In this video, we will take a look at the number four seed houston rockets, going up against the number 5c oklahoma city thunder last summer. The houston rockets in oklahoma city made a trade, a trade that was supposed to send both franchises in two different directions. On one end, you had the houston rockets who felt as though their championship window had closed and by trading for russell westbrook. It would have opened it back up for a couple more seasons and on the oklahoma city thunderside, you had a team who had just lost in the first round and saw that championship window closed by damien lillard. They felt as though now was the time to trade. All their key pieces that left russell westbrook for an abundance of first round picks the thunder did the trade because they wanted all those first round picks from the rockets. Chris paul was just looked at as a guy who salary matched russell westbrook. The plan was to trade chris paul before the season started, so he could play for a competitive team. The oklahoma city thunder couldn’t find a deal for chris paul, so they ended up keeping them. Surprisingly, by the time the trade deadline rolled around the oklahoma city thunder felt themselves in position to make the playoffs and with that the oklahoma city thunder decided to keep chris paul numbers wise. This is definitely not chris paul’s best season, but when you talk about impact, this is for sure one of his best seasons of his career.

He has brought an entirely different culture to the thunder organization and was appreciated by being selected to his 10th, all star game. The guy you can say that chris paul has had the most impact on is shay gilchrist alexander shay girl, chris alexander, was the main piece that the thunder got in return for paul george he’s been phenomenal all season as he’s the leading scorer for the oklahoma city. Thunder averaging 19 points per game to go along with chris paul and shay gilchrist alexander is dennis schroeder a finalist for sixth man of the year dennis schroeder. No doubt could be a starting point guard for a lot of teams in the nba, but for the betterment of the thunder he’s felt then perfect. As a sixth man in order to match up with the houston rocket small ball, the oklahoma city thunder most likely will have schroeder, paul and alexander all on the court. At the same time, no player is entering the playoffs under more pressure than james harden. James harden has the mvp trophy: he has the scoring titles. He’S almost done everything in his career, but the one thing he hasn’t done is deliver in the playoffs, with the golden state warriors no longer dominating the western conference. James harden has no excuse. The rockets have built a team around him while also giving him one of his best friends. Russell westbrook westbrook will miss the first part of this series, which means james harden will probably have to average 40 points a game in order to beat the okc thunder.

It’S unfortunate for the houston rockers that westbrook will miss tom when you have a guy like russell westbrook attacking the rim, surrounded with all those great shooters. The houston rockets can be difficult to defeat. One less shooters come through like they have in the regular season, or will they forget how to shoot like they did in the past versus the golden state warriors my prediction in this series i have the houston rockets winning in six games, whether russell westbrook plays or Not i think james harden is good enough to get past the okc thunder without westbrook. The houston rockets best bet is to rest russell westbrook, the entire series, so he could be fully healed for a potential matchup against the lakers.