Goodness me he’s not been playing since november, and his first real impact was pretty much face to face with marlin yard, simmons and then slade. Oh that’s, brilliantly done, and here goes woodburn skating through and sevens and sam simmons scores one of the tries of the season. 90 seconds gone and the chiefs slice open some shark Applause to the front, safest route and dragged down by the jager back the club joining in Applause that much earlier and to great effect as well. A short painful burst from mano tualangi. Setting up this moment. Setting up this, try for tom curry, tualangi and cohen dupri snaking his way through and he scored. Oh question marks about exodus defense, but no questioning to create his determination to get to the line Music Applause. Oh, they didn’t score the spectacular try, but they very rarely fail with the bread and butter johnny Applause not going down a blind alley and allowing one of those sale players to hit in still give the ball going forward. Slade, oh that’s, brilliant flying away and then hog in the blink of an eye; Applause short one after simmons on Applause, Applause, offside for a second time, Applause and then again, simmons clipping it through so we’ve got one put: yellow we’ve got two instances of offside here. Next penalty will go: oh Applause, mcginty changes direction, james with that boot, if he’s always controlled it brilliantly simmons can gather cleanly, so sale will have the strong intervention from simmons, though james got his boot to that it was a try, this time, james hands, keeping the Move going cliff to mcginty, hammersley and now yard, with the chase for the line, and he releases solomona and solomona scores a brilliant try.

Applause, i mean it’s, so casual i’ve, never seen world class look so casual, but that’s exactly what danny solomon has brought shifts it into his left hand legs in the air. Airborne try into the final few seconds, however, of the contest curry needed to be rescued, as it was by landon Applause, and that is a fairly emphatic statement of intent from exeter chiefs. They brought a foot sail in their place tonight, exeter’s biggest ever win in this part of the world and who on earth can catch them at the top of the premiership final score at the aj bail, sale, 22 exeter, 32.