So the story begins in south east london and more specifically, se11 also known as kennington, where jaden played football as a kid. And he and i keep taking inspiration from some of the football culture that jayden lived in when he grew up, but actually also taking some inspiration from kennington the area in itself. So you have all these this crisscross pattern, that is the wires and the walls of the cages where jayden and his friends played you have the neon sign colors as a reference to the chicken shops in the area, and then, of course, you have the no ball Game sign that sancho and his friends completely and utterly ignored and played everywhere. They could – and all of this makes up this really crazy pattern on a boot that i reckon you’re, probably gon, na either love or hate with a passion but to further highlight that complete disregard for the no ball games. Rule nike decided to graffiti over the sign with the word megs, of course, as a reference to anonymic aka, the most humiliating skill when you play on the streets, you also have a sign that says popping 24 hours as a reference to kids playing all the time. It says vibes to describe that special feeling that playing football gives you, and then we have my favorite, which says sancho sauce or basically too much sauce all over the booth, it’s, basically jaden sancho’s description of talent, either you’re born with the source or you’re not, and He says himself that, when he’s playing the source is spilling dripping all over the pitch, maybe that’s why nike actually included a hang tag with the boots with a bottle of sancho sauce Music with that said, you got to be a special kind of good to introduce Your playing style as the source i mean, i don’t – think my teammates would ever let me off the hook and deservedly so by the way, if i introduced the jsos at my next training session i’m just gon na stick to this next time i go to nando’s, But the coolest thing in my opinion is that the boots seem to be made as a reminder to everyone that, even though you’re told repeatedly that you’re not good enough to make it well, you still can and it’s kind of nice to see how sancho is using His own success to help people rise by encouraging them to while still try and go out and play football try to make it.

Why are the boots blue? Well, i guess it’s because that’s what sanjo and his friends called the concrete pitches that they were playing at blue parks, why blue parks and their concrete pitches? Well, i googled it and i still have absolutely no idea Music, but if you are a londoner and especially from sc11, these are kinda special i’m, not too sure how much i’m feeling them and there’s, probably a little too much sancho sauce for my taste but there’s. No denying that it’s a pretty eye popping tribute to sancho’s old hood of kennington and there’s, probably no denying that sancho loves his london and england roots. So why don’t you come back to the uk jayden after all, manchester to kennington is only a three hour train ride, so just come on so guys. What do we think of sancho’s new kicks? Well, as always, you should. Let me know in the comment section right down below and if you feel you have enough sauce like a vowels to pull these off, you can go and get them through the link right over there. Just sign up to the unisport membership club and cop these.