We are the news now, because when news breaks they like Yahoo and CNN and everybody they don’t give you the details, we’re the ones that go figure out what it is. So there was. I found out several hours ago that there was a shooting in New Jersey of a judge and I put a tweet out saying: okay, you might not like you judge, but you don’t get a shoot’em, you you get a put back law and order and we can Remove corrupt judges from their position, but you don’t go, kill him, but I was still trying to find out why somebody would kill a judge in New Jersey and what happened was they actually killed the judges, child and injured the husband? Because the woman, apparently who was the judge, was downstairs so again: they they break this so fast. We have to get down to the details, so I wanted to know who the judge was so here’s. The explanation – and this is a judge linked with Jeffrey Epstein and the Dutch bank, so the Dutch bank investors sue over Epstein ties and the stock drops. This was July, 16, 2020, so former public defender nominated to the federal bench by Barack Obama was recently given a case with a link to Jeffrey Epstein, and so Dutch Bank AG is being accused of misleading investors about anti laundering deficiencies and so this death, and which Is a murder would have to do with trafficking, and so it says not properly monitoring high risk customers among them was Jeffrey Epstein, so, in other words, the money trail that was in this case was misleading.

The people that were were the invest. You know we’re believing in the bank, and I don’t know why they gave the judge the case, but it says they have no indication for the motive. The only thing that we have to know with all these things about trafficking, it’s gon na be what did the judge know how how much was the judge involved was the judge covering up was the judge guilty? Did the judge have things on the laptop that had to do with trafficking and they had to go in there and do something we’re gon na find out more? But the saddest thing of all is that when you sign up to be part of this in any position, whether it’s, a cop, a prosecutor, a judge, a district attorney, a governor, a senator, a congressman, you’re only relevant when you can’t bring anybody down the minute you It gets all exposed they they want to eliminate everybody and for the sheep that are asleep that think Maxine or Gillian Maxwell, whatever name is, is turning FBI and gon na reveal the names I can’t even stand to listen how stupid that is. If she was in a protective witness she we would never know she was arrested and she would have been in protective custody like the witness protection program, and then she would be going to grand juries that are hidden in secret and she would reporting everything she knew To the juries so that they would indict everybody if everybody thinks there’s something normal about not having a mugshot, no one’s seen her and they put her a year in solitary confinement and we haven’t heard a word.

Anybody in solitary confinement is gon na want to kill themselves that’s, just a fact: people go in isolation and they can’t handle it. So someone is guilty as she is facing life. What difference does it make between now and then she’s, never gon na make it a year in solitary, so is she there? Are they whatever? If everybody can wake up and understand, instead of not thinking at all there’s, absolutely nobody that would be allowing her to live with what she knows and just sit in a jail nobody. So I get really frustrated. I break with my audience many times because what happens is I don’t? Listen to fake news. I don’t watch fake news. If we don’t see a mug shot and her sentence, doesn’t make sense, you have to know what the deep state does and hear whatever’s going on with this murder, they don’t either want the judge to be able to tell or rule or the judge has something they’ve. Just killed her child, they were probably going for her and maybe the whole family and there’s something really sinister going on and they don’t like witnesses and they don’t want anybody to be able to tell that’s why there’s all these murders and suicides. So if you’re super awake, you get that there’s not going to be any magic takedown of oh let’s. Let glean say you you and you and you were on the flight log and therefore we’re gon na get all those people arrested.

They could have already done that and they never would have arrested her. They would have wet and got her and then they would have forced her to speak and we would have never known about it. So logic is gon na. Tell you that something’s wrong, that we haven’t seen a mugshot and magically she doesn’t get bail, magically she’s out of the headlines, and we never saw anything, not one picture once this happened, and so she is not turning state’s witness because we would never know about if She did what would be happening if she had is that the first predators and the serial predators that were on Jeffries flights would already be locked up, because they would have been able to use her get a grand jury indictment and then lock them up and so I’M, sorry for people that again can’t think and want something so badly that they’re not willing to use logic or how the law and the system works in order to get to the conclusion, but something’s big here for them to want to kill the judge. They’Ve got the bank case that would be involving this and so they’re, either trying to prevent something or they’re after something. This person knows they’re, certainly going to traumatize her, because now they killed her child and her husband’s in critical care, and this is how the deep state operates, and if we had any brains in the Department of Justice, they would have found a way during this virus.

To get a whole bunch of arrests well, everybody was easy to find and they could have already taken down the biggest offenders that they have enough proof of, and we wouldn’t be having anybody still able to carry out murders of the rest of the people. But our judges are compromised, and so, if this was a compromised judge, then what she would have had would have been evidence that they don’t want to get out because it wouldn’t implicate. Whoever – and this is why you don’t – use your power as a judge in order to execute crimes while you’re on the bench, and I hope and pray that we can get the Constitution back and get rid of our compromised judges that go ahead and do things like This, because until we have the rule of law, we are continuously run by criminals and it’s heartbreaking and I don’t even know we’ll find out in the days to come. What all this means I’ve done all the homework. I can find right now on this, but it’s. We, the people that are the news digging and doing the homework, and we have to pray for everybody. What we ultimately want in our society is to truly take down the ringleaders and get them locked up so that they don’t have any more power. And then they they can’t, go and buy people in different positions in our government and in our judicial system. And that is the goal that Trump has been trying to achieve against all of this, and this is all tragic.

But everybody wake up and pay attention because I’m exhausted from trying to explain to people what is real and what you’re being lied about. And if you think, there’s gon na be a girl in a jail by herself, that knows every secret of one of the serial pedophiles and they’re gon na leave her for a year to trial you I have swampland in Florida for you.