Of course, this one went to overtime and the thunder got the win, but this was our state farm assist of the night. Cp3 is available right now, it’s in the room, uh we’ll start things off with the eric horn at the athletic go ahead, eric hey chris how’s, it going i’m all right, eric what’s happening um. I just wanted to see what did you think about the way y’all were able to play when you know you’re gon na put danilo at the five and and put lou out there with you guys in the overtime period, man was just trying to uh attack, stay Downhill new jh had five just tried to make him play a little defense um. I think we just wanted to fight. You know what i mean. We know um how tough it is coming back down 3 0. So we wanted to you, know, fight tonight and i think that’s what we did go to joe sato at the oklahoman yeah chris billy was saying over and over leading up to this game that he wanted the pace to be pushed more deep. It seemed like you guys were doing that. How did you feel like the guards in particular yourself shay and dennis sort of dictated the pace? I think we did a better job um. You know, you know. Sometimes you talking about things during the game, and things can get heated here and there, but i think our communication is great.

Those guys kept talking about kicking the ball ahead, kicking the ball ahead playing downhill, and i think we did a better job of that. Our next one go to our voice. Young, then we’ll go into the room, so uh royce young espn go ahead. Hey chris um yeah. You were pretty direct after game two talking about how you felt like you needed to do more and be better um. You obviously hit some pretty huge shots to close with one out of this. This is kind of what you saw yourself needing to do wish you guys were at the top um. I think i just needed to play a better pace. Uh be more aggressive. Take the shots when they there and be better defensively. I gave up a lot of corn and threes a lot of defensive assignments. So, aside from the shots, i think uh. I was a lot better. Uh defensively generally we’ve got gary washburn in the room, boston globe, what’s happening you’ve been in a million of these games. I mean it’s, obviously a big game. How do you kind of keep your guys some of the young guys kind of under control that they don’t get? You know kind of uh too excited at the moment. Man, it’s it’s it’s, a healthy balance because i’m, a very emotional player myself right, so it’s a balance and staying emotional and making sure that they know i’m invested and also making sure that i’m.

You know calm enough, that i can talk to them and tell them what’s going on. So i think dennis shoulder does a great job like i’m i’m, so grateful to have him cause. When i find myself getting a little, you know losing it or whatever he. He talks to me calms me down, and so we we got a great balance for our team, but our young guys, i think, uh this bubble. Life playoff thing is is is pretty good because they just get to play free. You know they get to play free and uh sort of know what to expect. Go ahead. John read anybody else: we’ll we’ll toss it to a berry train with the oklahoman yeah chris did uh lou dort played sort of fearless tonight. I thought even offensively. You find it ironic that, for all the fouls james harden draws, he fouls out trying to defend luke dord on a drive and what did that do to seem like houston’s heir, went out of the balloon as soon as he as soon as he found out um. I didn’t pay that no attention i didn’t realize that lou fouled j.h out but uh i mean he lou is – is trying to guard you know. Arguably, arguably one of the best offensive players ever played a game james is that tough to defend with the step backs? The drives the ability to get to the free, throw line so uh, you know what we try to do too is try to make him defend.

You know the way that they play is they seek out match ups, they seek out match ups and they try to go at you. So we want to try to make sure that you know we keep him working on the other end too. Next, nick gallo, okc thunder.com chris just wanted to ask you about your driving dish to shay uh with 13 seconds left. What would you see on that play and would you like best about the way it came to fruition? Um we talked about in the huddle, said. Whoever know we wanted to try to go to match matchup. So once i got that match up, i knew uh that help was gon na have to come over from somewhere. You know it might have been tough. I don’t know i don’t know if it was tough, was it tough was top garden shay? Do you remember i don’t know i don’t know whoever it was if it was tuck. I just know. Tuck is a help defender, and so once i got by the pass is easy: shea had the hard part of knocking down the shot, and that was a big shot for us last one for you, chris we’re gon na go back to what race young with espn Yeah chris i wanted to ask mike did tony was pretty mad about not getting review about the play with you and ben mclemore, and i just wanted to get your perspective on on that play and uh how you thought gon na happen.

Um i tried to get behind, it was incidental, i know when i did it on purpose. I was in college, you know what i mean. It was a long time ago, so uh yeah, i checked on ben. He said he was fine, but i know mike he’s gon na get mad he’s gon na yell and scream he got ta. Take we move on thanks chris yeah. Thank you.