As you can see, this is your classic mercurial superfly silhouette the boot that jaden has been causing absolute carnage in across europe, but what he’s done is he’s teamed up with nike to add his own personal flavor, his own personal source he’s representing his kenneth roots, his Family, his friends and his own unique style and the outcome come on see for yourself: cold Music. Now, if you’re gon na wear these bad boys on pitch you’re gon na stand out, regardless of your ability that striking blue and that neon, that pops out really grabs your attention. But don’t get me wrong if you’re gon na wear these, you need to have a bit. You need to be able to pull them off the sauce man that is jaden sancho, has added so much personality into this boot first thing is the popping representing leaving the end and breaking through in the european stage. Next thing is 24 hours how he lives his lifestyle, always pop in always breaking the mould always breaking through next up. We have the vibes, we all know jaden’s our icon on and off the pitch, and this is to represent the energy he brings to the football world and just to the world in general. And then you take a little bit of a closer look and you’ve got that too much sauce. You know what he’s like he’s a sauce master he’s got too much sauce written all over that boot, wavy, so cold Music.

What you may not know about jaden he’s, a massive chicken fan and he’s, got a whole list of his favorite south london chicken shops that he keeps with him. What he’s doing right now is he’s partnering with a well known chicken brand to bring his own special flavor special sauce to the mix, the sancho sauce, the drip father, the farther and now the trim. Father jaden’s always got the sickest 10 10 trims and he represents that perfectly on the right boot with this little detail here. What a guy brody on the line i’m tapping in got out here, pulling the strings for me, Music, if you’re from london from an end from the estates. You know the noble game. Science is a sign that you absolutely hate and jaden growing up from the streets playing street. Football has represented that perfectly within his boots. He’S also got that meg sign because he’s absolutely killing the older players in the cage football making them left right and center. Remember they used to ignore that and jaden also shouted out his ends with a lovely call out on the collar of the boot as well. Now before i go, we can’t ignore the aerotrax soleplate look at those vibrant colors. If someone’s blowing past you in these that’s, the only thing you’re going to see Music now, no collection can be complete without the matching drip and nike and jaden they’ve got you covered. They’Ve got the training top the training pants and then they’ve got the matching tee, which all tie in really nicely with the boots.

With the similar details, you’ve got the pop in 24 hours and the vibes i don’t need to tell you this. Whole collection is drippy. It’S wavy, you already know what time it is Applause. So what have we learned from this collection? We’Ve learned that jaden and nike they need to collab a lot more often we’ve learned that the kenneth won. The kid has come so far on the world stage, but still holds his ends and his roots true to his heart, but he hasn’t forgotten where it all began and how influential his ends are and finally we’re reminded as if we need reminding the drip fader. The trim fada is one stylish mother, Music and there you have it the jaden collection and all its drippy sauce. If you like, this collection, make sure you head over to, so you can go and grab yours and see other collections as well right. All that good stuff make sure you like comment, subscribe and don’t forget to press that notification button. So you never miss out on the latest drops right.