We got media in the room that as well. So while we do four for you and then we’ll go with the people in the room. Great we’ll start things off here with uh jenny carlson at the oklahoma, hey chris uh, dennis uh really seems to be in attack mode 30 points career high in the playoffs. What about his performance tonight and frankly, two nights ago, has impressed you. This is aggressiveness. Man uh dennis one of my favorite teammates ever you know i mean because uh we got a lot in common we’re, both emotional players and so uh. I always know he gon na fight. I don’t care what night it is who we playing against and um as big as he was for our team tonight individually. He was huge for me. He stayed in my ear all game and uh kept talking to me. Race, young, with espn yeah, chris um houston, started the third eighth debate from three and built up that lead, and you know i would assume that there might have been kind of an instinct to maybe lose some composure there. But i think you yourself scored nine points during that little run and you guys kind of just stayed close. How important was that to not let the game get out of hand during that stretch, that was crazy. Tell the truth. You know we came in at half time and coach was like uh. First quarter, we gave up eight threes.

Second quarter. We gave up two, he was trending in the right direction and they came out wow, wow, wow, so uh. I think our team all season is dealt with adversity, really really good um. We just tried to you, know, keep playing, keep fighting and uh stayed in the game. Next up eric horn with the athletic yeah chris um, i was asking billy about you, know you and dennis being able to get to the rim uh particularly late in the game, and he talked about you guys spacing you know, what’s improved in terms of the spacing On offense from the first couple of games, until until today, first couple games, we watched it especially the first game. They were loaded, you know, um, you know we just knew we had to. We had to take our shots when they were there. It was sort of just giving us open breeze, and each game is different, but uh. We we have some dynamic guards, um i’m, probably not dynamic, but shay and uh shea and dennis are so. We know that we can get those guys space, they can get downhill. Last one before we go to questions in the room, we’re gon na go to uh nick gallo, okc thunder.com, hey chris uh lou, played with five fouls for a lot of the second half and and hung in there, and you guys only put them in the line. Once in the second half, would you think of the way that he was able to do that? You guys were able to do that said the last game, man louis special louie, is unbelievable.

How he accepts the challenge. You have to listen to me, yelling at them all game about what to do here and what to do there and when he had five fouls. I just kept telling him you can’t get a six like it’s, not that you shouldn’t get one. You can’t get a six and he he stayed out there a lot of times when guys get five pounds, they play tentative and they start pulling their hands back, and he just i don’t know he just uh. One of those guys is deserves to be here and i’m glad to see him having success. We’Re gon na take questions in the room or start with mark spears. All right chris. I have two questions for you. Uh first is jacob. Blake was shot by police multiple times in the back and before the bubble, the concern was how the focus would stay on social justice in the bubble. What steps are you taking and for everybody else to make sure that that remains at the forefront here? Um, our team is it’s, something you said our team this morning during a walk through uh coach, addressed that addressed that situation, and he said you know with all these games going on. We can get uh shortsighted and lose sight of what’s happening so uh it’s, something that we discuss uh. We got to continue to shed light on it and and it’s not right it’s, not right. Uh. My post game interview.

I sent prayers out to that family. You know um, and we got to do something about this, because these videos that keep showing up and keep happening has got to stop and we we’re going to keep you know talking about it and and fighting and making sure that people are held accountable. For my second question, a question uh, you know, i think everybody knows that before the season started you guys going to the playoffs. There was a low chance. Allegedly, i don’t know, if it’s possible to really overstate the impact that you’ve had on the vendor in your culture. What have you learned about leadership so far this year? Um, i think leadership is one of those situations too, where you got to be able to listen. You got to be able to listen, and i know i can be stubborn and hard in my ways, but this game right here dennis was owned by his right. Then rightfully you know you you give it. You got to be able to take it. You know, i think so you know yesterday would have been. I was wondering, obviously it’s been such a tough seven months since his passing, but what what sort of memories triggered? Yesterday? Oh man um, i think one of the most special things i’ve seen was pal gasol, but you know what i mean: that’s that’s, true friendship, and you know when you think about this bubble. Uh you know i’ve had an opportunity to spend time with guys that i never would have got a chance to spend time with last night i got a chance to spend some time with uh gennaro pargo and tyson chandler, who us three haven’t been together.

I think, since my wedding in 2011 – and all i could think about is what bean would have been like in this bubble. You know what i mean like what cole would have been like in this bubble. Um cole was a killer killer. Another man when it comes to this court and craftsmanship, his game and the competitive nature of it. So when we’re out here – and you know people talking about you – know this and that and what you don’t have you just got to be thankful for the opportunity alternative. We do really get a chance to play and uh people probably would never notice, but before the game i used to hit the stanchion three times three times before the jump bar. I do eight now i do eight and i look up and i say let’s go bing right because i know um what type of competitor he was, and i know in the game that’s going on that he’s gon na watch it. Thank you chris one. Nice thing. I want to say a big shout out to alabama state alabama state university. I wore those shoes today shout out to moe williams mogadi, my former teammate, who was the coach there shout out to chains who went to alabama state so hbcus. Thank you, chris yeah.