In the close out game, just give them too many opportunities. I think defensively. We were doing a pretty good job uh with them on scoring 104 points. But you know we just shot ourselves in the foot by turning basketball over and giving them uh, giving us less opportunities, Music and beyond cleaning up the turnovers. What are what are some things you need to see if you have done a in a wheelchair like this that’s i mean that’s, basically it you know they had 104 points, which is you know, pretty good um that what 46, maybe 48 46 in that first half. So i mean we did a pretty good job. I think uh clean up a little bit of you know rebounding, could be better uh things like that, but just to carry the ball and get quality shots Music games to win the closing minutes of these really tight games. Is it more than just making a few of the shots that missed? Is there something execution wise that has separated the two teams in these the three real close games? Uh i mean he’s all basketball’s, all about shot making it’s like if you’re gon na knock down shots, especially uh. You know like in the fourth quarter. You know and then give yourself an opportunity, but i think just like i keep going back to turn the ball. We got to be more solid with the basketball and get quality shots, and i think if we do that, you know we give ourselves a chance to score more points, but i think defensively we were pretty good.

Obviously, we can be better, as i we watch from tomorrow, but uh just overall from you know me thinking about the game. Right now i would say: it’s our turnovers Music, hey james uh, given the that returns you in laws, how? How do you guys determine where you were feeling the game? You know feel the game he’s out there certain times when i’m, not vice versa, um and then we’re out there together. Just you know whether it’s coach draw a play up or you know. If we see somebody that you know we feel like, we can attack and create a shot for our teammates it’s, all feel of the game. Um, you know we’re both unselfish players and we want to. We want to accomplish the same thing in uh games: Music, hey james uh rasa at 7 turnovers tonight. Do you feel like that’s, just being out of rhythm after all the time off, uh it’s, a part of it. You know, but i mean i have five. So i can’t, you know we both got to be better with the basketball. You know: that’s uh 12 turner’s between the two 2012 12 turnovers between the two. You know: if we cut those down in half, we give ourselves a better chance to. You know get shot opportunities so um, you know we got, we all got to be better and we will Music hey james with a few seconds left in the fourth uh.

You guys were lined up at the free throw line in rebounding position and chris turned at his back to the basket and was just staring at. You. Do a reaction and do with that. I don’t even know what you’re talking about okay, ryan, Music, Music, the uh the last play, the the rust turn on the plane. No, the play was for us to attack the basket and he attacked the basket um. He made the decision that he felt like it was open. We’Ll take two more mark, roman james. You have any kind of different approach and a game like this works. When i take off and go in simple, what do you think will make you go to the next round? We got ta play.