I hope you enjoy the video and don’t forget to like and subscribe. First let’s get to some honorable mentions bears wide receiver. Alan robinson eagles, tight end zach ertz cowboys, linebacker, jalen smith, jaguar’s, wide receiver, dj shark and titan’s safety, kevin baird were all honorable mentions and just missed the top 100.. It was tough to keep these guys out. There was only room for 100 out of the 1 696 players in the nfl now onto the list: here’s 100 to 81. at 100 raiders running back josh jacobs. He was running back 10 last year and he was a first round pick and in only 13 games racked up over 1300 yards and seven touchdowns on 5.0 yards per touch. He was fantastic after contact and led a raiders team to 7 9 that had no business being that good. If jacobs improves a bit as a pass catcher, he can be a top five running back in the nfl at number 99 new england, patriot safety, devin mccourty.

He was the 12th highest safety. I do think he was overrating the patriots a bit to suggest that they had an all time great defense last year. They were definitely good and devin. Mccordy was a big part of that seven forced turnovers and 58 tackles, with only five misses pair with an elite mark of 6.7 yards per target allowed through the air, made it impossible to keep mccordy off this list at 98, dj moore panthers wide receiver who’s the Wide receiver number 17 on the list prepare yourselves for dj moore to go off this year.

Almost 90 catches and 1200 yards and 15 games with kyle allen and will grier at quarterback is extremely impressive. Teddy bredgewater, isn’t, fantastic but he’s better than those two and the defense is going to be keying on mccaffrey early in the season. Moore should be a ppr monster next year, with more touchdowns from a better offense and his great hands 97 is eric. Kendricks vikings linebacker, he was 11th among linebackers. Kendricks is one of the best linebackers at pass coverage in the entire nfl, allowing 30 of 60 passes thrown his way to be completed and physically breaking up 12 of them with 70 solo tackles, which is the number in parentheses, makes him a top tier linebacker, 96 Josh allen, defensive lineman, number 17 and as a rookie, josh allen played only 60 percent of the jaguars defensive snaps and he was 11th in the entire nfl and qb pressures with ‘.

This guy is blossoming us into a superstar and seems to be the best chance. The jags have of keeping the nickname of saxonville 95 david bakhtiari offensive lineman number four. It was tough to rank offensive linemen because i didn’t have any stats to go off of, but i know bhaktiyari belongs in the top 100.. He protects the blind side of the quarterback, who has the longest snap to throw time in the nfl and aaron rodgers, and he simply does not allow sacks 94 tom brady quarterback number 16.. I know this is shocking, but keep in mind.

This is solely based on the player’s performance of the 2019 season and if you watch the patriots last year, tom brady wasn’t the same, the patriots kept winning games 16 10 at the beginning of the season, with punishing defense and running the ball on first and second Down more than any other team in the nfl, then they played real competition at the end of the season and went four and five down the stretch. Brady is a top 100 player until he retires. As this list was based on career, he would easily be number one, but for 2019, 94 is a good spot. At 93, minka fitzpatrick safety number 11 played for the dolphins the beginning of the year, but then got traded to the steelers and minka didn’t. Quite have the stats of some of our top defensive backs, but the way he transformed the steelers defense when he arrived from miami after week, two is something that can’t be overlooked.

His seven force turnovers and two return for touchdowns are game. Changing place. He isn’t fantastic at defending the pass but he’s a fantastic center fielder, for what i thought was the best defense in the nfl last year, number 92 also a little surprising von miller, down defensive lineman number 16.. I hardly heard the announcer called von miller’s name last year, while watching the broncos games. He had two pressures .5 sacks and three tackles a game and never forced a turnover which just isn’t very impactful, similar to brady.

Vaughn is a great talent who is just coming off one of his worst seasons as a pro 91 tyler lockett wide receiver, number 16.. Lockett’S connection with russell wilson is special. His 82 catches on 110 targets was the second best catch percentage based on targets among all wide receivers behind only michael thomas, he never drops passes and put up eight touchdowns to pair with over 1 000 yards and quite possibly the best catch of the season. In his week, 5 toe drag catch against the rams number 90 tremaine edmonds linebacker number 10 buffalo bills, he’s one of the youngest players on this entire list and he’s been outstanding in his first two seasons. Having 110 tackles in each over 110 tackles in each he’s. Not just a great run defender, he allowed 266 yards on 52 passes, thrown his way for an unbelievable mark of 5.1 yards per target 89 kyler murray quarterback number 15.

kyler wasn’t as great as people may have thought he was in his rookie year, but he still Deserved the top 100 nod, he was second in quarterback rush yards behind only lamar jackson with 544, but just 20 touchdowns compared to 12 interceptions and less than 4 000 yards through the air is not fantastic. Those passing numbers should improve with his new weapon and deandre hopkins and his dual threat. Ability should be able to vault him into the top 10 or maybe a top 5 quarterback finish next year, 88 denzel ward, cornerback number nine cleveland got the pick they used on denzo award when they traded away the pick the texans used to grab deshawn watson.

So it was crucial that this pick was a success. Everyone gave them a hard time for picking ward over bradley chubb, but looking back it was the right decision. Ward is one of the true shut down corners in the nfl, and that is so valuable. Today, i’m. Not saying he’s as good as watson, but allowing less than 50 percent completion percentage, and only one touchdown is about as good as you can get 87 haha clinton, dicks safety, number 10 haha just got signed by the cowboys making them his fourth team in his many Seasons, the bears should have kept him because he was excellent at stopping the run and the pass with 62 solo tackles out of 78 total and only 6.5 yards per attempt, and one touchdown allowed through the air 86 jamie collins, linebacker number nine collins was top tier In every category that matters for a linebacker run, stopping past defense and pass rush, 81 tackles and a 46.

0 quarterback rating allowed speak for themselves and throwing seven sacks and 16 pressures in is what really bumped collins up into this top 100.. At number, 85. Jordan, hicks linebacker number eight for the cardinals a little bit of a surprising name to see but hicks finished. Third in the nfl with 150 tackles and forced five turnovers last year. He wasn’t fantastic against the pass and needs to drop. His miss tackles numbers a bit, but the plays he did make, including the ones in the backfield with 11 tackles for loss.

Give him his spot here. 84 logan ryan quarterback number eight for the titans ryan is a different breed of corner the corner with the second highest number of tackles. This season was kyle fuller, with 82. ryan had 113. He also forced eight turnovers and deflected 18 passes to pair with four and a half sacks. I don’t understand how ryan filled the stat sheet the way he did, even with his below average numbers purely in yards allowed. He has to be here: 83 preston, smith, green bay, packers, defensive, lineman, number 15. green bay brought preston smith and zadaria smith, who have no relation in this offseason. It dramatically changed their defense, preston, wasn’t, quite as good as zadarius, but he was still really good. Each of his stats, whether it’s a 34 pressures 12 sacks or 56 tackles fit right into that second tier of elite pass. Rushers smith saw a big career boost, leaving washington heading to the packers 82 cortland sutton wide receiver number 15.

. I went to the broncos vikings game this past season and sutton was the best player on the field. He made jaw dropping catches throughout the game and throughout the whole season. He plays like mike evans and put up over 1100 yards on 15.4 yards per catch in just his second pro season, with subpar quarterback play the whole year at 81, josh allen, quarterback number 14 of the buffalo bills. The second josh allen of the video is the last player of the video allen is controversial among analysts on, if he’s good or not, but he is a dual threat.

Quarterback, who put up 3 600 yards and 29 touchdowns while leading the bills to the playoffs his playoff debut, was rocky at best and alan needs to work on his deep ball accuracy.