Not only do you have to be one of the best in the world at what you do, but you have to be fortunate enough to stay healthy playing, one of the most physically demanding games on the planet. The 40 years in over club, a club, more rare than the hall of fame, only has four active members and out of approximately 25 000 men to ever put on nfl uniform. There are less than 70 members ever what’s going on everybody, i’m kto and today we’re going to be discussing the oldest men to ever play in the nfl. Now there is one thing to consider when discussing this topic. As many of you know, kickers and punters tend to last a lot longer, since they don’t participate in the physical aspect of the game as much so for this video we will first dive into who the oldest player ever was and then later dive into the oldest. At the other positions on the field now before we dive into the video, i quickly wanted to ask you something: have you ever wanted to read more books or just learn more in general, but just didn’t have the time to sit down and fully invest well, that’s? Why i highly recommend blinkist blinkist is an app that takes the best insights from thousands of non fiction books and condenses them into just 15 minutes. You can instantly get the best insights by either reading it yourself or listening to it, podcast style, two books.

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He once wrote a pretty tight song, and now we move on to number one, the oldest nfl player of all time, george blanda, a man who wasn’t just a kicker. In fact he was also a quarterback. Blanda has one of the most interesting and mind blowing career paths. You’Ll ever see he started his pro career in 1949 as a quarterback for the chicago bears, then in 1975 he would play his final game for the oakland raiders, a career that spanned over four separate decades. When you start hearing about what other records and awards he has, it just shows you how unique his career was. I mean who else would have a record like most pats made and attempted in a career and seven touchdowns in a single game? Only this guy and i got ta mention his most notorious one. He once threw 42 interceptions in a season, a record that only jameis winston could break, but, despite all those unique records, what blanda did in 1970 is what elevated him to legendary status. At the age of 43 blanda was older than most coaches. He served as the team’s place, kicker and backup quarterback. Then after the team got off to a disappointing start to the season, blando would go on to have an incredible five game stretch. It started in week six against the pittsburgh steelers oakland starting quarterback daryl lamonica was benched in the first quarter, due to a back injury. Blanda, the oldest player in that game came in and threw three touchdowns putting the raiders back on the right track of winning.

No one was ready for what happened next. He throws one from the cup a fine catch at the 15. He screamed at the 46 yard line of the chiefs and, with eight seconds george flanders handed the incredibly difficult job of about a 47 or 48 yard field goal it snapped it’s down. It’S kicked, it is good it’s good. It is good. George splendor has taken a 48 yard field, Music and the right blanda back to pass plantalux plan to throws complete touchdown wells raiders score. Now the conversion snap spotted kick good it’s time, it’s 20 20. 44 seconds to go, gets the blocking all the time in the world. He thrills one intercepted by the corn mccord wide to the right knocked down by kelly seven seconds to go. They’Re gon na try field goal from 53 yards. The ads against this must be about 76 million to a half. Well, george: did it from 48 last week with maybe three feet to spare left hash mark stabler will hold stable, not as experienced holding his lamonica. Fourth down here it is snap spot it. It’S kick that’s got a chance that is good, it’s good holy toledo. The place has gone wild. No, i don’t believe it. I don’t believe it Music by delong he’s at the 40.. He first down at the 45, the raiders have the first down 18 17 16.. The clock still going at 13 at 12. Applause clock stopped at seven seconds.

They set it where they wanted it and they knew everybody here knew exactly what they were waiting for, and here comes george wanda. After the the 16 yard line, the monica was spotted, he wait, it snapped it spotted it’s checked into a george lead. Four seconds remain to go: blanda’s incredible: five game run will go down as one of the greatest stretches of all time, along with another game winning extra point. In week 12, he helped the raiders reach the afc championship game, a game in which he scored all 17 of the team’s points. The associated press named him 1970 male athlete of the year for his services. It just has me thinking how ridiculous it would be to see tom brady lead a drive down field and then nailed a game winning field goal. Now blando’s career came to a heartbreaking end in 1976. The raiders cut him. If it was his choice, he probably would have kept playing it just wasn’t in the cards and that year the raiders finally went on to win a super bowl. Blanda had to watch from home. Still blanda’s career should be celebrated for what he was able to accomplish. If there’s ever a movie made about his football life, woody harrelson should play him. Anyways let’s move on as far as pure quarterbacks go tom brady is closing in on the oldest ever fast approaching 43 years old. He is trailing just four other dudes topping. That list is steve.

De berg de berg was a bit of a journeyman. He played for multiple teams until he retired at the age of ‘, then out of nowhere after a five year, hiatus he signed with the atlanta falcons, and he must have known something that others didn’t, because they went from a losing franchise. The previous year to going 14 2 and making the super bowl – and it just happened to follow de berg’s 45th birthday. He gets to claim the honor as the oldest active player on a super bowl roster pretty dope. Honestly, though, neither being a kicker nor a quarterback is as impressive as playing other positions at an older age, while quarterbacks do take a hit every once in a while offensive and defensive linemen have to hit each other on every single play that’s. What truly makes rey brown and jim marshall stand out? Ray brown is the oldest offensive lineman to play in the modern era, starting a few games for washington at the age of 42.. Some things do age like wine, and this was the case for brown’s football career. After playing his first 15 seasons in the league, brown made his first pro bowl at the age of ‘.. Now let’s look at jim marshall, the man who’s most notoriously known for running backwards with the ball once despite this hilarious blunder, marshall is the definition of an iron man. He started his pro career in cleveland in 1960, but was traded to minnesota in 1961.

Then, for 19 straight seasons, 282 consecutive games. He started every single one of those. This is the most by any defensive player ever and it only ended because he finally retired at the age of 42. minnesota had some dogs back in the day. It’S truly a shame that they never won a super bowl but that’s a topic for another video, okay, let’s shift gears let’s, look at skill positions looks like a rare art of the audible from the hassle back who fires in the pass a one handed grab by For a lot of older football fans, this has to be one of the weirdest things to look at jerry rice, 49ers legend pulling in one handers for the seahawks at 42 years old, due to how dominant jerry rice was and how long he played. He has some of the most untouchable career records that you’ll ever see. The man has one of the greatest work ethics of all time and was as consistent as they come honestly. Just saying this little doesn’t do him justice and he probably deserves a video on his own. But for the purposes of what we’re talking about jerry rice is the oldest receiver to ever play. By far. He also had a thousand yard season at the age of 40, which gives him even more legendary status. Currently, larry fitzgerald is hanging in there as the oldest active receiver in the nfl. If he wants to match rice’s age when he retires, fitz will have to play through the 2025 season playing wide receiver at a high level requires so much skill and athleticism.

It makes sense why there’s not that many old dudes out there, but what about the guys? Who have to guard those dudes man? I think i had some good mentors ahead of me. You know who taught me the game and at an early age let me slow the game down a little bit now that i’m older, i don’t, have to play much off a skill. I can just play off my mind. Tramon williams is the oldest active defensive back in the league. He credits former teammates, like charles woodson, who helped teach him the mental part of the game. Coincidentally, woodson played till he was ‘. now nfl defenses are incredibly complex, more complex than the average nfl fan understands, but one thing that most football fans understand is the differences between man and zone zone coverage is more of a mental game. You stick to your zone. You see what’s happening in front of you and you react accordingly, but man coverage is a totally different ball game. You got to be able to stick with guys who move like this go against seattle and what they did on third down roger’s gon na air. It out devonta adams down field he’s got it. When you look at the all time. Great man cover corners. You begin to get perspective of how hard it is to play man on man at an older age. Darrell rivas was one of the best corners in the nfl and he was still playing at a high level at the age of 30, but by 32 he was barely playing and he was released after a single season with the chiefs.

He would retire shortly thereafter. Champ bayley was one of the greatest corners of all time and is now a hall of famer at 35 he couldn’t manage to make an nfl roster and finally, arguably the greatest corner ever dion sanders played till he was 38, but he had taken three years off After retiring at 33, he would play two seasons with the ravens, but he didn’t even start that many games for them before he retired. For the final time. The reasons for these guys falling off makes sense. They no longer contained that same freak like speed and athleticism that they had in their younger years, but then there’s, daryl, green here’s, mcnabb on the play fake and the pass and it’s picked off redskins get it back. So first down is the old guy daryl Applause. 19Th straight season with an interception, and that is an nfl record when daryl green intercepted that pass. It extended his record as the oldest player ever to get an interception which was at the age of 41, and he still started a handful of games at corner. At the age of 42., now listen to this next story, because this truly shows how much of a freak this dude was. This is from an article done on green by espn in 2001, quote green’s best known title is the nfl’s fastest man which he won several times in off season competitions in the 1980s and carried on officially for nearly a decade.

He finally lost his title of the redskins fastest player in 1999, but marveled teammates by regaining it a year later, with a 4.24 time in the 40 yard dash. I tried to find out whether this was a hand time or an automatic time, because it would make a difference, but i couldn’t find any substantial evidence. However, the one thing i did find was chant. Bailey was on that team and for those of you who know champ bailey was a burner. He ran a 4.28 at the combine just one year before that and 40 year old daryl beat him that’s unbelievable. His nickname was the ageless wonder we might not see another dude like this for a while, if ever but now, let’s wrap this video up by talking about the one position that’s harder to play at an older age than cornerback i’m talking about running, backs being an Nfl running back is a grueling job. You constantly have to run into or block defensive linemen and linebackers dudes, who are usually much bigger than you who are paid millions of dollars to light you up. Looking at current running backs, there were only four in 2019 that got significant playing time over the age of 30. mark ingram, lashawn, mccoy adrian peterson, and the man who just hit 37 years old, frank gore. Frank gore suffered two devastating knee injuries in college and entering the nfl draft. He didn’t put up very impressive, combine stats and he fell to the third round, but one thing that people didn’t know was how reliable and durable this dude would become.

You look at the top 15 rushers in nfl history, 13 of them were first round picks and expected to be great. Only two were not high draft picks, curtis martin and our man. Frank gore, gore, is never really talked about as the best running back. Nor has ever really been in that conversation.