Well i mean we had 22 turnovers. You know it’s, like can’t. He can’t have 22 turns we’re trying to get less than 10 and 22, just just sealed our fate uh, and then we had some fouls that we weren’t disciplined. We had, you know just reach in fouls, they put them to the line and let them score. So you know things that we can correct and will and game seven is coming up, should be a good one. Adam buxler coach after those two free throws from chris. How come you all set it up to have uh russell, bring it up before we looking to get into james during the possession yeah, it had been a switch then we’re looking to kick it back to him, that’s kind of our go to play and that’s what The two guys wanted so yeah that’s, what we’re doing with so. We welcome you to inside the nba it’s presented by kia, as we come via three minutes before midnight here in the east coast, man, what a game uh. So you got the lakers and the clippers who still don’t know who they’re going to play in the western conference. Semi finals rockets just thrashed the thunder in game five, but in game six man did okc come out, not ready for their season to end chris paul and the thunder trying to force that game, seven against james harden and the rockets, and here we go hardin. It was a heck of a basketball.

Yes, it was until stephen adams is in the game westbrook in his second game of this series, but turned it over seven times, there’s dennis schroeder a kid can play. He can’t, oh my goodness, hardened to the hole again you’re right, ken ain’t, no spotter in the paint even trying to block it it’s a six five and under the lead, pardon that 17 in the first half and there’s schroeder. That would feel very high school, like eric gordon look at this catch and shoot that one’s true, 51 48 rockets at the break college teams are bigger than us seriously. Danilo galinari had a dozen in the third quarter. I thought houston had this thing out of control. In the fourth we will get to the fourth momentarily. I have a feeling there is hardening and then step back and drill. The three okay okc goes on a 16 3 run, bridging the third and fourth quarters that’s. What i tell you, chuck he’s, not a great shooter, just hit one big dog. This is called willing your team to a victory tonight, so they’ve got the lead, but then houston goes 10, nothing on them chuck. They went 10 0. They made. I i actually thought at this point that’s what the rockets do. They had the spirit ability, but they never could stop. It shout out to clark kellogg they had sportability, but they could not get there and it’s 97 92. This was the first one.

Here comes chris paul leader and he’ll. Come to the second one. You can’t stop that, though chuck that’s crazy. No, i mean no that’s, just a guy he’s gon na let his team lose. He hit back to back threes, to tie it up. He had 28 in the game and after an adams miss at the rim, there’s westbrook, they got the lead back we’re tied up again, you play with all those little guys. This was, i don’t know why they challenged this call. That was an easy call. It wasn’t that easy, but you know you might got lucky to the next game on the play. Stop the club tony challenge, but the challenge goes uh for naught and chris paul i’m, not sure what they were doing on this play right here. Yeah. I don’t know why james is running and setting a pick. I think it would have been the other way around. That is the seventh turnover of the night for west brook it’s going to be ready, though no that’s, just not the dog, that ball, the ball’s got to go to james harden that’s, a bad match Music and the oklahoma city, thunder 104 to 100 after losing by 34 in game five, they win game six by four. They won a game in overtime, game. Three, they won game four by three. They win game six by four and we are all tied up at three and here is billy donovan.

I i thought you know the entire game, our guys were working and they were like really doing the things that we were asking to do from a preparation, scouting standpoint, and you know we wanted to make sure – and i think in some of the games we haven’t Had great space and we wanted to make sure we had great spacing throughout the course of the game, and then you know, i think chris was able to get the ball. I thought the rest of the group did obviously a great job spacing, but obviously he you know made some incredible plays to kind of carry our team in in when we were down by six with those two huge threes and and then obviously getting fouled. At the end of the game i mean he’s extremely, you know: he’s got unbelievable basketball, iq he’s, incredibly, smart um, he’s he’s, a great competitor he’s got an incredible will to win and to your point you know when you’ve got a guy. With that kind of mind, you know, manipulating and and uh surveying the court the way he does um you know it’s, it was uh. He he did an incredible job, not allowing our team. To kind of you know we miss a shot there. They come down and score. Maybe the game’s a little bit more difficult. I think it was under three minutes right around three minutes, but he was he was. He was spectacular tonight for chris paul, a 15 point.

Fourth quarter in this one and the oklahoma city thunder still alive and kicking for a game: seven 104 to 100 winners over the houston rockets uh, and this is where, if you lay it all on the line in a game, seven and here’s, what they’ve got in Common last game: seven for okc was the 2016 western conference finals lost to golden state last game, seven for houston, 2018 western conference finals lost to golden state, and that was the you know. You never know what can happen and that’s the old for 27 streak of missing threes in that game. It comes down to one game. Man isn’t, that the game where chris paul got hurt too. He was already he was out. Yeah yeah. He had gotten hurt early in the series, so there you go for game seven, which will be uh wednesday in the bubble, all credit to oklahoma city shaq. In this thing, man, when you get beat like they did in game five and come back like this in game six you made it live. You know what a leader like chris paul is not gon na. You know he’s, he, you know he’s the best leader in the nba, so you know when he got the best leader he’s not going to let his guys give up and he got a shooter playing like a dog. We all know what uh adams is going to do, but for houston in the closeout game.

This is why you can’t play around ernie. If you’re not shooting the ball. Well, you got to do other stuff. Well, can’t turn the ball over um westbrook had five no westbrook had seven harden had five. If you eliminate that, then the rockets only got ten turnovers and then you know you have to be decisive down. The stretch james harden should have had that ball. I agree with the guys, but and uh westbrook a little bit out of control, threw it back. Everybody has to be ready, they’re, not ready. Now you have to go to a game. Seven anything can happen in the game. Seven. You know you can always sit back and say i’m gon na do this i’m gon na do that. But what? If you don’t excellent point, because what we were talking about the other the other year with houston with the o for 27.? Well, but also, though ernie when, when you’re the favorite, there is pressure on you, yes, so the longer the game goes, the pressure’s going to be on the rockets when you trade for russell westbrook chris paul uh did not yeah well yeah for chris, because this is The series i said two months ago: i want to see the rockets against the thunder because, just because of the under the pettiness and animosity competitors yeah, i love that, but uh listen and there’s. Nothing like a game. Seven. I cannot wait uh for it, but i’m still gon na go with the rockets.

I think they’re going to have the two best players on the court that it oh, the condo better 800 000, but that oklahoma city team in the fourth quarter – man they are. They are tall, they’ve had a knack for winning games. Late yeah, i think you say they have the two best players, but they don’t always have the two best players that can score the easiest, because steven adams, along with shooter and chris paul, they might not be the best players, but they score the easiest when it’s On the line they’re able to get to the rim they’re able to finish they’re able to throw it inside the atoms. So if you’re down one let’s, say adam’s in the game and you have nothing pj, tucker they’re, not gon na go to him i’m. Just saying he you have offensive rebounding ability. Listen! So you put him in that screen and roll, so a close game i’m going with okc. Okay, if it’s, if it’s a 10.5, i don’t think the rockets will and it’s interesting close i’m going with it. Interesting that you say that too, because uh with that game, tied and adams was right, there missed a bunny right there from point blank range and then westbrook scored on the other end, but but to give them the lead, but he was right there. The thing was what shaq said: the turnovers kill the rocks tonight, your two best players, can’t have double digits, i mean because you know i tell people the most two most important stats.

You look, i think i saw a thing. It said 78 of the time the team that has the least turnovers and and they win the rebound and win the games. Most of the time you think about this ernie, you can’t be as bad as rebounding as the rockets are and turn the ball over. You just can’t do that and get a ball all those extra possessions to chris paul 51, 41 rebounding advantage for oklahoma city tonight. Both teams turned the ball over a lot 22 by the rockets and 19 for oklahoma city thunder force a game. Seven uh shaq’s face when chuck makes up new words that’s. What we’re gon na ask ability that’s credibility. Kellogg has been using that for a long time come on. Gwen spurtability is a word. Chatter. What’S up come on now spur the village away, not it’s, not in there it’s. Not in there did.