I would appreciate it majorly so um there was a shooting incident in northern jersey at a judge’s home. Where um, you know it does it’s not clear whether the judge was the target of the shooting or not her husband was shot and is in critical, much shot multiple times and is in critical but stable condition. Her name is esther salas and um what’s. Her picture there’s shoot um and her and her son. Her son has been killed as well and uh. It appears that somebody dressed as like a fedex, you know delivery driver approached the home, went to the front door, the father answered the door and immediately opened fire or entered the home and then opened fire. You know pretending to make a delivery. I’M, not real sure. It’S not clear, but the father was, you know he answered the door first and was shot multiple times and uh. Then the sun came running to his aid as i understand it and he was shot multiple times. I believe they both were taken to the hospital and the son later died at the hospital i’m. Assuming that, because earlier reports were that the two were both in critical condition but it’s now being reported in several outlets, the sun, the 20 year old son, was dead and was killed, which is obviously just terrible and the mother, who is the judge, esther salas, was Unharmed she was actually in the basement at the time of the shooting that’s her picture there, but that’s.

I think slightly dated she’s in her 60s uh now and there’s other pictures of her as well in other reports. So it’s not clear if you know if she was the target of this, what kind of appears to be some kind of assassination shooting, maybe um or if her husband, who’s, also a prominent attorney in the area. I think he’s a prominent criminal defense attorney at this stage at one point earlier in his career, he was a prosecutor, an assistant, uh prosecutor for the essex county. I believe i’ll get to one of the reports. So whether or not you know um, this involves a case he’s involved in as a defense attorney, possibly uh. I think initially, people and myself included would tend to think that she was the target of it, but who knows, and then there’s also um there’s. Also, a strange twist that i mean if this is actually related to this i’ll be shocked, but you know it is strange without a doubt – and i just happened to see it just before i was about to upload. You know prepare make this video that she was just assigned a case in her uh she’s, a district judge which is a federal judge in the district of new jersey which surrounds newark. As i understand it, she’s been she was appointed to that uh post. That judge shipped in 2009, i believe so she’s or 2010 she’s been a federal district judge ford for 10 years.

She was appointed by obama, but she was just assigned a case that um is is linked to jeffrey epstein. You know and i’m not intentionally trying to make this video about this, but you know it is. It was just on the 15th it’s only the 19th today so just four days ago she was assigned a case with um. You know having to do with jeffrey uh, jeffrey epstein’s ties to deutsche bank and some kind of money laundering and basically a lawsuit for people who i i’m not even sure to be honest with the particulars i’ll read through the articles that you know are cited in This heavy.com piece, you know to a bloomberg article as well as another one. You know you know just telling it showing you what what’s there but um i don’t know. I mean it’s pretty strange that somebody’s coming to this person’s house, dressed as a fedex driver and immediately opened fire on the first person. They answered the door, which is her husband, then shooting the son who comes to their his aid, who, who he ultimately kills and the gunman’s at large. They have the the that person has not been. You know nobody’s in custody yet and whoever did this is remains on the loose. You know, and obviously i would think er is a danger to the uh to the immediate community. You know uh it’s, just pretty it’s, pretty bizarre for sure the uh there there’s there there’s judge esther solos.

You know uh sort of a more current picture and there’s several uh other photos and other reports that hopefully i’ll get to and her husband who is in critical, but stable condition is pictured right there. His name is mark and dearl. Andy earl, i don’t know if i’m pronouncing that so uh properly their son is daniel and darrell, and it actually says in this uh that he’s 20 years old and is a student at catholic catholic university in washington, dc and uh. This is um. These are two different: twitter accounts they’re his accounts. They are. This is catholic, university, um, daniel and dearl um. You know 2022 was when he would graduate so terrible and st joseph baseball is in north jersey, where he went to high school, and this is basically his college twitter account that he created. I guess when he went to college – and this is from when he was at st joseph’s high school in north jersey as a high school student, you know so that’s that’s the 20 year old son right there that did not survive and was killed in this incident. It’S terrible, absolutely terrible so um, but as it describes it here over at the new jersey globe, it says that the husband and son of u.s district court judge esther salas were shot this evening. After a gunman dressed as a federal express driver, delivery, driver entered the north brunswick home, the new jersey globe has learned daniel and dearl the judge’s 20 year old son is dead.

He was a catholic. He was a student at catholic university in washington d.c. Her husband mark andreal 63 is a criminal defense attorney and former assistant essex county prosecutor is in critical but stable condition after ongoing surgery at undergoing surgery. At robert wood johnson hospital in new brunswick salas is unharmed. The globe was told the suspect remains at large. It is not immediately clear who the target of the shooting was salas. A widely respected and popular jurist had served as a public defender in federal magistrate before president obama, barack obama nominated her to serve as district court judge in 2010 she’s. The first latina to serve as a federal judge in new jersey, which was surprised to learn that, but she was the daughter of cute of a cuban mother and mexican father, salah spent part of her childhood on welfare welfare after a fire destroyed her union city apartment. So, as i mentioned before, you know there is um. She was just recently assigned a case that does have a link to jeffrey epstein, just perusing. You know the articles that are are linked here in the heavy.com article about this this this angle, i can’t imagine that this has something to do with it, but who knows you just just never know i mean somebody’s showing up at her front door, dressed as a Fedex delivery driver and then opening fire on her her husband and killing her son. You know that’s definitely pretty unusual, so you know who knows, but it says solace is a former public defender nominated to the federal bench by barack obama and was recently given a case with a link to jeffrey epstein.

This is that’s solos right there when it says the judge was recently assigned a case uh with the jeffrey epstein link. According to bloomberg, deutsche bank is being accused of misleading investors about anti money laundering deficiencies, including not properly, monitoring high risk customers, among them the financier jeffrey epstein who died in a manhattan jail cell while awaiting sex, offense charges. Epstein’S ties to high profile high profile figures like prince andrew and the manner in which he died have caused some to question whether his death was murder instead of suicide authorities have given no indication that the motive for the andea anderle shootings is tied to any of The judges cases, however, i wouldn’t, i would think it is probably tied to a case, but i just don’t know that it’s this one you know, but who knows man who knows the case was filed on july 15 2020 and has been assigned to judge uh esther Salas according to the globe, newswire bloomberg law also reported that the case was assigned to solace, judge salas. Those are those two articles right here, here’s the bloomberg one and i don’t have the subscription to it. So i can’t read the entire article. It just says: storage of bank investors sue over epstein ties, stock, drops deutsche bank a.g, allegedly misled investors about anti money laundering deficiencies and didn’t, properly, monitor customers and considered high risk, such as jeffrey epstein. Investors said in the new jersey federal district court.

The bank didn’t tell investors it hadn’t, fixed disclosure, control problems and wasn’t, keeping an eye on appropriate keeping an appropriate eye on clients like convicted sex offender, epstein and two other banks involved in past financial misconduct. Scandals, investors alleged wednesday in the u.s district court of the district of new jersey same thing over here. Basically – and it does say it states that the case was assigned, you know to uh, was filed on july 15 2020 and has been assigned adjuster, esther, salas and it’s the basically a same headline, but the names, the uh. You know uh llp, basically suing you know, and it’s uh like class action, lawsuit status so that it’s seeking anyone who’s been damaged by this. Essentially, as i understand it in any event, but the uh, the shooting has killed this judge’s son and her husband is in critical but stable condition and that’s the story there. Man, thanks for watching my videos, please subscribe to my channel.