I think it’s going to be a close game throughout, but joe burrow is going to pick up the uh bangles and get them across the finish line in this one. Uh leave your comments again in the comment section and as of uh. You know this may be the start of the end for baker in cleveland. If you catch my drift, but uh thank y’all for definitely checking it out.