You know it’s the pot on the slow cooker setting so it’s very simple, this recipe, so what I’m gon na do? I always put my beans first, just almost air it up here. While I get everything in there, my beans in there, I got some green bell. Peppers, you can put celery, you want to I’m, not into celery, got some diced white onions here and I got the recipe on the scripture in the video I like always now. I’Ll put the sausage in here then won’t put my season for my white, pepper and salt shake as my new shake. Now that I use when you see them put some of that in there season. I use my cabinet on all of my cabinets with that in there and it’s. Not really. Salt is just flavor I’ll put a couple of tablespoon and move down. The tops off he’s got ta had that kick, but did lose their hustle nice really spicy. It just gives it that uh lots of flavor a little kick, but not much that’ll, be it always good thing to do when you’re going to work with your need for work in the morning. Just put this on, you come home in the afternoon. Your beans and rip babies read all you got to do it. Put your rice off and that’d be good, eats, okay, got it and then we’ll stir it up with it good. Here everything all completely stirred up in there all right, settle a small cooker thing and I’m gon na do about eight hours.

Eight hours that’s it so we’re gon na come back and it always will go, have some awesome red beans and salsa. It will have a white rice, ready and good delicious dinner, so we’ll be right back. Why are we back? Okay, it’s been eight hours since it’s, been cooking that’s been a little bit of a tie because it’s been holding for 17 minutes let’s see if the pressures been released, pressure release on we suppressor this most, the pressures already be with me, so it should be nice And tender and flavorful then slow cooking for eight hours, we’re gon na make sure y’all kerf will always trouble when you release the steam off of these things, nothing’s hot again, then steam. I got my white lights here I already cooked for it. My cornbread, I got my chouchou okay, you see, the thing is drop down, so that means release okay let’s see we got here. Oh yeah, look at. Let me get a close up of this, so y’all can see see we got here update ours. Now you can do yours a little thicker. If you want, let me get a ladle, so you can have some see. Look at that nice red beans. There look at that. Do that that’s, what you want – beans, a nice and tender, and what you can do to make a little ticker I like to. Do I like to smash the beans against the the side of the just kind of make a little thicker, but you don’t have to do that I’m gon na smash it through up against the side there.

Oh, the neck, it’s good to go. Okay, we’re gon na step back here, we’re gon na come right back picture and we’re gon na plate. This up and I’m gon na tell you how it tastes we’ll, be right back all right! Y’All! We back okay, we’re gon na plate up some of this okay. I can say I got my white rice here put in a bowl right here. Okay, all right say you can make them thicker, but has these set up of course, they’re gon na get a little bit thicker, so let’s see here, oh yeah! Well, I, like my meat on there, you got that rice to soak up all that juice. Hmm pull the juice on this rice. Look at the old school ChaCha pull the old schoolchild town on them. Beans shoot what I’m talking about right. There, corn bring it here. Then have some cornbread with it. Look at that that’s a meal in itself right there, yeah that’s, all you need let’s, try this here being just tender. Well, this is perfectly seasoned. Well, I saw that season I put in there and it’s, not spicy, and the sausage is dairy tender cut with a fork. Oh, you can see ho Nebraska blue being a cornbread we’re gon na powder. I ripping off this hey just own right, y’all call this video out. Please get this recipe. Video a thumbs up, be sure. Please come in please like also follow my other social media accounts.

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