The rams thousand oaks facility tune. In monday, on total access on the field, the rams will be without former running back todd gurley, who signed with the falcons this off season, gurley returning to the state of georgia, where, of course, he played his college ball, and today he had the honor of being One of a number of high profile athletes who congratulated gatorade’s national high school athletes of the year awards: girls, basketball player, paige, beckers and boys football winner. Eric gilbert gilbert is a tight end from murrieta georgia and i got a chance to talk with gurley about the announcement by phone. Obviously, you know the gatorade athlete of the year. Um athlete is the most prestigious award in high school sports, and you know for eric gilbert to be able to be named. You know the first kite in in the history, the gatorade male athlete of the year and also be a sec guy. Um i’m super excited for him. I know he’s a atlanta native and you know just want to say, congratulations to him and hope. He’S, you know have a lot of success in college football and hopefully i’ll see him play in the league. Pretty soon we will echo those congratulations to all of those gatorade player of the year award.

Winners for gurley he’s been a top 10 player each of the last two seasons on the top 100 players list, as voted on by the players themselves, as for this year.

Well, we will begin to find out on sunday when our countdown of the top 100 players in 2020 kicks off right here on nfl network best in the game, as voted on by the players themselves: it’s the top 100 players of 2020 and premieres sunday at 8. Eastern only on nfl network, but who will take that top spot imrob and sean o’hara are here to debate in today’s players only what’s up family. This is another edition of player zone i’m. Here with my man, sean o’hara shawn it’s around that time of the year, where we talk top 100 players um of 2020., so i’m gon na ask you this. Who will be number one on this year’s top 100 players of 2020.? Well? I’M! Rob you know with these kind of lists there there’s always a couple of head scratchers and you always say really what were the players thinking when they voted on these guys. But for me the number one player in the league in 2020 for this top 100 should be patrick mahomes. Okay, when you look at what patrick mahomes has done and think about how many great athletic quarterbacks have come before him, how many great quarterbacks with fantastic arms have come before him and yet week in and week out, him rob we’re sitting here saying wow.

Did you see that throw? Did you see what he did? Did you see the don’t look? Throw i mean this guy is he’s a special player um.

I think when you look at at what he did in the super bowl and what he’s done time and time again it doesn’t matter if it’s, third and 17, they still have confidence in the reads like yep. I got to play right here for that. You know what two jet wasp here we go, go, get it done, and he just seems to find a way. There are things patrick mahomes can do that. No other quarterback and no other player in the league is doing right now and the way that he’s playing to me he’s number one sean but check this out. Though bro i mean, does he not have the fat one of the fastest players in the world and tyree kill on his team couple of them? Does he not have one of the top tight ends in the world and uh travis kelsey? Oh yeah? What about um eric b enemy as the play caller and uh andy reid? This guy has a lot of help. Okay and he was already a top arm talent in 2019, it didn’t equate to a super bowl win or anything like that. It wasn’t you saying: he’s a system quarterback, no sean don’t, put no words in my mouth i’m, not saying patrick mahomes is a system quarterback i’m just saying he’s had some help.

Okay, you can’t just say that he’s, just the top guy, without a bunch of help. That’S, why, for me i choose the other side, lamar jackson, a guy that is, can you really defend him? I mean really.

If you leave it, one on one on the outside he’s, through over 3000 yards last year, led the league with 36 passing touchdowns. He showed that he can beat you with his arm. Oh oh yeah! You know that little record for rushing touchdowns that mike vick once had. He just broke that shattered that over 1200 um 1200 rush yards and over seven rushing touchdowns there isn’t a way for you to defend a lamar jackson so but that that’s, why? I think the players voted this guy number one i mean safeties and safeties and dbs. Do you enter the box to stop the runner? Do you stop back? Do you stay back to stop his passing? You know what i mean and it’s not like. He had the fastest guy in the league on his team sean. It has to be lamar jackson. If lamar jackson is the number one on this player’s list, something’s bro something’s wrong with the system. Sean something is wrong. Well, i think when you look at lamar jackson, you’re absolutely right when you hit his leading receiver, was a tight end. Come on man, he doesn’t have the receivers that that holmes did, but there are things lamar jackson could do with his legs and and with his feet that patrick holmes can’t do.

But there are things patrick mahomes can do with his arm that lamar can’t, so it’s. Definitely an interesting aspect of it. I know my homes just recently signed this mega deal but, as you know, a lot of these boats it’s funny how, when you become the highest paid player at your position or in the league, also your numbers and your ratings on this list start to get a Little bit better there, it is daddy.

So everybody look. You heard it from the aces here on players only tune in check out who the players chose as number one on the top 100 players of 2020.. All right, thanks guys back here with baldi and david carr and david. Let me start with you. You want to weigh in on this debate, patrick mahomes or lamar jackson for the top spot on the top 100 players of 2020.. You got me a tough spot rhett. I mean how do you pick one, but but i’ll try i’ll attempt it. So when you look at it, when i try to predict who’s going to be in the top 100, where they’re going to be, i try and look at how difficult they are to defend and imrob and sean laid it out. Pretty good lamar jackson is so difficult to defend. From an x’s and o standpoint, we used to sit in quarterback meeting rooms and figure out how to get that extra guy out of the box, because we were just going to hand the ball off and pretty much watch.

He is a threat in the run game. Over 1200 yards in 2019, and he can throw the football it just levels the playing field, because they used to have an extra guy on defense. Now they don’t because of the threat of him running. You got to play straight up. Football and it’s advantage. Offense all day and lamar jackson is the best that’s ever done it as far as a dual threat quarterback.

Even when michael vick was running around making, all those plays, they didn’t have the intricacies of the offensive system that greg roman has put in to really attack. But for me, pat mahomes does things every game that i wish i could do from a quarterback standpoint and i played at the highest highest level the number one pick and there are things that padma homes does, that i just cannot pull off there’s quarterbacks that watch Him and just say this is incredible: i get texts every sunday. Did you see this play? Did you see that third down throw, did you see the reed and how he adjusted then made a throw when really you’re not even supposed to try and make that i’ve? Literally gone outside and tried to make some of the throws that he’s made with a nerf football to my kids and i can’t pull it off. So the guy’s incredible and for me i mean padma. Homes is just one of one as far as throwing the football from the pocket outside the pocket incredible player, david i’m – just glad both guys are in the league because we’re such a better league and such a more excited with both these players in but i’m, going To try to settle this debate without using any statistics here’s the thing that separates patrick mahomes, i think from everybody else, including lamar, is no lead, is safe with patrick mahomes at quarterback.

We’Ve seen it now, two years in a row, the patriots in the afc championship game.

He takes it into overtime with an unbelievable fourth quarter. We saw it this year down 24 0 to the houston texans. He got that first touchdown, and it was just they just rolled them right out of there and then down 17 7 to tennessee in the afc championship game. He scored the touchdown that went ahead. They won that and then down 10 in the fourth quarter of the biggest game on the biggest stage on third and 15, he makes the biggest throw the spark that kansas city needed no lead is safe. When you talk about defenses, trying to defend these guys that’s what defenses are saying to themselves we’re, not we don’t have this one yet guys we don’t have this one. Yet this guy is still on the field 15’s out there. We don’t have anything uh guaranteed until that clock ticks to zero. I think it’s a fair point. I think it’s all it’ll also be interesting to see how much weight the players put into the rushing aspect of lamar jackson’s game over a thousand yards rushing last season, which you know dwarfed. What patrick mahomes was able to put up from from that uh aspect of the game, even though he can certainly make plays with his legs as well? I’Ll be curious to watch it all.