It’S got these cute little tie straps on it. It’S it’s got that um small material all the way, so it accentuates my bump. Um it’s like a perfect length, not too short and it’s just so comfy and i feel like i am seven and a half months pregnant. So and just you know short few weeks, we’re gon na see little baby boy, but i feel like this will fit me. The whole time, and still until it starts to get a little cooler. I actually may wear this for our baby shower that we have um because it’s just so stinking cute. We got this cute little outfit um, both of these pieces i did get before i was pregnant. This cute pink dress comes in a thousand colors um on amazon and then this denim shirt. I think i got at tj maxx in like 2011., so um. Fortunately, these things have not gone out of style, so i can find plenty similar ones for you to see, but i just think that this is one of my favorite outfits, it’s, very flattering. With this chambray shirt, it shows off my bum, which is getting bigger, and the colors are nice, plus it’s, easy to wear in summer with sneakers sandals. I can dress it up with heels um. I feel like i get this little tank dress in like a black. I could even pull it off in winter. I do have a similar one that’s long sleeve, but this is for my trip.

Okay get another outfit for you guys this one’s a little bit more casual, still very comfy, very comfy, very stretchy. This cute little mama top um, i got from amazon and just tied it up kind of that way. You can see my bump, but yeah they flare at the bottom. I don’t think i showed you that on the blue pants, but yeah i’m in love with this outfit, i actually got another mama shirt that’s like leopard print, so i can mix it up and wear this shirt or that shirt um. I think i’ll show you hold on right, so this one i just tucked in the front. I could tie it up if i wanted to, but it says madre and it’s, just very cute, very comfy and both of these shirts were on amazon, and i think you know on my trip. I’Ll probably bring both of these shirts. Maybe wear one with these cute pants, the other with leggings or maybe both with leggings and wear these pants with like a little white tank or something, but either way everything that i’m trying on is just so comfortable and also very affordable, like this shirt was probably 15, you know these pants were 24 and i can wear them through pregnancy and afterwards, they’re pants, so winter they’re thin enough to wear in summer. I just got options that i wouldn’t be wearing like one time and then never again, because, unfortunately, a lot of maternity clothes i feel like while they’re cute um, i just wouldn’t, get a lot of wear out of them, because our first little baby boy we’re, not Even sure, if we’re gon na have another one but we’ll see Music very cute, let me get back here, for you guys got a nice bump showing but covering it up with this cute sunday kimono.

I actually got this from forever 21 a few years ago, but i will link similar ones below. Maybe i can find this a simple black tank top from walmart it’s no boundaries. I think it was like three dollars and then these pants – i actually have these pants in several colors um. These blue ones, i’ve got a pair of black ones. I want to order some hot pink ones because they are just so comfy super stretchy they actually. I actually got them before i was pregnant and they just have stretched to fit me. Two is pretty cute: um we’ve got this satin skirt, which i got from amazon as well, and it will be linked below it’s got this nice little split. I think it came in a champagne color as well, which i really want to get after feeling how comfy this thing is and then, of course, a simple white button up. I can link several different kinds, i’ve kind of got this more sheer one, because it is like 100 degrees, where we’re going but yeah. This is just another cute little outfit you can pair with like sandals, i might throw on some sneakers, maybe a cute little hat. Okay, number six number: seven it’s, this maternity dress that i also got on amazon, it’s, really cute um, i don’t know i’m, just not a huge fan of like fitted minis, especially on me, because i just feel like it just makes i’m already bigger.

I don’t want to make it worse, but it definitely shows off a little baby um a lot of the time i feel, like i probably throw if i’m not wearing like a cardigan or a little chambray shirt, or that kimono type thing i would throw in some Spanx under this or like a little belly band just because they do show everything, but i really love this color and if you don’t, it comes in a million colors, and i also found that you can mix it up fold.