The best discoveries come from the unexpected by the toledo clinic, choose well feel better, buy pt length. Physical therapy feel the difference and get relief now and by frickers, the home for fun. Food sports and spirits now here’s jordan, strack welcome into charlie’s dodge chrysler, jeep ram big board friday. I am jordan strack for the first time in the history of this show. We are doing it remotely to ensure that we are able to follow all the safety protocols that are necessary. It is a new challenge for all of us, but it’s one. We take seriously. We are excited to get this thing going so without further ado. Let’S kick off the high school football season with our game of the week here. It is how about a week one rivalry matchup between saint john’s and saint francis, the titans and bright elixir burning, came out firing first quarter after over an hour rain delay, carson toth inside the 10 gets the carry. He plows his way into the end zone. For a quick, 7 0 saint john’s lead knights, trying to answer they would get down inside the red zone, but steven mccoy would cough it up. It is recovered by the titans chad berg down there at the bottom of that pile. We would go to the second quarter, lichtenberg showing off that arm, one of the top quarterbacks in the country, the future cincinnati bearcat to the future toledo rocket thomas iris 74 yards for the titan touchdown, and they would win it big tonight, 40 to 13.

it’s huge. You know it’s huge for our community it’s huge for our kids at our school uh. Our kids have put in a lot of hard work, you know and and right now this is kind of the the culmination of all that hard work. Three months ago, we didn’t even open up a season. Tonight was really the first night that we could control what was going to happen and uh. You know he came out with a lot of energy and against a good saint, francis team, that there was a lot of respect for him doing a really good job over there. But tonight uh we were able to come out with a lot of energy and kind of put it to him right from the start. Next up in the track, a great match up here: finley and whitmer, new friendly coach, matt pease patrolling the sidelines his last job. In the nfl, with the tennessee titans, pretty cool trojans get off to a good start here. Max roth on the read option decides to keep. It makes a cut, finds a hole and sia. He takes it all the way for a 56 yard, touchdown finley up seven. Nothing early finley with more on offense, here roth, looks to his right finds ben ireland on the sideline breaks, a tackle up the sideline for a 24 yard score trojans win it 31 21. The preseason pick to win the three rivers once again: central catholic irish opening up the year on their home field against lyman senior irish on defense.

Here, bad snap by the spartans back in the end zone, the pressure from caleb clark forces an intentional grounding and a safety irish get a couple points there. Second, half some of the backups getting some reps taiwan clark back to pass. He tucks it and runs muscles. His way into the end zone to extend that lead iris would go on to win it 55 to nothing. Last stop in the track. A couple. Surprise: couple teams here, hoping to surprise some people fremont ross, making the trip out to take on the clay eagles. First: half no score eagles working on offense logan, heinchel back to pass, finds jordan pettaway. He would go to work. Making a few men miss keeps his balance down the sideline he would eventually be brought down, but not before a big gain. Same drive, heisel handing it off to mike daly. He would find some space out outright. He would fly into the end zone for a clay. Touchdown fremont rossville would come back to win it. 35 21. The defending nll champs from anthony wayne, the league favorites once again, generals on the road and slovenia taking on northview tonight, anthony wayne up 7 3 they’d, add to it here. Charles renninger punches in the one yard, score generals rolling early more from anthony wayne. This time the screen pass garrett pike to renegar. He would take this for a big gain, taking it all the way down inside the north, the northview 20 yard line, and that would set up this rediger takes the handoff he will stroll into the endzone for a touchdown.

Anthony wayne would win big 35 3 southview thinks that they are much improved this year. Could they surprise some folks tonight the cougars making the trip down 24 to take on napoleon, wildcats and yeah. The rain gear was out first quarter handed off to jarrett gerdeman. One of the top running backs in the nll spins outside fights for some tough yards after contact then save drive. This is a fourth and goal play fullback pass to the end zone, but it’s nicely broken up. That south view, defense holding straw. That was paul mcgowan, but second quarter napoleon would get on the board senior zach rosebrook, robs it up for nathan, brubacher who’s gone 73 yards that would make it 14 0 napoleon would go on to win it big tonight on opening night 35. Nothing was that final and our last stop in the northern lakes league bowling green on the road taking on maul me longtime college assistant, mike ward. Now the assistant they’re. Now the defensive coordinator at bg, high school first quarter, bg driving eli brown, keeps it takes off down. The sideline gets down inside the 15. before he’s, eventually brought down. Bobcats will cap off the drive brown pitches it over to ryan johnson. The big man comes rumbling into the endzone for the first score of the game and then to the second quarter, brown on the quarterback keeper around the corner.