They returned 13 starters tonight. Opening up on the home field against bryan, first drive archbowl’s dj newman launches one to dominic simpson up the sideline. That is good for a huge chunk of yards. Then later in the drive it’s a pitch to noah gomez, the shifty senior halfback finds the end zone for the first points of the season for the blue streaks brian trying to get it going with their offense through the air. But carter. Bentfeld is right here for archbold, ripping down the pass, taking it to the house. It’S a pick, six blue streaks start off the year on a good note. They beat up on bryant, 37 8, the pre season number two and three teams in the league: liberty, center and waseon meeting in week. One, this game played out in huasian tigers, up the score coming out of the locker connor penrod for wassey on drops back sends one to sam smith. Streaking up field who catches the tip races to the end zone. Waseon has the edge then it’s penrod, tossing it up to smith again using his height to come away with a touchdown indians, extending their lead and then now onto the ground. How about jude armstrong breaking through a couple arm tackles flying past the defense on his way to sixth wastion comes away victorious at home. They come back to beat the tigers tonight 30 to 16.. In the first half we had some bad snap after bad snap and conor.

Didn’T really have the opportunity to uh to make the correct read, and so we fixed the snap and we were able to allow connor to see the defense and to make some of those throws. We saw and film what we had came on a second play. We knew what we had and we just executed in the second half, and it shows on the scoreboard going back to the nll a huge game. To start the year between perrysburg and springfield, blue devils have a new head coach, that’s, former whitmer head man, jerry bell. Taking over this year late in the first half perrysburg up 10, nothing handed off to connor wallenzack, he powers up the middle reaches across the goal line adding to the jackets lead and then on the ensuing kickoff brandon langston catches it around the five yard line and Watch him go feeding in and out of traffic. He turns on the jets, takes it all the way to the house, but perrysburg was just too tough tonight. Christian golgan rolls out looking for a man throws to the end zone for aiden pratt, who tips it and comes down with an incredible grab: perrysburg wins: 45 18 christine gopanis has more minus a little weather delay week. One of high school football went off without a hitch and if you see the 45 to 18 win that perrysburg put up tonight, you would think wow perrysburg had a great showing, but talking to matt kriegel after the game.

He didn’t think. So. We need to eliminate mistakes, to beat good teams and that’s pretty common beginning of the season. It feels weird playing springfield at the beginning of the season. You know it feels like this should be week, five or six, but it is what it is. We got to play a football game. The kids played hard now it’s time to work on next week paul. It feels amazing to be out here with my guys, from going scrimmage into each other every week and it’s nice it’s nice to be out here and finally play someone else that ourselves, you know, feels great to be out here. It just feels great to play. You know that starting from may on there’s a it got to the point: we’re talking 20 30 percent chance that with play. So the fact that we got game one in is just awesome: um, yeah, we’re sloppy. We play like it’s the first scrimmage because we’re about a month behind where we usually are, but it was fun to get out here and play football now. Obviously it’s week, one and there’s still a long way to go. Matt kriegel and his team, though off to a great start, jordan to the nbc now rosford looks really solid. They are hoping to compete for a league title bulldogs, starting the year at home, against lake bulldogs working on offense, alex williams back to pass launches it deep to the end zone for ben morrison.

He would haul it in that’s, a 44 yard touchdown bulldogs up early flyers now on offense, but the pass picked off by rosford’s justin brown. He would take it into flyer territory that would set up an easy bulldog. Touchdown foster wins it 35 to nothing and how about a couple teams that went 10 0 last year, but they both missed the playoffs gibsonburg and northwood kicking it off here rangers forcing gibsonburg to punt here a good return here from daemon marks. He goes back feels that thing gets some great blocks by his teammates just watch this thing. What a way to end the show tonight, eventually, he would get brought down that would help set up jay moton with a keeper. He shows off some wheels gets some blocks. He would find a hole for six northwood winds at 42 22, all right that is going to do it for us what a night we are back to football through the rain and the craziness one week is done special thanks to our unbelievable crew. To make this thing happen, thank you for watching.