This is nothing fancy, nothing going out just every day during corona dog walks going to town things like that, the things that people are actually doing at the moment not going out for a night out, obviously just how i tend to style them every day, sometimes lounging Around the house, sometimes taking my dog out sometimes going to the park, let’s get straight with this video Music, so this is the first outfit i’ve just chucked on this metallica band t shirt. This was from pretty little thing. I think it was last year it’s only around 15 pounds, that’s really good. What i love about it is that it’s so long it goes past my bum, so i could actually wear it as a dress, and i do actually have a photo of me wearing it. As a dress, so i will insert that on the screen as well. I just had some little shorts underneath but that’s just in case it flows up in the wind but yeah. So i’ve just got these black cycling shorts on these are actually from pretty little thing. As well – and i just chucked these on with it – because with all black goes quite nicely together, however, the cycling shorts are a darker shade of black than the top, but i do like the contrast there and then you could also tie up, which does look really Nice, i love that look as well, but yeah. I just. I also love the print on the front.

I think it’s a snake and i can’t actually remember what it says like don’t tread on me. I think, but i think it looks so cute together and i love it, and i would just pair this with some black chunky trainers. So this is the next outfit. This is actually with the same pair of cycling shorts, just these black ones and i’ve just chucked on this black leather jacket. This is from primark love it so so much got it last year, but i’m pretty sure they probably still sell ones similar or maybe even that same one. This would have only been around 10 pounds and i’ve just chucked on this calvin klein sports bra with it, because i think the simple top works quite nicely with the jacket and then the same black cycling shorts. Just because i thought it went quite nicely. It’S kind of an all black outfit, but the white breaks it up a bit and then the fact that you can see like my stomach as well breaks up the black a bit. So i really really like that, and this one’s really really cute. Of course, you can wear it off the shoulder as well. Wear it how you like, but i don’t tend to do that because i don’t really like my shoulders being on, show too much, so i tend to wear it like a natural jacket and then this is the third outfit. This is morph around the house.

I love it honestly. This is my favorite thing ever maybe more for like autumn, as is a really really oversized white jumper. This is just from pretty little thing. It was 15 pounds. I love it so worth the money it comes in so many different colors. I just i absolutely adore this jumper comfiest thing ever and yeah it’s even got the pockets at the front, which i do really really like it’s, just so comfy. I love it and then i just chucked it on with these pink cycling shorts. These are actually from boohoo, but i would not recommend getting these because they are very, very see through that’s, why i decided to pair it with the oversized jumper and, as you can see, i keep having to pull it down just because it is very see through And you could see my underwear, but, however, i do have a ring light on me, so it’s kind of making the jumper even look see through so just quickly before we get into the next outfit i’d like to say that, yes, my ring light is on so It makes most things that i wear see through, but those cycling shirts, those pink ones, are actually completely see through like if i showed you them without the ring light, you would still be able to see my hand through them, they’re very, very see through. So i wouldn’t recommend getting those ones if you want to get some cycling shots that aren’t see through i’d definitely either go to pretty little thing, or i saw it.

First is even better and actually cheaper, see. I just thought i’d chuck that in there just because i don’t want you guys wasting your money on something that you don’t really want and isn’t the quality that you would have expected, because the pink ones and most things that i tend to buy off boohoo do Tend to be see through and really really thin material, so i’d recommend, if you’re buying on boohoo don’t buy it if it’s under 10 pounds, basically or maybe it’s black it’ll, be all right. But i do have a few tops from boohoo that are just so thin that they’re even see through when they’re black. So i mean i’m, not slagging off boohoo, because i love boohoo just for more expensive things and shoes. But pretty little thing misguided and i saw it first definitely for cycling shorts. I love them. So this is the next outfit. This t shirt again looks very, very see through, but it’s not actually see through, like you can tell a difference. This one’s not actually see through in real life that’s, just the ring light making it seem see through, but that’s. Actually from pretty little thing, it was only five pounds. I’Ve got the same t shirt i’ve got that same cropped, t shirt in about seven different colors. I think it’s so so cute and then i’ve just chucked on these tie dye cycling shorts. As you can see. Yes, these ones do look see through as well, but you can’t see any of that without the ring light on, and these are from, i saw it first now.

I do actually have a haul on my channel. Well, i have two hauls on my channel. Actually, i saw at first hauls and i definitely recommend you watching them, because i’ve got some really nice pieces there, but they are quite long. These sucking shorts so as you can see, i’m pulling them up a little bit and i do prefer the look of them slightly shorter. I think it just looks so much nicer, but i love how the pink t shirt goes nicely with the pink from the cycling shorts. I just i love how that’s paired together. So this is the next outfit this is again from i saw at first. This is just a white t shirt with a blue butterfly on it, and i love it so much. I think it’s the most adorable thing ever now. Some people will probably say – oh my god, that’s literally what my four year old daughter wears but yeah. I used to wear that when i was that young as well, but i love it so much. I think it’s so so cute and i just think butterflies have come back into fashion. So why not wear them more and if you thought the t shirt was too much then i’m. Sorry, because these cycling shorts are absolutely covered in butterflies and there is actually one butterfly where it’s the same butterfly as the one on my t shirt. So i love that, but these are just lilac cycling shorts.

These are from. I saw it first as well. As you can tell i love, i saw it first for comfy clothes. This is so so cute again, i’d. Probably just wear it around the house, as people tend to get a bit judgy when i wear things like this, because they think, oh my god, no that’s for younger people, but i just love how it looks. I really do like that. Look and the butterflies paired together nicely. So i love that and then this is the final outfit, so i’ve just chucked on this wild and free oversized blue t shirt. This is from. I saw it first. Yes, i love. I saw it first. You’Re, just gon na have to deal with it. Most of my clothes are now from myself first, but this is just the comfiest thing ever it’s my favorite shade of blue, and i think it looks so nice, as you can tell, because i also had the t shirt that had the snake on it. I like animals on the front of my t, shirts, like with a graphic design and some words. I just think it looks really really nice and i just think they look really nice oversized. So i did actually get this one in a large where i’m normally a size, small and then these cycling shorts are from. Did you guess i saw it first? They are lilac, love them, so cute not see through at all, even with the ring light on them.

They are not see through so these were, i think three pound 90 so definitely go over and get them they’re, so so cheap it’s ridiculous, but i just love the lilac and the baby blue together. I think it looks so nice and they are my two favorite colors. So this is personally my favorite outfit wow shock. I have actually filmed a video in under 15 minutes, that’s, actually crazy, that never ever happens, and i haven’t even edited it. Yet. It literally says 9 minutes 50 um on the little time thing and i haven’t edited it yet that’s really strange that never ever happens. Maybe i should have done another outfit. Is this video gon na be too short i don’t know i tend to like doing longer. Videos, but maybe i’ll, just not edit too much out, because i don’t think a five minute. Video is gon na get viewed much but anyway. Thank you, so so so much for watching. If you’ve learned anything from this video, i hope that it’s, you should shop at isa at first, because this stuff is absolutely gorgeous and also i’ve started. This new thing, where i tell you guys where all my clothes are from that i’m wearing in the videos. So this is actually from new look and i think it’s so cute, but it was about two years ago, so i’m not sure you’ll be able to find that it’s, probably a bit useless me showing you and yes, i have actually got oh, the black cycling shorts On these are the same ones that i had on before.

So i guess this is like another outfit. This is like another way to style cycling shorts. So there you go, you’ve got an extra outfit out of that literally i’ve been wearing cycling shorts everywhere i go. If i was going out to the park, if i’m going on a dog walk, if i’m going to see my nan i’m wearing them absolutely everywhere, just lounging around my house, editing, which i’m doing a lot now three videos a week is a bit of a stress, But i’m making it work so hopefully that’ll make my channel grow faster, as i would really like to get to 500 subscribers. That would be an absolute dream for me and then a thousand wow that’s crazy at the moment, while i’m filming this i’m on 345 subscribers and so i’m, nearly on 350., really sad. Actually, because this morning i was on 347 and then two people unsubscribed, i don’t, know why they did that but yeah. So if you are watching this and you’re not already subscribed, then please join the family and subscribe because i it would make me so happy. I would just love to have more of you guys, because then i feel like i’m, making my videos for more people and there’s more of a point to doing it. If you understand what i mean so like, where i used to be making videos for literally 10 subscribers – and i was like this – is taking up like like four hours of my time and like 10, people are watching it.

But now actually one of my videos just hit 1000 views so i’m. Very happy about that. So thank you guys so much. It was my outer banks, outfit video. So if you haven’t seen that then make sure to go and give it a watch probably be a link in my description as i link some videos that i think you guys should watch. Thank you so so much if you did watch this video all the way through it does mean the absolute world to me, and it does mean a lot more than you think it does i’m. Not just saying that i love it like if you watch it all the way through. It really does help me out. So, thank you so so much and also make sure to like this video, because again that helps me out as well and leave a comment down below what your favorite outfit was. And if you would like to see any more videos like this, how i style videos. So maybe how i style a leather jacket, i’ll style, my denim jackets. I know how i style stiletto heels literally anything so just leave suggestions below in the comments, and i will make sure to do that for you. But thank you for watching.