Whereas, on the flip side, i might surprise some people, when i put say 100 fortnite, number 89 or demario davis number 83, because maybe they aren’t household names on a top 100 list like this right well with marshawn. I don’t necessarily know where that consensus lies primarily because i feel like it’s, allied in a bunch of different places, since he’s entered the league right, obviously back in 2017, when he bust on the scene out of osu this man, he came to play day, one and That’S so rare to see from a cornerback simply because it’s one of the hardest positions to translate from college to the nfl and marshawn did it with flying colors right and as a result, there are people heralding him as a top five, sometimes even top three cornerback. Just off that rookie season alone – and here i was saying, pump the brakes – we got to see more well now, we’ve seen more it’s. You know it’s 20, 20 now and his play hasn’t dipped at all. If anything he’s got better yet now you look online and you’re gon na see people sometimes not having him in in their top fives top tens, and you know one national media.

I would they didn’t even have him in their top 15 cornerbacks list and to me that just seems it just seems insane almost. You know because sure the interception totals aren’t where they were that rookie season, but the problem is, if you’re, just basing a cornerback’s kind of productivity off int’s, then you’re you’re, clearly mistaken, and how you how you’re, looking at things right, you know this man he’s played He’S played 1725 snaps over the past two years.

If you’re just going to judge him off those three int’s or off the 150 targets, then i don’t know what you’re doing because you’re just eliminating that sample size and you’re, not crediting him for what he does on a play to play basis. That makes him so special and first things. First, in terms of you know what is made to adam or so dominant since day. One to me, you’ve got to start with his ability to just so effectively and so easily mirror and match opposing wide receivers right, as that kind of is at the root of everything. You’Re gon na do as a cornerback and it’s. What has made him so so solid in both zone and man coverage respectively right. So i grabbed a couple quick plays here. This first one is going to be against adam fiona of the minnesota vikings right and we all know how good of a route runner and how clean of a release feeling typically does again.

I i went over him in my number 79 video click, the link above my head. If you haven’t seen that one but watch out lattimore just does such a great job of keeping his hips square to feelings, the entire time he doesn’t get them out of whack. He doesn’t overreact to feeling initially trying to sell him on this outside release. He just stays calm and confident in his ability to two just so fluidly essentially do exactly what feeling does if that makes sense – and you know what you’re gon na see is off the snap watch field again, he’s gon na go hard towards that outside hit and When a lot of cornerbacks they might, they might start to turn and go expecting to you know, have maybe out an out route or street route or something towards towards the outside.

What lattimore does he just stays square to feel and once he sees feeling put that hard right foot in the ground, you know he’s just able to so quickly. You know show off a drop step with that right foot cross over with his left, as he turns changes direction and goes and and makes the play at that catch point just so effective and – and this is stuff that lattimore does on a game to game basis. That makes him so good and here’s. Another great example, this time it’s going to be against the jaguars promising young wide receiver dj shark, where what you’re gon na see is essentially shark, is gon na hit a quick stutter step off the line of scrimmage and break inside we’ll watch out more he’s.

Just right, there stride for stride with him the entirety of this route and, as a result, i don’t even know exactly what route this was it’s. Vladimir, he does get pretty physical there hands on through, through a decent bit of that route, stem and ultimately he’s able to come up with an int, because he is just right there in in sharks, hip pocket the entire time. As i said, i don’t even know what type of route this was supposed to be. I think it just got disrupted from the start, because of adam or being right there, the entire time and as a result, he gets rewarded, comes up with an int and flips.

The field for the saints and apologies for the background shift. You might have been wondering if the window just disappeared behind me. No, there was a dog going freaking crazy outside so we had to. We did change locations calling audible. We were all good. So what i wanted to talk about next, though, was marshawn’s fluidity right, as it really is just fundamental to his ability to so easily cover guys in space. As as what i want you to notice on this play, here is just how patient marshawn can be in waiting for you to commit to a route right. As you know, you saw it on that feeling play earlier, where marshawn just keeps his, he keeps his hips square to the line of scrimmage. He doesn’t have to over commit like a lot of stiffer cornerbacks might because they’re worried about getting beat deep right watch on this play samuel.

He has a very similar release to feeling he’s going to go hard at that outside hip, but whereas many corners they might turn and run initially and then potentially get beat underneath on that slant back across the inside, as we saw feline do earlier, watch how watch Our stamina, he does take it deep and how vladimir is just so easily ready to just simply turn and run and stay right in his hip pocket all the way down field until he’s, ultimately able to cause a past deflection at that catch. Point just wildly impressive, because again there’s so many corners who, even though they might have march on speed, they might have his acceleration or strength a lot of them.

Don’T have his fluidity, and – and it really is just so so important to that patience that is able to have in terms of not biting on something before he has to. If that makes sense and hand in hand with fluidity comes kind of your chain of direction ability as well right, so i just want to highlight a quick play here where you’re gon na see marshawn he’s gon na get his hips turned around a little bit on This comeback route by mike evans, but watch how he’s just so easily able to stop on a dime turn his hips and just accelerate to that catch. Point where he’s, ultimately able to to make a play on the ball and and uh prevent the completion by evans.

It’S, just so impressive, because again so many corners once evans does turn his hips and starts the starts that come back part of the route he’s able to get separation. Well, not against a guy like vladimir, because he is just so fluid and so able to change directions on. I don’t know if just the drop of a hat, and even when vladimir does get beat a little bit as the receiver is able to create some extra separation at the top of that route. Vladimir, he just flashes that elite recovery speed, and you know this is an instance where you see that combine speed on display, as the man ran a 436 and you most certainly see it as watch.

How on this play, he’s going to have outside leverage on adam theon and once theo does put a foot in the ground and tries to essentially sell on a post route. Vladimir does have to turn his hips and run because again he has outside leverage. If uh case keenum on this play does deliver this ball to the inside he’s gon na get beat right, so he does start to sell out a little bit earlier than he had on those previous plays watch. How, once fiona does put that right? Foot in the ground essentially hits him with a double move, as he’s gon na break it back towards. First, the sidelines here right at that. First down marker, look at how ladama is able to just so quickly again put a foot in the ground and recover on the play just showing great burst and great short area, quickness and ultimately, recovery speed to go break up that ball at the catch point.

Just wildly impressive, because again a lot of times this is this is a huge game for opposing wide receivers against the normal cornerback. Well. Well, little more is not a normal quarterback because he is just so quick when even when he is beat and if you’re tracking this point, you know you have somebody who’s great at mirroring matching somebody who shows you know great fluidity, someone who’s good at changing directions. Someone who has great recovery, speed mash all that together, what do you get you get one of the league’s best man coverage, corners, right and and marshawn is certainly elite in this area.

As you know, you’re going to have him here, going up against emmanuel sanders now. Teammate, where i just love how you kind of get a sense of the fact that marshawn he’s he’s perfectly balanced right as what you’re going to see on this play, is the 49ers they’re going to run to pick play for martian? Where, essentially, what happens here is if, if he’s too quick to react and he’s overly eager he’s going to run right into george kittle and emmanuel, is going to get a free release over the middle right? Well, if he’s, if he’s too patient on the play and he’s slow to react, what’s gon na happen is he’s. Gon na get he’s gon na get about a step or two behind sanders, who’s, just a more explosive athlete than most corners, as as he’s gon na again get a free release over the middle.

Well, a lot of more he’s kind of right in that perfect zone of he’s, just patient enough, but just explosive enough to where to watch how he’s gon na be able to stay right in santa’s hip pocket once he clears george kettle and forcing completion it’s. Just it’s just great stuff, where again you see kind of that perfect balance of everything. We’Ve talked about to this point as he’s able to suffocate sanders once he gets past kittle and force and incompletion at that catch point just just points that these are so impressive because again it’s it’s made to where, if you’re, if you’re one extreme or the other You’Re getting beat with a lot more he’s, not he’s, not on either extreme he’s, incredibly balanced right in the middle there, as as someone who’s, not only patient but also explosive, and as a result, he’s able to make poise like these on a consistent basis.

And if you guys did watch my number 70 video, the last one about marlon, humphrey you’ll, know that one of the criticisms i had of humphrey’s game is that he doesn’t really have to follow number one receivers around the field. Right he’ll often find himself on inferior, twos and threes. Well, the same can’t be said for marshawn lattimore. As you know, you’re gon na see him here on these next couple plays just just neutralize mari cooper right who’s, one of the best at creating separation in the entire nfl.

Simply due to his rock running ability watch out, lattimore he’s stuck to him like absolutely no matter where amari’s going marshawn is right there with him, essentially just in his head playing the chess match and and winning hit and that’s what is so impressive to me, because He is only a third year player going into his fourth year, yet he is so effective at neutralizing. These number one threats, whereas a lot of younger quarterbacks they don’t have to take on that responsibility. Marshawn has and he continues to and that’s what that’s. What really sets him apart is just points like that, where you see him right there in the hip pocket making poison on the ball week in and week out and here’s. Another great example where you know off the snap you’re going to see the patience then you’re going to see the fluidity as he does turn turn and go. You’Ll see the change of direction, ability the recovery, speed you’re, going to see it all as as he’s able to beat amari cooper to the ball and force for say, first name, completion and, ultimately, a turnover on downs here for the cowboys just there’s plays like these.

Are so impressive because again amari he’s such a great route, runner that this is probably working and probably is gon na, be a first down against 90 95 percent of the nfl’s cornerbacks? Well, not marshawn, lattimore, because again he’s, just so great. At sticking in that hit pocket, and even when he’s, not he’s so great at recovering and and beating you to that catch point that he’s able to force incompletions, consistently and kind of transitioning out of his man coverage ability into his own coverage ability.

The first thing i want to talk about was marshawn’s range, as you know, when you’re going to put a guy in a deep half or deep third zone, you need someone who can cover a lot of ground in boy ken marshawn lattimore. You know this play right here. This is like a an ed reed like player earl thomas, like play it’s, just incredibly freaky, as what you’re gon na see. Is him start at the what 37 38 yard line here? But what i want you to notice is how watch how off the snap he’s going to initially drop back, but as soon as that that uh receiver on his side starts to break across the middle looking out, martian he’s already getting his eyes across the field, realizing That no there’s no threats to his deep zone any longer on this side. So what is he gon na? Do he’s gon na track deep and try and help out his fellow defender on the other side, what you’re, gon na see is ultimately he’s gon na trace.

This ball down, but 40 40 yards downfield at the opposite, 20 yard line. Do you realize how just insane that is for a cornerback, where you know again, there was a wide receiver that he never he never technically was supposed to even have eyes on that’s, just that’s, just a beautiful point here as again you’re gon na see from this View as you can get a better angle of the of the actual interception, but man just like again ed reed’s making these plays yeah here’s marshawn wyden a cornerback going up high, pointing the ball and flipping the field for the saints it’s.

Just wildly impressive and so rare to see and that’s why i had to include it on this video and here’s another really good example. This time, it’s against the bears in a cover 3, where he’s going to have the deep third on the defensive right side of the field. But what you’re going to see is marshawn just again how easy it is for him to cover so much ground so quickly. Right as look at how, once he reads that you know anthony miller might be the primary target on this play right now. He just is able to not only go back but he’s also able to work inwards towards miller and essentially meet him at that catch point. As he goes up and and almost makes an interception if he was able to keep his feet in bounds, just wildly impressive stuff, because again technically this isn’t, the guy in his zone, but the whole point of marshawn, is that he’s able to just just roam anywhere On that back end and that’s, what makes him so special and even if he wasn’t such a great cornerback, he could maybe be a good free safety based off plays like these and in terms of zone coverage.

Here we are, as you know, one thing that’s just so great about marshawn to me is his ability to so easily be aware and recognize guys that are and are not threats to his zone, as in this case again he’s gon na be, in that same deep Cover three zone: what i want you to see is how initially off the snap he’s gon na be in the hip pocket of this eagles receiver, but once he recognizes okay, he’s breaking inward he’s, not gon na, be a threat to my zone.

Look at how, even though his head is turned – and he really probably can’t – see zach earth’s right now – look how he just has the wherewithal to slow down and let er almost catch up to him. So that way he can regain leverage on this round. In the event that erch does go deep and look at how again he’s able to just stay right now, it’s his hip pocket flash that recovery speed as he goes up and and makes a beautiful high point catch to prevent the eagles from getting getting in the Red zone in a in a playoff game just plays like these are so impressive because again, i don’t even know if he had eyes on earth initially but he’s, just so good at reading and reacting to the quarterback’s eyes and to what everybody else is doing that. He’S always aware and tuned in to the highest of levels to who could potentially be a threat to his own.

As a result, here you see him stuck to zach earth’s like glue downfield, coming up with a huge int and here’s another great one. You know i could have put this in a variety of categories. As you know, he called his own coverage because obviously he is playing zone but it’s gon na be against calvin ridley. Who is, as a lot of people, know he’s, probably one of the league’s best young route runners, but we’ll get how again, even though his hips were turned a little bit once he recognizes ridley’s breaking back, i was able to just so easily flip his back and You know make a make a break on the ball, ultimately break up that potential reception at the catch point, forcing a a fourth down here by the falcons just so impressive, because it doesn’t matter man or zone he’s, so good at just mirroring and matching he’s.

So good at staying in these receivers, hit pockets and and getting a good break on the football to prevent these first down conversions by opposing wide receivers, even though the int totals haven’t necessarily been there. If you think that ball skills is simply your hands, well, then, to me you’re, sadly mistaken, because there is, as i’ve mentioned in previous videos, there’s so much hand, eye coordination and timing that goes into swatting these footballs away and batting balls away at the catch point. Right, as you know, that’s exactly what you’re going to see here, where marshawn he’s able to play the shadow zone where initially he’s able to shut dj, chart off, pass him off to patrick robinson here and then put a foot in the ground as he again stays.

Squared on scrimmage and gets a nice break on on this ball by d.d westbrook, where you know if he does allow that reception, then there’s, really no one there to make that tackle is robinson. He has his head flipped, and this is going to be an easy. First down for westbrook, but again a lot more he’s just going to show off that great hand, eye coordination. That great timing is look at how he’s, just so able to toss that plus that right hand in there and force an incompletion just wildly impressive stuff by admiral. That really is at the root of him, causing so many incompletions. I know, as i said, the int’s weren’t there, but if you trust pff in there and their kind of statistics, i mean the man was targeted 77 times and only allowed 41 completions that’s about a 52 completion percentage which compared to the rest of the way, gets Fantastic right now, a lot of it comes down to the fact that, even when there are well thrown balls, he is able to utilize that hand eye coordination to bat him away and here’s, just a beautiful play by adamur, where you know again, you’re going to see So much of the stuff we’ve talked about to this point in terms of the fluidity, the change of direction, skills, the recovery speed, but look at how he’s all over this corner out by ty hilton to the point that he’s able to undercut it and just make An absolutely beautiful pass deflection at the top of the route is essentially able to high point it in batted way, just so impressive, as if you can’t see it on the video very well.

You can obviously see it here in this picture because look at how how high up he is going and batting this ball out of the sky before a galaxy wise, even able to come down if and even have a chance with it, and even though marshawn is Most certainly an elite coverage guy. I did want to add just a couple slides here at the end to talk about his physicality and ability to play the run right as at this point, it’s not gon na be a run point just gon na be a simple little curl route here to throw Julio jones well, look at how just physical march on end is in his ability to get his head his helmet right on the football and force, of course, a really nice incompletion on one of the league’s best wide receivers. Just points like these are so impressive because again, a lot of guys don’t have the physicality to come down in a way that hit on julio jones. But marshawn is not one of those guys, so no while he might not be as physical or as dominant a presence as say, marlon humphrey is in in my previous video he’s, certainly above average, compared to the normal cornerback and that’s. Why? I did want to add these last couple slides in here to show him making nice plays physically with his body, and i like this next play here, because we’re going to see the physicality this time against the run right as you’re going to have uh delvin cook.

On a quick tongs, coming right towards lattimore and his side. Well, what you’re going to see is there’s not a lot of help to this side of the field, so lattimore he’s tasked with setting the edge and either forcing delvin to bubble out further towards the sidelines or to cut it back inside to where his helpers and I’Ll add more, he just does a great job of fighting off theon’s block, getting uh getting extension with his long arms and then forcing dalvin out of bounds, whereas you know what you, what you see here is just imagine if feeling is able to wall off the Item or what you’re gon na see from this point is delvin. He has the explosiveness and the acceleration of two to hit this edge and hit it hard right. So, if theone does make this block and aladdin was not able to shed it. Just imagine this defender here he gets caught in the wash he’s, not gon na be able to make the play. Galvin has a 60 yard touchdown, but why is that prevented? Because martial does a great job of shedding that block getting feeling off of them and forcing dalvin to bubble out towards the sidelines and preventing what could have been a huge game. And last but not least, i did want to touch on just for one slide here. Marshawn’S ability as an open field, tackler right as no he’s, certainly not on the level of say, jaylen, ramsey or marlon humphrey there’s levels to this right, and by no means is he is he a liability against the run and, as guys are transitioning from ball catcher To ball carrier as a lot of players are he’s, actually very solid and very above average, just because you’re, not the most delete doesn’t mean it should go unnoticed right and that’s.

What i wanted to talk about just here, real quick as pro football reference. For example, they just recently started tracking advanced stats and i kind of take them with a grain of salt, but in marshawn’s case he played 819 snaps last year and they recorded him having missed only five attacks, and you know, even if that is plus or minus The couple having watched the vast majority of his snaps, i can tell you, i don’t, think it’s plus very many, because he is just pretty pretty solid against the run here and in this case, when a guy, like brian cooks, does have one on one in space. He’S just he’s very solid, and you know when you consider again what he offers on the cover: gen it’s, just so it’s, just so impressive and that’s. Why? Ultimately, he is number 69 on my list and, as always, if you guys did enjoy this video make sure you not only leave a thumbs up but also leave a comment as well. You know i’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on my evaluation of marshawn, but you know almost more importantly, i’d overhear, your evaluation and your ranking of him in regards to just cornerbacks as a whole. Right, as i said in the intro i’m, not really sure. Where that consensus lies, so tell me: where do you think he lands? Is he a top three cornerback top five top 10 top 15? Where would you put him ultimately, if you want to see where i put him make sure you subscribe, you know because there’s gon na be 68 more videos in this series.