. What a tough shot amazing shot by chris paul covington was all over chris paul wow. Aren’T trying to get it back turns the corner, threw it away. Paul all nasty crossover got to the cup missed the layup thought he got. Fouled no whistle westbrook will push westbrook attacks, driving kick short for gordon here’s schroeder to gill, just alexander and eric gordon recovering, and getting into the way Applause here’s chris paul with with covington all over him. Covington’S got a seven foot two wingspan and chris gives him a little slap on the backside on the waybacks and good defense. But how about this good defense good deflection by hardin and then eric gordon using his head heady play there by eric gordon two minutes. Two minutes inside of two minutes to go in game six, thunder playing with her season on the line paul. Had it deflected shot clock down to three gallinari, no rebound harden nail bite time mismatch Applause, westbrook gets it back. Seven on the shot clock, duh knocked out of his hands by paul, get back hard. The lone defender, gordon, joins him and here’s adams and he misses tip. Try no good scramble picked up by gordon the quick outlet to westbrook into the paid finger roll it’s go to the rockets. Take the two point lead give james harden credit for stopping the fast break and the rockets getting two on the other end. Oh schroeder gets it right back tied at a c note: 100 100, taking a while to develop from 20, not even close and harding comes flying out of nowhere to throw it off for golonary to give the rockets the ball back with four on the shot clock Goes to tucker gets fumbled got ta shoot it harden, does rebound gordon got a fingertip on it, but it’s tracked down by gallow and the thunder.

Now the rockets will get another possession here before the regulation. Time is over Applause, shot, clock again winding down paul reaching in and fouling him was robert covington not set hit them both need at least two westbrook. Oh, he threw it away, threw it away 22nd turnover of the night for the rockets 7.6 seconds. This is too bad right here. Chris paul goes in there and breaks up the play, look at chris paul hustling to get in front and then trying to rotate out there to covington and russ. Just missed him with the pass, got ta foul quickly and they got galinari, but i think let a little bit too much time run off before westbrook tackled him with 3.8 to go in a game and he got another great free, throw shooter someone who has not Missed a free throw this out of timeouts hardin nope and the rockets game six 104 to 100, and there will be a decisive game.