His his stats from last season well he’ll play obviously he’s, probably going to be right back 23 years old got a lot of potential, obviously made it into the efl team of this season as well, which is good to see, will delvin do his stats? Will delve into where he’ll will would think he’ll play and excel and well he’ll become the start of the season let’s get into it. So obviously we all know he’s going to play right back for us that’s what he’s been drafting him to compete for and if you look at our defense, especially towards the latter end of last season towards project restart and the the achilles heel, was the right back Slot, obviously elmo has done well, but he’s getting older gilbert has been, has ups and downs, but anyway he’s. Obviously, if you could look at the statue of 38 appearances at the right side of the defense three goals: five assists average rating of 7.29, while he’s made a handful of appearances from other positions, but other than that he will play as a right back and that’s. Where he’ll compete for the shirt? Okay, so his first two set of sets of statistics, i’ve showed you and i’m showing you currently of i who scored.com. So these are some of his strengths. Dribbling finishing tackling blocking the ball and defensive contribution takes all the boxes that’s. Why he’s so versatile he’s good at the back he’s good going forward? I loves a good cross averages, a decent amount of shots per game, but so he’s a great player can show that defensive quality that gilbert gilbert possesses and then the attacking quality elmo has as well.

So it can kind of be a mix in between the two. A hybrid between the two well matt target is obviously heavily more attacking minded and combined with grievous along the left wing, so it’ll be interesting to see where he plays and not where he plays whether how much he’ll play this season. Given that the right back is a position that we’ve been linked with so many people for and it’s, probably the most important defensive position for us at the moment to strengthen so let’s get into the next statistics and i’m going to use a different website for this. And that website is sportinglife.com, so huge shout out to them, and then this is just in the championship: avaya who scored it was all the cup competitions and on the major tournaments and stuff like that. So he only has two goals four assists in this, but if you include the cup competitions, which i personally would it’s three goals, five assists now that’s, neither here nor there really but goals per game averages point: zero, seven goals per game; obviously there’s going to be A given, he plays as a right back not going to score 15 goals a season. Michael antonio did that for west ham a while ago, though. So if you remember that shout out to you but 0.7 shots from right back per game, that’s big, obviously gets forward to that is going to average. Those shots, 66 touches per game decent and three big chances created is very good.

With 1.1 key passes on average per 90 minutes, but anyway that’s very good to see from a right back, and if you can, if you can replicate this form in the premier league, he can definitely be starting right back for many years to come. Obviously, this is only 23 years of age, so that’s very important for us. We assign i like to sign young players, while also bringing in some premium experience but let’s, move on now so i’m, going to compare him individually to each of our other two right back: options that are prominent and their characteristics and their strengths, strengths and weaknesses. So obviously we talked about cash, but gail bear is very strong in the defensive category, aerial duels, tackling ball interception blocking the ball and concentration, as you can see there, but again some of his significant weaknesses. Are he isn’t he’s not great going forward? His passing can be bad at times and he can lose the ball occasionally, as we can see, and his style of play is very defensive minded and very no nonsense. A very old fashioned, traditional right back, very good defensively on the ball. Well, as we talked about with maddie cash, no significant weaknesses, so he takes all the boxes for a modern day right back good defensively good going forward. So he can obviously take the shirt from frederick gilbert his statistics. Are he likes to get forward like gunsire likes to cross? He can shoot from distance and he likes to tackle just like gilbert.

So let’s let’s move on now and let’s. Compare him to ahmed el mohammedi, another another, prominent right back option for villa and, as you can see here, maddie cash is a better defensive option than ahmeda muhammadi, with some of elmo’s weaknesses being tackling that’s. His main weakness he’s not as good as he once was defensively and leaves a little bit more to be desired, especially in the top flight um and, as you can see, he’s very good um, going forward. Holding onto the ball passing crossing key passes and aerial. Duels are his strengths, but again most important part here is: cash is a hybrid between gilbert and el mohammadi. No significant weaknesses and elmo have any style of play. He doesn’t dive into tackle. Sorry, it took me a while to read that and then what just happened to my brain, but anyway, as you can see, the most important part is that he is the hybrid between gilbert and el mohammadi and, like i said before, he can definitely nail down the Show at right back if he wishes to and if he puts his heart’s desire too. Yes, if you’re wondering i’m filming the latter part of this video, and i have been filming the latter part of this video the next day. So, if you’re wondering why there is an unnecessary clothing change, that’s, why i’m moving on so, like i said the most important part of this signing i’ve said it countless times.

This video is that he is a hybrid right back. He is very good going forward and very good defensively as well and, like i said, the right back has been an issue for us. This season, gilbert having his ups and downs, el mohammadi only going one way: the wrong side of 30.. He can definitely nail down the right back shoot if he wishes to and if he puts his heart desire to it and if he can prove himself in the top flight, he can be village starting right back for years to come being only 23 years of age And i think he will be a great signing if we get it over the line which it looks like we are going to, especially with recent reports coming out that the deal is going to be with a reported 12 to 15 million pounds, but yeah. I hope you guys have enjoyed the video.