Describe to me, the zone you were in when you were in the clutch in those minutes windows on just hooping. You know we uh got beat first, two games uh. We really like our fight hell. I ain’t like my fight, you know what i mean so uh. We just came out and tried to fight whatever it take to win. You know what i mean. We know that’s a really good team over. There know how talented james is at scoring the ball. We just wanted to try to play together and do what we’ve been doing all year. Man, i do know what you mean and speaking of fight lou dort had a tall task tonight in taking the brunt of defending this i’m gon na. Tell you this i’m gon na fight for lou dort all day all day cause he’s. Just a a great guy who doesn’t say much go out here and fight night in and night out went to arizona he’s on a state like j.h. You know what i mean, but he gon na fight, and so, if he ain’t gon na say no i’m gon na say something. You know what i mean i’ll make sure they respect him. He out here playing his ass off dean up playing as hard as he can. You know what i mean so i’m, a fight for him any any day of the week and he certainly earned a bit of respect tonight. I can’t hear you.

He certainly earned a bit of respect tonight with the performance that he has. You know it’s one game, you know what i mean and for lou it ain’t about him getting the respect from everybody. He got the respect for my team. He’S been doing this all year for us, you know what i mean from the g league to an nba contract. You know they say get it out the mud he didn’t got it out the mud. You know what i mean so every night he out here competing and fighting we gon na have his back chris. What does this win? Do for your confidence going into game four? This man is 2 1. You know if we wasn’t in this bubble situation that would have been our home game so shout out to our okc fans we needed y’all virtually today. You know it’s. 2. 1. You know back at our place again for game four appreciate it chris. Thank you. So much here’s mike d’antoni, following this loss against okc uh mike, you were obviously upset after chris paul’s offense about macramore they’re late um. Is that a play that you would anticipate the league office would review? Well, i don’t know yeah. Who knows i mean i asked the referee just to go over review it. He might have been right. I didn’t have it clear, but i know my guy got hit in a bad place with an elbow. So go look at it, then, if, if you’re right, you’re right so so be it but it’s not like in the bubble.

We have must be entertainment going on somewhere, because what else we got to do but just go over and look at it and come back play basketball, so anyways just didn’t go. They played well. We didn’t play very well and now it’s two to one we’ll go on the next. What was their explanation for not looking at that? No nothing crickets on the inbounds pass pj to eric at the end. How did you see? How did it go awry like that? Well, i mean eric, obviously slipped and um, and on the ball just you know the pass got away from it is that one you had at the one time out left. I think we even had two at that point, but you know i told him he had a timeout but needed it, but he thought he thought he could get it in. So you know those are part of the game mike. What is uh lee dork been able to do to to slow james down to a certain degree, he’s a good defensive player. I mean he’s, putting everything in so he’s strong and he gets through picks. I mean he’s he’s doing a good job like he watched chris up close for two years. You know how good he is, how dangerous he can be in making situations he he pushed them over the top in that game. What what did you see specifically late in the fourth and then over time? What he’s been doing for the last probably 15 years? He just is a great player and a great clutch player and really thinks the game and uh.

You know, but you know, having said that, you know we had the game in 24 seconds and one point lead but um you know hey they executed, we didn’t. Quite you know some things just messed up a little bit so uh again, i just told them you don’t get too high. You don’t get too low it’s one game uh, we played a lot of minutes, but they played a lot of mints. Also so you know it’s going to be uh, just whoever has the will to come out the next game and get a win coach. This series. He told us that this is a good team they’re going to change they that they lose now. We think tonight was just about them, having adjustments or being a good team or just no. No, they make an adjustment they just play. They played well but there’s, no adjustments. I mean you know at this point. You know nothing. I love you guys, but you make way too much for adjustments. You might you know, change a guy guard, somebody else, but they’re not going to play a zone they’re not going to press his full court. I mean adjustments are little they’re, subtle, um. Maybe you guard a guy not sitting right, sending them left all that stuff and uh. Every team does that, but uh it’s a matter of uh, we didn’t hit shots and uh. We didn’t finish the game up Music Laughter. They didn’t make it.

They broke from their preferred uh, closing lineup with stephen adams and the three point guards and they ended up going with galinari and poor guard. Well, because steven steven adams got hurt so that might be. That might be one reason sure, but is that is that a lineup that you anticipated, maybe seeing at some point to kind of match up with you guys with galinaria yeah? Maybe i mean you know stephen having the player so you’re asking him to go off the floor. So i don’t know: that’s billy will do a great job and he’ll he’ll do what he thinks good for his team, but uh. You know whatever team they put out there, we we should be able to attack them and get get it done. You know i don’t know yet i just got in the locker room, so we’ll see he’ll he’ll be he’ll, get through it, he’s uh, very durable, and you know this is a game of wheels and everybody’s going to have heavy legs everybody’s going to be tired. You got to fight through it i’m, like when james has five fouls like he did in the fourth quarter. How difficult and the way he wanted to defend Music well, it’s tougher! He and pj both had five fouls and it’s tougher there’s, no doubt about it, but uh. You know he’s got to be smart and uh. He just is kind of bad luck. It was an offensive rebound and got affected and got him off his feet.

So it’s one of those things that happens, part of the game and uh again, we you know we’ll, dwell on it. We’Ll just we’ll keep going forward, fernando, hey coach um after this loss. What are the tests in glasgow for the next game? Uh? I don’t know yet i mean i’m sure he’s gon na test it and all that he’s. You know working every day, getting a little bit better, so uh we’ll see i have not really, but today i’m, you know no clue. I don’t think his his status. Didn’T change from the start of the game where he didn’t play to the end of the game, so we’ll see in a day or two, but mike on the play in which daniel got fouled with 9.5 left was the idea to go. Get pj coming around to the three point line again on that side, no, the idea was to get eric gordon uh a shot, but then daniel was going to slip it. If jeff couldn’t get to eric for a wide open shot, then he was going to slip and he did and jeff made the right read and you know we got to really we got the play. We wanted. The rockets fall to four and six in overtime games. This season, while okc, improves to nine and six n.o.t games, here’s billy donovan positive signs early, and yet you still found yourself in a hole. What do you attribute to the guys continuing to do that good stuff, but finding a way to you know outlast the rockets tonight in the second half.

Well, i think um we were playing good basketball. I thought our offensive pace was a lot better. I mean we had a real hard time in the first quarter, scoring we kind of found our rhythm a little bit shooting the ball, and you know we had nine points. I think, with three or four minutes to go in that first quarter and we just played better. We were playing the right way. We were doing the right thing, shots weren’t falling, but i think the mentality and the approach – and the way we played offensively was was very good um. You know obviously they’re hard because they’re spaced out with all the driving uh and getting to the rim, but you know overall, i thought our guys really. You know just kept battling and, like we talked about the last, you know two games it’s going to be 48 minutes and even though every moment wasn’t great, i thought our guys really kept competing and fighting and battling the whole time through eric with the athletic hey. Billy um in the overtime you all you know whether it’s you know just from match ups or even having an injury i’ll go to the small, lineup and um. You know lose energy and really stood out um. What did lou bring in that small lineup? That was able to kind of make a difference for you well at overtime period yeah i mean obviously james fouled out um. You know, and they kind of really went to gordon and you know, lewis had the responsibility of regarding both of those two guys um.

You know, certainly, i think, any time you lose a player james caliber, for a team, that’s that’s going to be a challenge for the team, but you know stephen was available to come back in um. I thought the group was was was going okay and i felt like we were rebounding the ball and i felt like they did a pretty good job. There wasn’t really a lot of drives to the basket. They were taking threes, i think, to get back in it. Uh, but i thought lou’s effort on james on you know, eric gordon was really really great. I mean he just put it all into it: nick okay, okc, uh, sorry about that. We got that let’s swing into a cliff run with the ap um notice. That 41 of your 94 shots were threes just wanted to know. I know you mentioned that you take better shots and that you move the ball around isn’t that what you’re looking for, because it seemed like at times you’re going shot for shock with them. From three point range, certainly, there were some shots. I think that we would have liked to have had back, but the biggest, i think message that i wanted to try to give. The guys was play aggressive and attack, and i thought dennis set a great um tone for that early in the game, and you know what i’m going to trust those guys a lot of the threes.