If these boots should be part of your collection or if they’re one to swerve after all, this is the boot collector channel and i’m all about curating the best collection out there so keep watching as i’ll be covering not only how to get a pair, also, their Rarity what potential future value or resale could be, and any other important advice from our years of collecting football boots. Now, if you’re new to the channel and like boots, please show your support by subscribing getting those notifications turned on and giving this video the thumbs up. If i help you in any way, if you don’t know the story, these materials are the latest wonderkid to be blessed with a signature release by nike at time of posting. These are dortmund and england’s jaden sancho’s se11 signature mercs sc11, because that is the postal code of his home in kennington, south london, so purely from first impressions, there’s loads, going on here and loads of little nods to jaden’s life story and his journey. So far you can already see from the box. Nike have gone all out for sancho’s. First drop the artwork on these is very clever, very bright and continues to theme across the boot bag. With tissue paper it’s all there there’s a couple of significant call outs: the vibes logo on the jordan brand style, dog tags, very nice, 3d sort of embossed with that sancho, sauce, icon and pop in 24 hours, which features all across the design.

The boots themselves. Well, they’re just mad an eclectic mix of logos, graphics text patterns, all in this race of blue and neon, pink and whites and blacks. It’S wicked the south london nods run deep with plenty of references they’re going to call out his ends. The design goes all over. It’S very smart and especially liking the no balls game with the megs graffiti style written over the top. These are definitely ones to check out in hand and, as far as the collection goes are one of the most elaborate and intricate super flies we’ve had so far. Now, i’m, not going to bore you with performance, details or fit advice, if you don’t know about this generation of superfly well, first of all, where have you been and second of all, this probably isn’t the video for you, sorry, but i did have some dms on My instagram are these limited, though, are they going to be special enough, so let’s talk about whether we should be adding these to our collections? Okay, so at time of posting i don’t actually have official confirmed production numbers, but a reliable source put that figure at just over 2 000 pairs for this launch, which makes them genuinely limited as far as recent releases go and a significant reason to add them to Any serious collection i just wish, like always nike, numbered these. In fact, i wish they did more numbered editions. It would have massively increased their value in the long run and really increased their desirability.

The market for boots is a bit volatile right now because of the covered situation, these retail for 250 pounds or 300 us dollars, which is a slight premium on a regular superfly elite of around 20 pounds and 25 respectively. You should be able to get these pretty easily for retail, even under retail, with a savvy discount code or something, although don’t hang around because again at time of posting, there were already sizes sold out on nike. As for retail, you might have to see in a couple of weeks to wait for these to have completely sold out before you can add a markup to them, but with that said, i fully expect these to hold their value from here if they’ve been numbered. Of course, you could have easily added another 25 30 premium to their value, but as this isn’t the case, a limited production number will have to suffice as a justification for keeping their value. As i mentioned, some sizes are already gone on nike, but if you check the video description below for exclusive links, they will get you direct to the boots. If you don’t have a night member account, you’ll need to wait until monday, the 24th of august, where you can buy one from other selected retailers now i’d, always recommend prodirect soccer, as their service is spot on and i’ve never had an issue buying boots from them. In over 15 years, so are these collection worthy? Should you go out right now and add them well the whole package, given the box, the dog tag, the first edition of a signature boot for someone who is only going to continue to be a bigger name in the world game, coupled with the info that there Are limited pairs produced would make my opinion a firm, yes, that these should be in any serious collector’s collection if you’re, just starting out your collection, it’s a great one to kick off with or if you’re already a few pairs in.

This is going to be more than a decent addition, all right, that’s it from me today. I hope you enjoyed watching this video and let me know in the comments below what you think about these boots and, if you’d like to add them in your collection or if you already did i’ll reply to everyone, so get commenting again. If this video helped you in any way, please show your support with a like, and, of course, please subscribe to my channel as i’ll be uploading, more collector videos real soon.