But what is it for? For those of you may not know, my name is austin ross i’ve been a welder for 14 years here on this channel. I share tips and tricks for rig welders. If those are videos that you’re interested in make sure and subscribe and ring that bell to get notified, when i post a new video every friday, let’s go ahead and strap this stuff down and head to get the next item Music, so that’s. What i’m doing today is back on the privacy fence. Job got all my posts set now i’m ready to put the boards on, but i’ve got a custom track system made that i had kyle and store steel uh draw up and we talked about it. You know what we needed uh, but so the water will drain out of the bottom, so i’m excited to try it out, because it will allow us to have a privacy fence with nothing but two screws on in between each section to hold all your pieces in. If you ever need to replace the piece all you got, ta do is pull two screws out, pull the top track off and replace any picket if they go bad but uh. I already said it. I think, but a lot of water to drain out on the bottom track, so i’m excited to see how well this works. Today is the first day that i’m going to actually start fabricating all this stuff, but i got ta a layout where my top rail, you know where my top of the fence is going to be that’s.

Why? I wanted these pickets because i need to make sure they fit in the track system, all right and then get my height, because the track’s going to go over the top of all the pickets. So, okay, so we had a little fiasco with the pickets, partly because they had the bundle labeled wrong and partly because i wasn’t paying attention i should have known, should have been paying real, close attention that what they loaded first was not cedar, because cedar is a Totally different color than treated but lesson learned third time’s a charm. We got her now we got the wrong ones again and i was looking at them and i was like oh that ain’t right, but let me look cause. I was supposed to get cedar clearly there’s a difference in color of cedar and treated, but we got the right ones now: strap them down and then head to the job. Are you having trouble drumming up work for your welding business? Are you having trouble getting into the welding industry? Are you having trouble finding help for your welding business or maybe you’re, having trouble say getting a pipeline job or any welding job whatsoever? If you said yes to any of these check this out, those of you that have been following along you know, i talk a lot about networking, networking and communicating and socializing is how the world turns, even more so in the welding industry. About a year ago, kayla and i created the a ross welding inner circle, one of the main reasons we created it was for connections networking.

We wanted to share this youtube platform with you, but we also wanted it to be a mastermind like self development place. Well now we are separating the two. You can now join the inner circle for only five dollars a month. What is that a couple of coffees very affordable? We want it to be affordable. We want you to have access to all the benefits of the inner circle. We see a lot of potential in this networking. The only thing that it’s lacking is you one of the features that we’re most excited about is the location feature. The location feature will allow you to find people in your area whether you’re looking for day help welders. Somebody to practice weld and pipe with whatever the case may be, the location feature we’re really excited about. We think it’s going to be super helpful wherever you’re at in the world, the more people that join the more likely it is you’re going to be able to find somebody in your area to connect with. But you can also just connect with people afar by getting advice chatting visiting with each other learning from one another. We’Ve got a pipeliners group rig welders group, there’s, several different circles: we’ve even got a ladies group and a canadian circle, so lots of different circles. Even though i’m not active on the pipeline there’s still a pipeline circle, so those of you that are on pipeline jobs, if you join, you can find others in your area that are on pipeline jobs and the list goes on and on and on i’ve never been So excited to share such an announcement now we’re not doing away with the mastermind self development section of the inner circle, it’s just going to be at a higher price point and it’s going to have a couple different benefits, one of them being exclusive content.

But don’t worry if you join for five dollars a month, you can upgrade that to the 35 a month at any time, but the links are in the description. Go check them out. Let us know if you have any questions. I am here at the job. The first thing i’m going to do well. The first thing i did was measure my pickets to make sure you know what dimension i needed in between my track system that i’ll show y’all. So i measure my pickets to see what real measurements are. That’S. One thing about fabrication: is you always want to double check triple check, all your measurements, because what it says on like a ticket or on like a you know, like a label like you know, we’ll use a 2×4, for example. 2X4 says it’s two two inches by four inches it’s really inch and a half by like three and a half. I think something like that: it’s not true four inch so always measure your stuff. So i measured those i got my measurements and really all i care about with them. Right now is the height i’ve got my good old string line i’m going to go ahead and run me a string line along the top of all this and eyeball it just like. I would pipe fence those of you that have been following along. You know that i always say you want appealing to the eye. I want to find my pretty much my highest part of the ground with this whole fence and make that the very bottom and then just go from there, make it make it look as fluid and as nice as possible as the gold, but all right so by The time i went to stillwater steel and had my little picket fiasco the day kind of got shortened, but i did get all my top laid out.

The one thing that i did want to get done before the end of today was to test out one section of these tracks so i’m glad i did because i, after doing this one here on site, i realized that i needed to tack all the tabs together On bottom, so it’d be a lot stronger, so i took all the tracks home and tacked them all up there in my shop so much easier. But here it is here’s an example of what it is going to look like all the way around. We will be back tomorrow to carry on with the project. What i did here was i measured up on that far post over there, where there’s going to be a walk through gate. I measured up roughly six foot because then pickets are six foot. I ran my string line roughly level and then i ran my string line roughly level down here. Measured up, you know a rough measurement, six foot, but my plan and what my goal was for this fence or is my goal, is, is for it to be level right well with fence that you can’t always necessarily do that have the same top because of the Ground, but luckily this area here i was able to i’m gon na – have to do some digging right here, but i don’t mind doing that if it’s just a little bit of digging, if i can, you know, i mean not have to put one section up or A few sections up, you know so that’s my that was my goal so anytime i lay out fence like a top rail on or the top of post on any fence.

I literally just do a lot of eyeballing when it comes to laying out my fence from that gate. All the way over to this corner. Here, where i had my little issue, is going to be the same. Now, when it comes to this right here, you can see the ground kind of drops off, make sure i get good lighting for you guys. The ground drops off so this over here is gon na have to be a eight or ten inch drop. So this section over here will be lower than the rest of it, but the rest of it should be that same height as that example that i’ve got put up over there so pretty excited about. It got my little welding buggy. This is a tig 200. I bought it for a stainless job. I was working on and we’ll actually get back to some point, but it’s a tig slash stick so it comes with some leads. The reason i brought this machine was because my leads most likely i’m pretty sure will not reach all the way to the other side of the yard. I do wish. I had a heavier extension cord like a 110 extension cord but i’m, going to try it and see if it works. If not worst case, i can pull on the other side of the house and string to that end to the yard, with my leads but i’m just using it, because i already had it versus buying, you know thousand dollars worth of extra lead or five hundred.

Two thousand, depending on what i ended up doing but anyway, i’m pretty excited about my little buggy and my goal. My goal for today is to finish laying out for one. I got to do some digging over there, where i pointed it out and then i’m going to finish, laying out my bottom. This bottom track here i’m going to go ahead and make my mark because i’ve got all my tops marked but i’m going to go ahead and measure down and lay out my bottom mark all the way around and get it all ready and then start installing this Track i’ll show you guys the track system right over here. So this is what kyle and i came up with it’s, essentially just a channel two inch by roughly three quarter by two inch. It did come in two separate pieces. You can see. I had to tack all this up right through here, but anyway this will go on the bottom and then tabs will hold the pickets hold the pickets, but water will still be able to drain out so and then the top is just a regular, solid channel Music. Music, all right so after i got everything laid out marked where all my tabs were going to be marked where all my bottom tracks were going to be. I cut all my posts off to length one of the things that i try to pay most attention to when doing what i call residential jobs or like backyard neighborhood jobs is, i try to make sure i have a fire blanket or in this case an umbrella To put up in front of windows and whatnot siding on houses and stuff like that, but also one thing that i do is i’m strategic about how i cut these like i’ll.

Try to start cutting towards the house that way the sparks don’t have anywhere to go. But inside the or towards the window, and then the sparks don’t have anywhere to go, but inside the pipe that way, and i just try to shoot the sparks like down, not all the way through my cut, if that makes sense, so that’s one of the most Important things is keeping the sparks off of windows, most importantly, but also the siding and anything else on the house Music. Now that i got all my posts cut off to length, i went around and measured each section at the bottom i’m going to go through here and cut these tracks down to the measurements that i took, install them and then go around and put the little tabs On the top Music hey, i like this diablo blade by the way in a previous video. I said something about trying this diablo blade it’s cheaper, so i didn’t expect much of it, and a lot of you said that they’re really good and y’all are right. Diablo that’s a good blade Music. So all right! This is what we got done today about five six let’s see three four: five: six, almost six sections. Let me take you all around this way, so you can see it got my little tabs up here. I’Ll buff that slag off don’t. You worry tab there tab on the other side, so they can screw that top channel to it.

But yeah got us a little bottom track, got them all cut to length and laid out here. Oh welding rod all laid out ready to rock and roll. I should be able to get the rest of them tacked up and roughly half a day or welded up, and i think i’m, just gon na set the caps that i got on here, because the one that i tested it fits pretty snug and i don’t really They’Re so thin, i don’t really want to put a weld around it. I just think it’ll look nasty, that’s weird for me. You know i want to weld it because i want it to be there and not come off, but i honestly think it won’t go anywhere. It overlaps this about 3 8 of an inch, so i think i’m it’ll just look a lot nicer if they’re just sat on top of there, so yeah today’s been one of those days where it don’t look like. I got a lot done, but i had a lot of digging to do. As you see all this a lot of digging dude to do this morning, then i got all my posts cut off to length, so i mean productive, but it just doesn’t look like much and the l1. Then i cut all these to length, of course, but the thing about it is once i get all these welded in and the tabs welded on and then the caps set on literally once i get all these pickets.

All i got ta do is set pickets in here. All the way around the the time consuming part of the pickets will be trimming the last one to make it most likely. Chances are there’s not going to be uh even a number of pickets i’m going to have to trim a picket long ways, so that’s going to be the most time time consuming part of putting the pickets in but i’m actually painting this also. So i honestly don’t even think i’ll put the pickets in until after i get it all painted. I don’t love that there’s houses all the way around because spraying it would be legit, but i think i’m just gon na have to brush brush paint it so anyway, after i get these all welded up, i’m gon na wipe all this steel down with. I forgot the name of it. Kayla knows the name, but anyway there’s there’s, some kind of mineral oil, maybe that’s what it is mineral oil. You can wipe this uh steel down and get all this oil off of it and then paint it that way. The paint will actually stick to it and then i’ll probably put the pickets in and then and then i got to build a gate, that’s going to be the next deal. Probably after i get all this welded up is i’ll, probably build that gate. I got to get that gate figured out and then painted, and then pickets and this thing will be good to go.

My buggy worked worked. Pretty good today would be nicer to have a little bit longer set of leads on this bad boy, but i like it because i can carry my rod bucket. My tabs got my caps down in there. You know i can just it’s just nice to be able to carry this stuff around, have a little catch all system, so i do need to get some type of uh that gasless flux that everybody keeps talking about. That would be ideal for this situation also. I think, because this stick welder that sticks a lot worse than my machine. You know i’m, not i’m, not used to it. So i, like you, know, probably wasted a lot more welding rod than a guy wanted to, but i’m thankful that i already have it and didn’t have to buy 500 foot of lead to reach all the way across this yard. My advice for this week is when it comes to bidding projects, make sure you’re taking notes, taking notes on how long something takes for next time. So, like you know, if i thought i might have you know x amount of hours in putting these tracks in and it’s taking me two hours versus the two hours longer versus the you know time i i thought it would take, then i need to take note Of that and either adjust it next time on the bid or figure out a way to make it faster and that’s.

The thing is the more you do something the faster you’re gon na get because you’ve already done it.