You know it does a great job of buying time, which he always does well, and we got the guy wide open that’s. One of those is just laying in the back Applause, the outside Applause down, the sideline got free little bit of big o ants dropship. Second, innate deeper drop this time than the long pass and wide open nightmares about that girl. 20. The pocket bloat sit up deep ball. He’S got Terrell, Owens and Owens his back and knocked away a great play by Chris Harris. Terrell Owens was there for a touchdown to Riley Cooper. He had that book guard. His number grass in front of that was a big drop. I mean there are certain places very late, Culpepper to Nate Burleson Music closing seconds coal pens try to answer back what’s. This Elvis looking deep, Andre Rison is open. Boink right there hits rising on the helmet might have been a touchdown, but last Applause, my goodness, the first time they throw to him today. Applause trenchers field can’t hold on wall is zipped in there by Russell Wilson right through the hands of Lynch. Second interception of the season for Josh Norman, and he wasn’t done after he, caught with Shawn green in at tailback Sanchez has a wide open. He dropped it. Testers in again, Nestor was in the slot. The bass is too high as Hester, but across the middle of the play.

I think when Devin Hester is in there that’s when they’re going hide, he sees Healy.

Any drops it again for the second time in this half. I mean there was no one within 15 yards. No one adjusted welcome second down. Another drop bouncing right off the chest of Dewayne Allen when go prime of a third den, and this just hurts my dad – does a great route, rape, a my slant and go quarterback bit. This is the only problem you got ta make dad place it about. I in this thing Portman one at the nine O’Donnell Eric green and the bread basket and out O’Donnell and the Steelers to his fires and it’s dropped. Big play was there for Jones and he couldn’t hang on well that’s a touchdown right there. James Jones has had snake down Richard for the violin complete Tony Richardson, who is on the Dental Assisting Oh just couldn’t Mariota stayed on his feet in the traffic end. It’S incomplete another drop ball on this one by Eric Decker who’s in a slump. P bar hangs in there fires and it’s drop and that’s nothing new that’s Amari Cooper, who has already dropped six. This season, man on third downs, Applause, Music Applause, Maury Cooper, a lot of jobs I would like for dollars to do is get Amari Cooper. Somebody office in there do another one on there only outside in three to varis Jackson, with a wide open, troy, williamson, Music, losing football can’t, be a coach, make the play I’m, cutting him right there right right after the plate.

You come to the bridge birds. Yesterday, Nelson, a galore is a repeat offender, a massive drop in Atlanta last week and then one right there on third down little too high for Bryant off the fingertips. Applause Music with extra Ambrose, was too long. Applause, Music Applause, Triplette announced 31, but it was 47. Yes, Garcia with the 22nd drop of the game by the great Jerry Rice, Romo, creating finds Patrick Crayton, who drops it it gets. I up the ball number green grass in front of them. Sometimes you got to secure the ball before you start and left her frozen. Pass shut up and caught sweet the rookie from Texas ball tipped, but caught 1015 and out on a chance and dropped it. He looked, he shuts up, he was going and it is incomplete intended for Todd Clinton all the way down at the 15 yard line. He rolled protection down the middle pass is nearly picked by Luke Kuechly Applause that his hands on it Demaryius Thomas Denver so far in this game is one out of six on third downs and two things, and then the long pass and and almost intercepted that’s. The second one that Weddell is missed tonight to the inside this one by Jackson, Arrow Jackson, the butter not fit Romo looks for Glenn, who slips and Korey Webster does everything but catch the football? No it’s, not the place that you make all the time except. Please you don’t make he’d love to have this one that’s.

Why I’m Marshall Rodgers is nearly picked that’s Bradham step right into Applause, throwing deep to his left in that his Evans Applause? Oh, my god, damn dude old and attract Brandon LaFell when I goes out of the backfield young was hit right in the hands again. They just couldn’t get his hands up. Picking up Applause. At the last moment, Watson looking to throw fires and it’s picked. Oh Joe Jalen Ramsey, he dropped it and that cook there’s Rosa back to throw all the milk almost intercepted right in Parkers hands, Wow that about a rape, Cam Newton. He got it to Steve Smith that he couldn’t hold it Steve Smith. Doesn’T drop too many of those Applause, so Lord, he dropped a touchdown Applause that could have been six with Peterson just dropped it later. Seven, nothing well two possessions later look who’s in it’s, Tim Tebow, what the jobs Bass Hill doesn’t catch! It, though unbelievable. You know what you got ta help your boy t bone. He doesn’t have to 217 left to play. Sanchez has Stephen Hill wide open. I saw some good promise today out of that combination right there. Okay, completion Welker would have had the first, the Petri, with a nice block at the guard, going deep he’s get Jackson Applause that would have been the game winner, deeper separation. Let them chant fallen in its fourth down wide open. That time was Demaryius Thomas, but he drops it.