Unless that somebody is me, in which case my opinion is worth more because i’m amazing let’s get to the list, the fifth worst quarterback in nfl history is dan marino. To sum it up succinctly: dan marino was a loser. There’S absolutely no question that dan marino made the miami dolphins a worse team during his 17 seasons. There. The facts are just undeniable: in 17 seasons with dan marino, the miami dolphins made one measly super bowl appearance which they lost in their first 17 years of existence. Without dan marino they made four super bowls and won two of them, including back to back titles and a perfect season. Is it really just a coincidence that the miami dolphins defenses declined as soon as mourinho went there? I don’t think so. In fact, i wouldn’t be surprised if dan marino told his defensive teammates to purposely give up touchdowns, so he wouldn’t be blamed for losing just an absolutely disgusting and selfish person. That dan marino is never mind. The fact that dan marino, wasn’t even good at playing quarterback you see quarterbacks, are supposed to throw the ball to their teammates and, over the course of dan marino’s career, he threw 3 ‘1 in completions that’s a lot of bad plays, but it gets even worse. He also threw a whopping 252 interceptions in the regular season for reference, jamarcus, russell and ryan leaf, combined to throw 59 interceptions in their careers.

Dan marino is at least four times as bad as those two put together.

Dan marino lost 93 regular season games in his career 93 games, that’s, almost six full seasons of losses, just absolutely disgusting stuff. Once we get to the playoffs, you realize that damn marino was even more of a loser. He lost a whopping 10 playoff games. I don’t understand what’s so hard about football. You know what you have to do to win. You got ta score more points than the other team it’s, not that difficult. I think it goes without saying that the miami dolphins and their fans are extremely disappointed that the team picked dan marino 27th overall in 1983.. Try to look at dan marino’s resume without vomiting it’s literally impossible. I mean this guy is easily one of the worst quarterbacks of all time. The fourth worst quarterback in nfl history is american flag. Fornicator drew brees at first glance, looking at drew brees’s stats, make him seem like one of the best quarterbacks in nfl history. When that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I don’t care that he’s thrown for over 77 000 yards and 547 touchdown passes a deeper look into. The numbers reveals one of the worst quarterbacks and players in any professional sport. Ever you hear all the time about how accurate drew brees is, but that’s a flat out lie. A whopping, 32.4 percent of his career passes have been incompletions. If he was truly that accurate, would he miss a third of his throws? I don’t think so.

He’S also thrown a whopping 237 interceptions in his career more than 10 times as many as jamarcus russell. The most damning stat against drew brees is that he’s only been sacked on four percent of his career dropbacks on the surface. This sounds like a good thing, but in reality it’s not, it shows that he’s afraid to get hit and he lacks toughness and, while drew brees technically has a super bowl ring. In reality, he only won that super bowl, because peyton manning felt bad for his hometown because of hurricane katrina. Also in the postseason breeze has just a 500 career record. You know who doesn’t have a 500 career record in the playoffs tom brady, because tom brady wants to win. You want further proof that drew brees makes his teams worse in breeze’s 14 seasons with new orleans. He’S lost seven playoff games in the franchise’s first ‘. Seasons of existence without breeze they only lost five playoff games. I just don’t know how anybody in their right minds can say that drew brees isn’t, a horrible quarterback coming in at number three on the all time list of worst quarterbacks ever is peyton manning peyton manning came into the nfl, with high expectations and it’s safe to Say that he absolutely did not live up to them. The indianapolis colts envisioned multiple super bowls under peyton manning, but instead all they got was a lot of disappointment and one measly super bowl ring with peyton under center.

I mean this guy was their starting quarterback for 13 straight seasons and all he did was win. One fewer super bowl ring than the ravens have with joe flacco and trent dilfer. Think about that trent dilfer and joe flacco in a same 13 year window from 2000 to 2012 won more rings for the baltimore ravens than peyton manning did for the indianapolis colts from 1998 to 2010., but there’s more. That highlights peyton manning’s incompetency at the quarterback position. Over the course of his career in the regular season, 94.3 percent of his passes were not touchdowns. He threw 215 more interceptions than the man who was drafted behind him ryan leaf when it comes to the individual. Honors peyton manning is severely lacking as well only seven times in 17 seasons. As a starter was he named first team, all pro that’s, just 41.2 percent of the time disgusting. He only won mvp five times in those 17 seasons. As a starter, that’s, less than 30 percent, what a loser, but speaking of losing no quarterback in nfl history, has lost better in the playoffs than peyton manning hell. He lost 13 playoff games, which is the most all time. Instead of being a winner like his brother, eli manning and missing the playoffs, instead of risking another loss, payton drove his teams to the playoffs all those years, just to come up short. What an embarrassment and speaking of his brother, he doesn’t even have the most rings or super bowl mvps among his own family members, but perhaps the most damning stat of peyton’s postseason incompetence is how he told his defenses to give up the lead within the final 35 Seconds of the game four different times talk about not being clutch.

It goes without saying that peyton manning’s resume is easily one of the most disappointing and disgusting resumes of any quarterback. All time coming in at number two on the list of worst quarterbacks in nfl history, it’s, aaron, rodgers, well well! Well, if it isn’t mr aaron rodgers. Where do i begin with this guy? You want to know how bad aaron rodgers is he wasn’t even good enough to start a single game over his first three seasons in the nfl, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how much aaron rodgers sucks the guy was born in California, which lets you know right off the bat that he’s a little bit of a nut job after attending something called butt community college in california. He attended california at berkeley for two years. You want to know who else has been associated with california berkeley over the years. That’S right, the unabomber does aaron rodgers secretly support the unabomber it’s, a question that only he knows, while you shouldn’t overlook a person’s character. This video isn’t about stuff off the field so let’s get to aaron rodgers on the field. Resume rogers gets routinely praised by the masses for his propensity to not throw interceptions, and while on the surface, this may seem like a good thing. It’S. Actually, not only 1.4 percent of his career passes in the regular season have been intercepted. Some may look at this. As him taking care of the ball, but to me it shows that he’s afraid of having to get dirty and physical on interception returns.

Remember football is a contact sports, not just for pretty boys, and all these look at me highlight reel merchants like rogers it’s disgusting. You know who wasn’t afraid to throw interceptions because he was a true man, that’s right folks, aaron rodgers predecessor, brett flower and even though rogers promotes himself as a woke, anti racist. I see straight through his charade. 65 of aaron rodgers 364 regular season touchdown passes, went to a white guy named jordy nelson. This is a blatant example of systemic racism. Rogers has 81 career fumbles. This shows that he is not trustworthy if he had to carry something fragile. Looking at this next, tidbit literally makes me want to puke. Rogers is almost 37 years old and he has never been married. This means that he has engaged in a lot of pre marital sex. Thankfully, because i am a just and righteous person, i can proudly say that i have never once engaged in pre marital sex. I honestly don’t know how rogers can live with himself. When we look at the postseason resume for rogers, it doesn’t get much better. He has as many super bowl rings as mega draft bus david carr rogers. Also really really sucks at throwing touchdown passes. 93.9 of his passes have not gone for touchdowns uh, hey aaron you’re supposed to throw the ball into the end zone idiot, but perhaps the most damning postseason stat for rogers is that his teams have allowed 36.

4 points per game in his eight playoff losses. You might say: oh well, that’s not rogers’s fault, he doesn’t play defense, but that’s exactly why it is his fault. You know who does play defense tom brady and you know what tom brady does. Tom brady motivates his defensive teammates from the sidelines. Just look at malcolm butler, aaron rodgers does not do that he’s a disgrace. Tom brady is also 43 years old. By the way before looking at rogers’s resume, i highly recommend having a barf bag at your side. You’Ll thank me later and finally, the worst quarterback in nfl history is patrick mahomes, the nfl’s current golden boy, isn’t immune from my criticism. In fact, it’s obvious that among all the quarterbacks on this list, patrick mahomes has by far the worst resume. Don’T even get me started on the half, a billion dollar contract you just signed. Everybody always goes around praising mahomes like oh, my god, he’s a hero, yay, no he’s, not you want to know who is a real hero. Pat pillman pat pillman sacrificed his nfl career to go overseas to defend this country. If you had the choice between pat tillman or patrick mahomes to start a franchise with, and you pick the homes it’s obvious that you hate america, but enough rambling and tangents about mahomes is off field problems. Let’S talk about his on field resume in the regular season. This scrub has fewer career, touchdown passes than mark sanchez, joey, harrington, blake, bortles and jameis winston.

I mean how good can you really be if you have fewer career touchdown passes than mark sanchez, but, as you dig deeper into the numbers, mahomes resume gets even more disturbing. He’S thrown a touchdown on 6.9 percent of his passes in the regular season. This is obviously a reference to the sex position. This sets a horrible example for young children. Mahomes has also had a girlfriend for a very long time and his girlfriend by the way, has horse teeth and is annoying, but that’s, not something i’m going to go in depth into here. Why is this a negative for patrick mahomes it’s, because this means he’s most likely had pre marital sex? This is just another reason why he will never be as good as tim tebow many mahomes fans point to his resume as oh. Well, he already won mvp. Well guess what mahomes has as many mvps as mark mosley a kicker yeah? Congratulations on that i mean seriously. They actually gave a kicker league mvp in 1982., that’s, just crazy, that’s, that’s that’s, incredible, taking a look at mahomes playoff resume it doesn’t get much prettier! Well, holmes fans conveniently overlooked the fact that he told d ford to line up offsides in the 2018 afc championship game because he was too scared to play in the super bowl that year, doesn’t sound like a competitor to me. He’S also only won a super bowl in 50 of his seasons as a full time starter.

You wouldn’t go to a heart doctor who only had a 50 success rate at open heart surgery. Would you so? Why would you want a quarterback who only wins the super bowl 50 of the time? Doesn’T make a lot of sense and finally, in order to win his only ring, he had to beat san francisco san francisco has a large gay population. The fact that the holmes decided to beat san francisco shows that he might be possibly homophobic and folks. In my opinion, homophobia and other types of discriminatory beliefs are not acceptable at any level.