Chris again as a reminder, please go ahead and raise your hand for any questions. For chris paul we have taylor rooks in the room. Also john raiden. Okay, if you we don’t, have much online to start we’re waiting for people to join. So if you want to start with taylor in the room, if she’s got something uh, we can start with her. Okay, we’ll start with taylor. I guess pretty simple question and that’s. Just what do you need from the team uh? I got ta do more straight up, it’s that simple um that run they went on. I think it was the beginning of fourth quarter, something like that that’s that can’t happen. You know what i mean so um got ta be better. I got ta, be better um think that’s, the tough part to know how hard we fought guys worked hard. You know what i mean. We put ourselves in position um to win that game, and i got to be better for us and just going on that, i mean, i know obviously you’re the bet on the team you’re always talking to the younger guys for them a loss like this, where you Know you were up you kind of saw that light at the end of the tunnel. Then you ended up losing. How do you make sure that they keep their spirits up going i mean, luckily, even though we’re in a bubble situation, is they the home team? You know what i mean a natural situation.

They went up too up you, Music in know, regular world. You know what i mean: uh, not cold. Without a bubble, we’d be going back home for two games, so we uh got to take it one game at a time. Learn from this game and uh hell, i got ta show up awesome all right. We can toss things here to uh nick allo okc Chris, you mentioned putting yourself in the position. Uh seemed like defensively. You guys brought it uh, they didn’t they didn’t shoot, particularly well. What are the things that moving forward in the series defensively you guys are gon na have to continue to do to keep uh, giving yourselves a chance down the stretch. I think we did a great job for most most of the game, not fouling. Keeping the monkey freako allowed try to make them make tough shots. You know you couldn’t can’t, ask my guys to do any more than they did tonight. You know, like i said we put ourselves in a position and uh. You know there. We have one little stretch. We got to get away from it. Eric do you with the sports animal, go ahead, eric yeah chris um, considering the fact that this game was a heck of a lot closer than it was on tuesday night. One are the big positives or any positives. You can take out of this game. Uh. We uh, we communicated a lot better coming in this game, sort of knew what our plan was knew.

What we wanted to do, but i mean there’s, no moral victory. You know we we yeah yeah, i just uh, i don’t know like i said my guys worked as hard as he could fought really hard and um. You know we put ourselves in position. I let this one get away from us, so we just got ta get ready for game three. A couple more here, chris barry trammell with the oklahoman yeah chris. When you say you got to do more. What exactly in your game? Were you disappointed in tonight that’s a lot it’s a lot we’ll go back and look at the film, but i know what it is. It’S a lot all right last one here for you, chris we’re gon na go to a jenny carlson with the oklahoman hey chris lou makes his playoff debut tonight and defensively just wondering what you liked about what you saw out of the rookie. It was amazing, like amazing, try to make it as tough on jade as possible uh. He did a great job of keeping his hands back without fouling, except for you know a couple here and there they’re gon na call but uh otherwise, lou lou was amazing. Tonight.