So i know you’ve been living out quarantine with your your family and young kids back at home in london how’s it going well uh. I have no complaints, i’m, one of the lucky ones. You know. Having said that, i’m quite old and my children are very young and i can’t say that’s entirely easy, but i’ve you know there’s been bonuses, i’ve learned to cut hair. I started by cutting my daughter’s barbie’s hair out of sheer boredom and i discovered i was extremely talented and then i started cutting my children’s hair, whether they wanted a haircut or not and just to strap them to a chair and just cut their hair. Thanks for being so fun, Laughter, you’ve said that you found yourself turning into your father. So what kind of dad would you say you are, i would say, i’m enchanting, but i don’t know what the children would say. Um. I do have some of my dad’s traits. He was ex army and lovely lovely, but suddenly out of nowhere, the most terrifying bark would come and uh. I noticed i i do that it makes all the kids cry it makes. My wife cry makes the neighbors cry. I have to say in the undoing you you play a seemingly a seemingly devoted father and husband. You know i can’t say much more without giving anything away. So how? How would you describe your character, it’s, a very difficult show to promote because it’s full of uh, you know mysteries and almost any anything one says: it’s a spoiler but yeah in episode, one.

You see: i’m i’m, a lovely i’m, a cancer doctor for children. I save children’s lives. I love my wife, nicole kidman. I love my son i’m, a good father. I i seem to be a nice man, but you just might think. Possibly this guy’s too good to be true is. Is there a little little bit of this? Goes mixed in with the cotton of this shirt. You know: is this something a bit easy to iron and then it all starts to unfold. We get to see new york before the pandemic again as well. We want to show everybody just a little bit of the undoing the sooner we can get out. The better look. I’Ve got that early flight to cleveland. When do you get back possibly tomorrow night? If i can get away, but you know, i do hate to forfeit my high reward points, that’s how you get the complimentary breakfast grade. Okay, here we are slump, dread, sob despair. Look at me, hmm, i’m, very proud of my wife. Now is it true, nicole, had to beg you to do this, no she’s a liar. She keeps saying that i was honored, i mean it was an extremely classy offer. It was nicole kidman who’s, you know, got a zillion oscars. It was this wonderful, danish, film, director, susana beer, you know, who’s also won lots of uh tv awards, bird box, etc. She uh and then the the greatest tv writer in america, david kelly, who wrote big little lies little big lies i’ve, never got this right.

It really enrages nicole Laughter, it was very, it was very high pedigree. Of course, i had to say yes well, we can’t wait to see the undoing premieres this sunday on hbo, hugh thanks for coming back it’s, also going to stream on hbo max. Well, hey there gma fans robin roberts here thanks for checking out our youtube channel lots of great stuff here so go on click. The subscribe button right over right over here to get more of awesome videos and content from gma every day anytime.