Uh like we always do, and you can of course catch the uh catch, the replay, if you weren’t able to catch it live um. It was a live episode of nfl questions from subscribers and we went over a list and we went over a list of some of the worst losses that the ravens have ever taken against the pittsburgh steelers, and it was of course, an interesting list. Uh – and you all know, the one that i feel like is the worst lost, but speaking of lists, a list that gets talked about a lot sometimes a little too much. Sometimes it can get over analyzed, but it is still a fun list. Nonetheless, is the nfl’s top 100 players list, and this is a list that’s voted on by the players about the players um – and this is this list goes through, who they feel the top. It obviously takes a vote and it takes different polls and whatnot um with different players, and everybody writes their top this and top that on their own list, and then they put all these lists together and then they form the nfl’s top 100 um. But this list is has been one that’s been going on for a while. I don’t know exactly how long they’ve been doing the top 100 um, but it’s been going on for a minute now and this year it will be no different because it will continue now.

Um shout out to my guy ethan schultz, um and also shout out to my guy ryan uh because they said well.

What do you think about the nfl top 100 list and we haven’t got the exact names that are on there, but something that we did get that my guy ethan sent me was that the ravens and saints have the most players on this nfl’s top 100 lists. With seven apiece chiefs, cowboys, packers seahawks all have six uh and the rest so on and so forth, but the ravens and the saints are tied at the top, so uh with the saints um just off the top of my head. If i had to get some of the top 100 players obviously drew brees, uh alvin, kamara um, who else i i’m, not even gon na focus on it, because we are talking about who i want to guess who the ravens top 100 players are. Who do you all think they will be and, of course, feel free to put it in the comments section, but let’s just try to think of with the ravens having seven players on the list, who will those guys be um and off the top of my head? I had a question. I had a question because i don’t know this will be sort of in uh an asterisk. I guess on the on on my uh, my seven, my top seven list for people who i think are gon na make it.

I will be marcia yonda because i don’t know because i haven’t watched the top 100 list in a couple years um, but i i don’t know if um, if a player, that’s retired, would still be on that list.

I don’t think so, but i’m not 100. On that, so, if y’all have been watching this – and you all know the rules and regulations of it when it comes to retired players – please let us know um but martial yonder. If he’s eligible for the list, then i think he would definitely be on there. But if not, then no, but if it’s just based off for last year, then yeah he would be on there, but anyway um. So i guess i’ll have to name eight people just to cover that territory, so um obviously number one um lamar, jackson and i’m, not naming them in the order that i think they’re gon na be in um, but besides lamar jackson, since he was the nfl mvp. Last year i would expect him to be at number one um, but i mean they could have patrick mahomes at number one because he won the super bowl and whatnot and but so we’ll see. But i think i think lamar’s probably going to get a number one. Patrick holmes, probably gon na be number two or vice versa. It could go either way um, but so lamar’s gon na definitely be on the list. Uh. I think ronnie stanley is gon na be on that list.

Um, who else uh? Oh marlon humphrey. I think marlon, humphrey and marcus peters will both be on that list. Um. I think earl thomas will be on that list. So how many do we have five? Because we said lamar again: astrix for martian lamar jackson, marlon humphrey, ronnie stanley, oh yeah, lamar, jackson, ronnie, ronnie, stanley, marlon, humphrey, marcus peters, earl, thomas mark andrews, i think mark andrews will be on that list as well.

And then i also thank you to be mark. Ingram wow, i thought this. This guessing was going to be a lot harder than this. I thought it was going to be a lot harder than this, but yeah. So let me run it back. One more time: lamar jackson, mark andrews, ronnie, stanley, marlon humphrey, marcus peters, earl, thomas and mark ingram yeah, and then of course, like i said, if he was eligible, then i would put martial yonder. But if they can’t do retired players, then i don’t think he would be on that list at all, but um yeah that uh. That makes sense. Oh, but then you got patrick ricard, but i don’t, i don’t, think the nf i don’t think they’re gon na have him as a top 100 player. I don’t think they’re gon na uh have patrick carter at the top 100 player. Now something that my guy ryan uh was talking to me about last night with the top 100 list. He was like why don’t they ever have kickers on them.

He’S, like he said, justin tucker needs to be on there every single year, and i was thinking like well yeah uh. That makes sense, because justin tucker, um yeah y’all, already know about justin tucker best kicker in the game um. He is going for one of the best kickers of all time uh, but super bowl champion justin tucker. He got that on his resume um and he’s he’s, just amazing man.

I i told him that i feel like with the nfl players. They don’t look at kickers as some of the best nfl players in like top 100, because top 100, like i i i don’t, see them putting like a kicker or a punter on a top 100 list and that’s, obviously no disrespect to kickers or punters. But i just don’t see them putting them there um, but if, if there ever was one on the list, then justin tucker will certainly have to be there and the thing too one thing about justin tucker um he did make he did well. He did he. I think i’ve read something i know y’all probably saw it on like instagram or something too, where justin tucker scored like the same amount of points like four years in a row. I think it’s, like 141 points, something like that and now i’m thinking like man. It seems like justin, tucker wasn’t, even really used last year like that, but since the ravens have scored so much a lot of field goal, he still kicked the reason about a reasonable amount of field goals.

But a lot of would be field goals in the normal ravens offense, because justin tucker would be featured a whole lot more than a normal ravens offense, but um since we were, we actually got touchdowns last year and that’s, something that us as ravens fans were not Really used to on a consistent basis, we were getting touchdown, we were scoring points, who’s scoring points and that’s crazy.

We haven’t been like used to scoring a reasonable amount of points since 2014 since 2014, so five years before last that’s, when the ravens really scored points but um with justin tucker. So, throughout those years justin tucker was more, he was more relied upon and it was like. Oh okay, the ravens move the ball about 50 yards downfield, but they can’t finish: okay, justin tucker same thing again: oh justin, tucker’s up and i feel like and i’ve said this before. I feel like if justin tucker was in uh if he was featured in a different offense if he was part of a different team with a different offense uh that actually continued to score and put up points consistently, not even if they went crazy with points all The time, but if they were they, they scored a reasonable amount of points. I don’t think he would be considered the best kicker in the league and i feel like the only reason that he got considered, and this is not saying that he’s a bad kid, because we all obviously know he’s a beast of a kicker.

But i feel like his his name would not be out there like that if he was on another team that scored a lot more points because he came on in 2012. Undrafted rookie free agent from texas and he’s obviously been here ever since two contracts in well. Three contracts in because he had his rookie contract and then he got paid twice so in his third contract i mean he’s still doing his thing, but he obviously under the lamar jackson, offense he’s been featured a lot.

Less he’s still been featured now, but it’s just been a lot less, but i just i don’t think if he was on another team, he wouldn’t be the justin tucker that we all know and love. I think he would still be reliable, still be accurate, but hey. I don’t think he’d have as much points i don’t think he’d have as much field goals and kickoffs all that stuff, but i’m glad that he’s, a raven ravens made a good choice and again this is what something else that i like. I love to talk about. Too and um is when teams they’re willing to go with better over more expensive and what i mean when i say that is when they’re willing to go with the player that’s better over the player, that’s, more expensive and more costly, because the the ravens obviously did It when, when justin tucker came to town and they they got rid of billy cundiff um and the best the best example by far that we have of that in the nfl, is when the seahawks drafted russell wilson.

That is my favorite example of that ever because they had just signed overrated matt flynn to like this, 30 million dollar deal something like that, because he threw five touchdowns in like the season finale of the packers game, because aaron rodgers, i think aaron rodgers didn’t – need To play, maybe he was sitting or maybe he was hurt. I forget, but um matt flynn threw like five touchdowns in the season finale and then that that’s, when he got all this hype – oh matt flynn, matt flynn, matt flynn, oh yeah, that’s that dude okay seahawks grabbed him up; okay, cool to pay them all this money, Then they got it russell wilson and russell wilson look better than him in preseason and then what most teams would do, and you can understand why it’s like hey, we paying this guy, all this money, that’s going to be our guy yeah, the other guy, might look Better, but i think no that’s that’s going to be our guy, the one that’s making all the money because we paid him to play this position.

I don’t care who looks better we’re going with the money, but seahawks didn’t do that they rolled with russell wilson and it obviously worked out for them big time, big time so shout out to them for doing it the right way, but anyway uh so man. I i really thought that, with this list with this top 100 list, i thought it was going to take, because i didn’t, like i didn’t study for this or anything like that.

I didn’t uh, i didn’t prepare for it like a test or anything like that. I just um, i just uh just winged it and i thought it was going to be a lot harder to name the seven ravens who i figure are going to be on this nfl top 100 list. But there you have it and i think i think i’m gon na have to guess the right ones. I think so, if y’all feel any differently, please feel free to. Let me know anyway. I love you all.