number, 10 travis, kelts, travis celts was coming off of the best season in an already impressive career when 2019 began and somehow almost matched it on his way to a super bowl championship, kelts racked up over 1000 yards for the fourth time. In his career, scored five touchdowns and added a rushing td for good measure, not quite the double digit touchdown season he had in 2019, but patrick mahomes missed time in the offense was somehow even more stacked. Celts is always a threat and is changing the game for tight ends. Number nine tj watt watt had a game breaking year in 2019. In addition to 14.5 sacks from the outside linebacker position, he also led the entire nfl in forced fumbles with eight. He also collected two interceptions last year, making him not only a threat to tackle for a loss, but may also take the ball away on top of it. Following in his older brother’s footsteps, he’s already one of the best defensive players in the league in this third year number 8 russell wilson. Some may argue that russell wilson deserves to be higher on this list and for good reason. In his eight years as an nfl, quarterback he’s been selected to the pro bowl six times, wilson’s skill set has made him arguably the best quarterback in the league. In 2019, the qb completed 341 passes for 4 110 yards and 31 touchdowns all while limiting his interceptions to 5.

, as he heads into 2020, wilson has shown no intentions of slowing down 7.

bobby wagner a six time, pro bowler and five time. First team. All pro selection bobby wagner is one of the most unsung superstars in the entire nfl. He won a super bowl with the seahawks and has been the only holdover from the legion of boom defense last season. His eighth in the league wagner led the nfl and combined tackles picked up three sacks and intercepted a pass. The key to his game is consistency, which means he will likely be near this position on next year’s list. Number six quentin, nelson interior offensive. Linemen. Rarely get love, but nelson is one of the best players in the league. He has great awareness and physical traits which allow him to play at an elite level. The colts will have one of the best lines in the nfl in 2020 and nelson is the best player of the group number five lamar jackson. Although the season ended with a whimper from the nfl best, baltimore ravens lamar jackson still came out on top, the nfl mvp had an unprecedented season rush for over 1200 yards and seven touchdowns ending the season with the highest yards per rush in the league. But maybe more impressive than that was how wrong he proved his doubters by throwing over 3 000 yards in a league high 36 touchdowns, he was head and shoulders, above all the quarterback competition. He has a chip on his shoulder and he is only getting started.

Number four christian mccaffrey in 2019 christian mccaffrey earned his first pro bowl selection, as well as his first two first team, all pro selections; yes, two selections, first team running back and first team flex due to his efforts last season.

Mccaffrey was able to accomplish this feat because of his work in the running and receiving game running back rushed for 1 387 yards and 15 touchdowns on 287 carries. In addition, he caught 116 passes for 1005 yards and four touchdowns. In doing so, mccaffee became only the third player in history to reach one thousand plus yards rushing and receiving number three michael thomas 2019 was the year breaking records for wide receiver. Michael thomas, in just one season alone, thomas broke the nfl record for the most receptions and reception yards. He also had the most targets than any other wide receiver in 2020 and records being broken. Number two patrick mahomes at just 24 years old, patrick mahomes, is playing some of the best football. Many have ever witnessed from a quarterback mahomes recorded 4031 yards and 26 touchdowns in 2019. But what was most impressive for mahomes was his postseason performances like leading his team to a 21 0 run to win super bowl 54. now with one championship under his belt there’s. No doubt that mahomes is hungry to win another one in 2020. number one aaron donald donald is always near the top of these lists, because he is a freak of nature.

He has outstanding leverage, gets off the snap well and is often double or triple teamed. His ability to produce, even though everyone is focusing on him, is incredible. Donald is one of the greatest players of all time and will lead the rams.

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