Here we comes a little bit of you know a type of target, all something like that, just a little stuff that we need but i’m. Looking for i get some stuff, i’ll show you guys i’m here with the kids, say: hi hi Applause, hi, everyone, hey guys, welcome back to my channel anyway. Today we have mascara she’s being nosy hey, but i just um well, not just, but i went to target today and we’re gon na do a all just a target, all we’re, just gon na show you guys. I got some stuff. I just felt like you know, target is lit, so let’s do a haul with target, so i did purchase some stuff. I did bring the kids, so i got them some stuff, also and um. Just a few little stuff just walk around the store and look some stuff i’m. Definitely good got ta. Show you guys what i got and miss kyra is gon na. Show you guys too right yep, even even everything, i’ll probably use cara as a model for some of the stuff that i got for them, so we’re gon na start off with this bag and in this bag. Oh we have. These are clothes. Let me tell you something: if you have kids target clothes is lit, they don’t wash out they last long. They are beautiful and you’re gon na love them, because i’m gon na show you some other stuff that i got so okay.

So this is a shirt, a blouse. This is for janae yeah, it’s cute right, yes, that’s nightclub, so i try to get them three. You know matching stuff, but this one has a leggings also so uh. Let me show you cara size that size that i show you guys was for jenae. So this is the blouse really cute yeah, as you guys can see, and then it has the leggings to go with it. So guess what we can match out and there we go. This is really cute. You guys will see them in these i’ll probably take some pictures with them. So this is for cairo. We got one for janae and we got one for amelia janae’s one is this one and these were cheap. I said you all better go to target. Well everything we’re gon na buy it i’m surprised i actually bought when cara just started school um. I went to target and i got some stuff for her and they last long is like no. I remember going to the mall a couple days ago and she have on a shirt – and i was like here where you get this, but when i look in the tag i realize it’s, you know cat and jack and that brand is from target. So i was like, oh my god, this shirt is so cute. This blouse is so cute and then i said you know what i think i’m gon na go visit target because it’s been a while.

I also got these blows. I really like it meow queen star, target yeah and um. I have three, so you know one is for cairo come here. One is from amelia and one is you know what i saw these. These are nickelodeon. These are some just some nightgowns. What is this character? Cairo jojo silas, oh jojo, c jojo right, so this one is for cara. She picked it out says she wanted it. So i got her this. This is just a nightgown. I also got some more leggings. I have three of these. Also for all three of them. This gray, one with the pattern. I think this can go with anything, so i did get that also. I did not get janie any nightgown, they didn’t have the size, but i got one for quinn and i got one for cairo all right. So the first bag is finished and i showed you guys everything next one where we have some more clothes. Oh my god. Listen, these dress are so cute and they have three of these. Also, this one is for quinn. It seems a little bigger that one is the queen, cairo and janae. This one is for janae. The material is subscribe to carter, family, oh yeah and um. I did get look, i got dresses for the tights and the top, the leggings and the top, so they have the dress in it too. I’M not gon na lie. I could this.

I had to buy these, so we have three of these. Also because janae get our size also and um yeah, i see it, i’ll get the stuff for them, so they have the dress. I’M gon na put this on on carol. So you guys can see you want to try it out turn around it’s. Look. It looks turn around. We have four bags, so this is the next bag. And oh i got these for them to sleep in i do get three of them. We have sizes for amelia that looks like like cairo and janae. Oh, that looked cute. Yes, so we have three whites and i did do three blacks. Also, i like the black one and the white one they’re cute they’re cute, and i have three of those also, this is actually fun. This is beautiful. I saw that listen. This is just a little basket: i’m gon na put it in the kid’s room, her and um amelia’s room, because their room is more light, pink i’m doing their room to be light. Pink, i’ll show you guys when i’m done, their bed is not here as yet. So but this is cute, i just think i had to get it like yeah i had to i had to i just had to so. We got this little basket right here for the girls room, yeah yeah. I have this for today’s room um. I did gather a um q box. I have it, i have to show you guys it’s downstairs.

I could not lift that off, but this because her room she won purple in her room. I was trying to do more light purple lavender. So i think this will fit in the cube box, which is going to be your bookshelf, so what i’m going to do – and this is just a storage bin for the cube box in target. Oh, these are just some some um expo dry erasers and i just got these in target because i did get a board for her. I did that one on amazon it’s – not yours yet but she’s gon na start doing homeschool because i’m not sending her back to school. You guys know she had started school but i’m, not trusting anything that’s going on right now, so for now i’m, her teacher. So i get her some exfol and then i did see this one after, which is the white board care it’s a cleaner, the the we call it duster and some more markers. So i did get this pack also right. Oh, i did do get some command um oops i’m gon na put one in the kitchen on one of the put anything on it like towels or whatever. I think this is needy in the kitchen and then this one i’m gon na put in the area where we have we can put coats in or stuff like that. So that’s downstairs also. So i did get two of these. They are command oaks.

Yeah come on. Bran, oh my god guys. I get the cutest little stuff in target cara papa phone already, but the girls room are gon na, be light pink blush pink with gold. They’Re gon na have two beds in the room, so i saw these two dolls. Are they dolls? These two are gon na be on. One is gon na be on amelia’s bed. One is gon na be on cara’s bed, and i did you know, choose these. I think they are beautiful. They are beautiful, they are beautiful, they’re gon na fit with the everything because we’re going with light pink. Like i said guys, i will definitely show you guys once i set their rooms up and janae’s room is gon na be purple, so that is that we do have a next bag. Oh my gosh, listen. I went i went in on target, so you guys can see what this is. Janae wanted this. It says it has two meaning one is a unicorn which is beautiful and then so you see the unicorn with the little purple in it because she’s doing purple and then, when we do it like this, it says be you. So i think this pillow is perfect. For her bed and she chose this and she’s into unicorns, so they’re into unicorns. Rather you know, kids love all those characters and stuff. I was more choosing for them, but it’s time for me to let them choose, and this pillow is cute.

You have the unicorn and then, when you do this, it says be you which is beautiful. So there we go with that. Um another storage bin – and this is for cairo’s and amelia’s room with the gold is i’ll. Show you guys once it’s time to decorate their room, but this is also another storage bin. Just like the one i got for janae just two different colors. This one has gold on it, which is beautiful. So we have some towels right here for the kids. Bad sets they have um rags on them, and these are for kyra and amelia. They are beautiful. These are beautiful, yeah, you like it yeah, so that’s, two for kara and amelia. So this is another battle, little virgin yes, so this one is bigger and it will fit for gin and i do like it it’s really cute with the colors. You know these colors represent kids. The color color rainbow type of stuff are more for kids, and i do have this one also. So both of these were for janae i’m. Not gon na put this around me. I think it’s beautiful but it’s more because they need some more top now i’m. Changing out some stuff and yeah, so thank you guys so much for watching watching, yay yay anyway guys. That is my target all. I hope you guys enjoy that’s just few of the stuff that i got from target and i think i’m gon na start doing alls.

I did went to marshalls, oh my god. Marshalls is unbelievable all right, but this is the target all guys.