Yesterday i met the lads um at the waterside with malcolm martin from wales, and it was fantastic to see them all healthy and well uh. I know there’s been more gossip coming out from city ground regarding mata cash we’ve been a link with a striker as well. Another striker but go and check out everyone do start this vlog make sure if you’ve not subscribed, make sure you do hit the subscribe button there. I know there’s. Quite a lot of people do watch my channel but not subscribe. So it is a massive help. If you do subscribe, let’s go Applause, Music, so Applause, Music, Music, yes, Music, so we’re going to start with first right, back matic cash. I know aston villa made a 10 million bid for him, but soon got rejected. But, according to john price, that they’re gon na make an improve offer to 12.5 and it seems like he’d, be going soon, it’s, just it’s just when he will be leaving. Personally, i think he was going. It was just when he was going but um but comment below and asking for his fans. Do you think a 12.5 is a good deal or do you think i should hold back and improve the deal so aston villa fans? Do you think mike cash will sue? Your team uh, where do you think, he’ll play? I know, they’ve really got quite good players uh, you know right right, back, um and as well mike can play right wing as well, so that’s another good option for aston villa.

So i similar fans. What do you think? Do you think mike cash will be a great time for you comment below with my opinion about matic cash um, like i said he was going uh it’s just when he was going. I know that he didn’t play on saturday against west brom. Well, i don’t know voicemail knows it’s just when my should be going, but actually, when everybody just go, i will begin to vlog regarding that, so another photos have been linked within yes, another player this time, it’s been city strike on luka chukovich. I know fox will link with him in january, but nothing happened there, but yet again, we’ve been linked with him uh price fans. What do you think of a sign on look at your vehicles? Do you think, could be a good signing and baby city fans. Do you think, it’s time for him to leave birmingham, or do you think he’s got one more season left for him at belgium, city comment below and last one um, i know fox played on saturday and they won one nil against west brom and loud here scored His first goal in the redshirt but, like i said fellaini’s, mean nothing. Uh we’ve got a massive game coming up now on saturday in the carabao cup and i will be live streaming the game. So if you do want to watch my watch along on saturday against barnsley and cal broke up, make sure you do hit the subscribe button.

I know there’s what quite a lot of people that do watch my content, but i’m not subscribed. So please do hit the subscribe button. It is absolutely free. I’Ll do is click the red well comment below of all your opinions on mightycast could be going villa as well. Look at trigovich. Do you think it could be a fantastic time for nottingham forest and make sure you hit the like button as well, really do appreciate that as well.