Odell, beckham jr was not at brown’s practice. Today, kevin stepanski said he was sent home due to an illness. The team said it was a move made taken out of caution. Beckham did take a coven 19 test and the team is expecting to know those results tomorrow: shawn o’hara and adida gank of walla a duo of the ages here to talk about a tough matchup for week, six adida i’m going to start with you, the browns offense, Has been humming but odell beckham dealing with this illness. Now? What are you hearing about? Obj? Well, mj, you’re right. He is absolutely a significant part of this offense and the browns coaching staff has been far more creative in making sure to involve him. As he said, he needs to be involved early to feel like he is engaged in things but, as you just said, kevin stepansky sent him so home today he said it was over an abundance of caution. We’Re waiting for that covet 19 test and stefanski didn’t want to even engage in the conversation if he is not available come sunday, but really there’s. Another piece here to this offense that’s, far more important than that’s baker. Mayfield baker said that his entire right side feels very sore right now, but he also said that he will absolutely play come sunday and with that i will send it to you sean and say it’s, not just obj. That makes this offense go correct.

No it’s, not mrs kinkabala uh adidi. You know it’s about the big boys up front and look if obj can’t play, then absolutely this run game is gon na, be even more important and more crucial. When you look at the browns, i mean they. I think they’re leading the league right now and explosive plays on the ground over 10 yards so who gets better when nick chubb goes down? Well, you got cream hunt and now they’re running the football all over the place. So they’ve done a great job up front and here’s. What i’m talking about? When you look at what this they’re doing up front, both on the front side, they’re going to pull the right guard, chris hubbard, the center jc treader they’re, going to pull them to the front side and jedrick wills is going to get a great cut off block. On the backside, but look at these running lanes for kareem hunt, i mean he’s, slicing and dicing through the defense and now all of a sudden, the play action’s built off it all right, here’s, another great job. At the point of attack, chris hubbard right guard jack conk on the right tackle, look at their blocks at the point of attack combo blocks up now. Both tight ends all right: there’s austin, hooper right there kicking his guy out. Look at this running lane for a cream hunt. Look. There is no safety corner that wants to come downhill on cream hunt with that much speed all right.

So now you bring in dearest johnson all right. This is your sub nickel offense, your your three wide receiver package and they can run the ball out of this formation too. Look at this great play design right here, nice job by chris hubbard, pulling around he’s going to get a find a nice little seam right here. The earnest does gets a nice block by 82 right there, chip it up the browns look so much more physical, but now here’s the here’s. The test of dede. This steelers defense lead the league in sacks right now: bud dupree on the outside tj watt. On the other side collapsing, the pocket inside tj watt has been unbelievable. Getting out to the quarterback. He’S also leads the league in forced fumbles over the last two years, so he gets the ball out as well. They, the browns, have to run the football, so they don’t get caught in third and longs and they they don’t. Let tj watt and bud dupree. Take care of the football game. Listen guys as well as the browns offense has been playing to both of your points. There, the same can be said about the steelers right and you can’t mention pittsburgh’s offense right now, without talking about ben roethlisberger’s resurgence this season. Actually cam hayward had high praise for his qb. Take a listen. I don’t know if it’s vintage, ven ben roellsberger, because i feel like he’s still growing. You know i think, he’s just continuing to improve um.

You know you look at the 10 tds, but the only have one interception just shows you how much he’s taking care of the ball um. You know having a good run, run game, but then i think, having all those wide receivers to throw to you know the weather’s juju uh claypool, um, deontay, johnson, james washington, and then you talk about our tight ends. We got a lot of weapons for him and i just think he’s he’s tossing them all out. You know he doesn’t have to be picky and just stay on one receiver, he’s able to get it out to everybody all right, aditi, big ben, at 38 years young, with this group of wide receivers around him. It just seems like the right recipe for the steelers, but you know what mj it’s, not just that and when we talk with sean it’s, one of sean’s best friends on the planet, of course, is eli manning who was drafted in that same entire class as ben Roethlisberger and eli was always way more intellectual. That ben seemed to be, but now at 38 it’s ben’s mental game. That is really taking note and that’s. What mike tomlin, when steelers head coach mike tomlin, made a point of this week. That ben is so much more intellectually aware of what defenses are doing, what he should be checking into how he matches up with guys, not just in a way that okay, let me use my physical skills and see what happens and yes, ben roethlisberger right now.

Has the deepest core of wide receivers that he has ever had in his entire career and as we look at chase claypool right now? This is interesting because i talked to brown’s head coach, kevin stefanski about this and then said chase claypool had the four touchdowns against the eagles. How much of that was just that he’s, a rookie and nobody knew what he could do. Stefanski said. That is certainly part of it, and now my team will be more aware of that, but he also said this is a group that you have to be aware of on so many fronts and they create match up problems all over the place and so sean as You sit here and you look at the browns trying to defend this dealer’s offense with a ben roethlisberger who’s more willing to use his brain. What do you think well, yeah? They got to find a way to get pressure on ben, and you know i love how you so eloquently displayed ben roethlisberger and his seasoned veteran presence yeah. You did not say he’s old at all, he’s, very wise, um, he’s, doing a great job. Reading the defense and getting rid of the football we’re not seeing that backyard ben ball that we’re used to seeing – and i think he’s realized too look i’m, not invincible. I can’t run around, but the other wrinkle to that too is his receivers, are exactly where they’re supposed to be so he’s, not having to add lib like he has had to do in the past.

To answer your question about the the matchups chase: claypool, this guy is just physically dominant. I mean when you look at the way he got stronger as the game went along ben felt that i think ben trusts him now and it took him a couple games to really get on the same page but claypool is is taking advantage of the fact that Ben is going to let his receivers go up and make him look good, it’s your job, to make him look good, because he’s going to give you the chance he’s putting the ball up there and clay’s claypool’s coming down with it. You know what guys we can say. All we want is nothing but a number wherever you stand on that that mental game that comes with what experience, aditi and sean. Thank you both all right, cam newton returned to the press. When you play against another great quarterback, you know that that team’s going to be you know those are tough teams to beat because they’re prepared. You know, they’re going to play well on offense they’ve got very talented defense. It just means you can’t make a lot of mistakes, so you know again: i’m, not defending aaron. You know we got a whole defense that’s doing that. But from my standpoint, what does that mean? I can play a role in that by doing our job on offense. So that a guy like that doesn’t have his offense on the field trying to score points.

So you just can’t give guys like that extra opportunity, because they make you pay he’s, a great passer, he’s very efficient. I mean like his touchdown interception ratio and he basically doesn’t throw interceptions and throws a lot of touchdowns so um his decision, making’s just phenomenal and uh. You know when you do that at quarterback it always puts your team in a position to win. Listen game recognized game at the end of the day, td and sean a lot of quarterback talk here with good reason. I mean right but sean. How do you think these two guys, these two top elite quarterbacks, really feel about all of the hype that is put on a matchup like this between them? Well, i think they definitely embrace it, but i think they also, you know they’re not in there, in their huddles and in their locker room, saying hey come on guys. I want to beat aaron rodgers or i want to beat tom brady. They realize you know that it’s about the team it’s a tom brady’s point, though look when you’re playing somebody who’s playing at a high level like aaron rodgers, is right. Now, when you look on the other side, you know he can do some damage real, quick within two throws. You could be down 14 points, you throw a pick six and then with one throw by aaron rodgers, i mean you’re. Looking for the scoreboard saying all right, our game, plan’s out the window we’ve got a totally different, offense now so um.

No doubt they want to. They want to keep up with each other uh, but i think they both would take a 150 yards passing at a w over 400 yards passing at an l. The one thing that i will clean up, aaron rodgers has not thrown an interception yet this season. So his touchdown interception ratio is about as good as it can get so he’s taking care of the football really well a lot of it’s because of the way that they’ve run the football really well. So tom brady’s got to find a way to get a ground game play, keep away from aaron rodgers if he’s on the bench he can’t score points so keep the ball away from ar and now tom brady’s doing his job valid point there, but outside of the Guys under center here, who’s gon na be the biggest difference maker in this game td. Well, there’s, you know, look at the packers offense and they’ve got robert tanya. The tight end who’s jumped on the scene uh the last couple of weeks, but other than that i mean i don’t think the devante adams is going to be playing. I think he’s still banged up but aaron jones to me is the difference maker he’s, the guy that you, you can put everywhere and you know he’s the back that versatile back that can line up out wide and we’ve seen aaron rodgers hit him multiple times and Man’S got 15 receptions this year, two touchdowns uh he’s great in the screen games great in the draw game and he’s also pretty damn good when you line him up in the i formation and run him out of that kind of wide zone stuff, so aaron jones Has to be the player that to me is the key to this offense and if they’re going to beat the tampa bay, bucks aaron jones has to have a big game and he’s capable of doing that so uh, i see him.

I know he’s going to get against the bus defense they’re pretty stout, but i think aaron jones.