She was also one of the last surviving stars from the golden age of hollywood cinema until her death in 2020. Her younger sister was actress. Joan fontaine de havilland. First came to prominence as a screen couple with errol flynn in adventure. Films such as captain blood 1935 and the adventures of robin hood 1938, one of her best known roles is that of melanie hamilton in the classic film gone with the wind 19′, for which she received her first of five oscar nominations. The only one for best supporting actress de havilland departed from ange new roles in the 1940s and later received a claim for her performances in hold back the dawn 1941 to each his own 1946, the snake pit 1948 and the heiress 1949 receiving nominations for best actress. For each winning for to each his own and the heiress, she was also successful in work on stage and television de havilland lived in paris since the 1950s and received honors, such as the national medal of the arts, the legion donor and the appointment to dame commander Of the order of the british empire, in addition to her film career de havilland, continued her work in the theater appearing three times on broadway in romeo and juliet 1951 candida 1952 and a gift of time 1962.

She also worked in television appearing in the successful mini series roots, the next generations, 1979 and anastasia the mystery of anna 1986, for which she received a primetime emmy award nomination and won the golden globe award for best supporting actress in a television movie or series.

During her film career de havilland also collected two new york film critics circle awards the national board of review award for best actress and the venice film festival, volpe cup. For her contributions to the motion picture industry. She received a star on the hollywood walk of fame olivia de havilland’s mother lillian fontaine, nehrus 1886 1975 was educated at the royal academy of dramatic art in london and became a stage actress.lillian also sang with the master of the king’s music, sir walter peratt and toured England, with the composer ralph von williams, olivia’s father walter de havilland, 1872 1968 served as an english professor at the imperial university in tokyo before becoming a patent attorney. Her paternal cousin was sir jeffrey de havilland, 1882 1965, an aircraft designer and founder of the de havilland aircraft, company lillian and walter met in japan in 1913 and married the following year. The marriage was not a happy one due in part to walter’s infidelities olivia mary de havilland was born on july 1. 1916.. They moved into a large house in tokyo, where lillian gave informal singing recitals.olivia’s younger sister, joan joan de beauvoir de havilland, later known as actress joan fontaine was born 15 months later.

On october 22, 1917. Both sisters became citizens of the united kingdom automatically by birthright. In february 1919, lillian persuaded her husband to take the family back to england for a climate better suited to their ailing daughters. They sailed aboard the ss siberia maru to san francisco, where the family stopped to treat olivia’s tonsillitis dot.

After joan developed, pneumonia, lillian decided to remain with her daughters in california, where they eventually settled in the village of saratoga 50 miles 80 kilometers south of san francisco.her father abandoned the family and returned to his japanese housekeeper, who eventually became his second wife. Olivia was raised to appreciate the arts, beginning with ballet lessons at the age of four and piano lessons. A year later, she learned to read before she was six and her mother, who occasionally taught drama music and elocution, had her reciting passages from shakespeare to strengthen her diction.during this period, her younger sister, joan first started calling her livvy a nickname that would last throughout her Life.De havilland entered saratoga grammar school in 1922 and did well in her studies.she enjoyed reading writing, poetry and drawing and once represented her grammar school in a county spelling bee coming in second 1923 lillian had a new tudor style house built where the family resided until The early april 1925 after her divorce was finalized. Lillian married george, milan fontaine, a department store manager for oahale and co in san jose.fontaine was a good provider and respectable businessman, but his strict parenting style generated animosity and later rebellion in both of his new step.

Daughters de havilland continued her education at los gatos high school near her home in saratoga.there. She excelled in oratory and field hockey and participated in school plays in the school drama club, eventually becoming the club’s secretary.with plans of becoming a schoolteacher of english and speech.

She also attended notre dame convent in belmont. In 1933, a teenage de havilland made her debut in amateur theater in alice in wonderland, a production of the saratoga community players based on the novel by lewis. Carroll.She also appeared in several school plays, including the merchant of venice and hansel and gretel.her passion for drama, eventually led to a confrontation with her stepfather who forbade her from participating in further extracurricular activities when he learned that she had won the lead role of elizabeth bennett. In a school fundraising, production of jane austen’s pride and prejudice, he told her that she had to choose between staying at home or appearing in the production and not being allowed home.not wanting to let her school and classmates down. She left home moving in with a family friend after graduating from high school in 1934 de havilland was offered a scholarship to mills college in oakland to pursue her chosen career as an english. Teacher.She was also offered the role of puck in the saratoga community. Theater production of shakespeare’s, a midsummer night’s dream dot that summer austrian director max reinhardt came to california for a major new production of the same play to premiere at the hollywood bowl.

after one of reinhardt’s assistants saw her perform in saratoga. He offered her the second understudy position for the role of hermia point one week before the premiere, the understudy gene roverall and lead actress gloria stewart both left the project leaving 18 year old de havilland to play hermia.

impressed with her performance reinhardt offered her the part in The four week autumn, tour that followed.during that tour reinhardt received word that he would direct the warner brothers film version of his stage production and he offered her the film role of hermia with her mind, still set on becoming a teacher de havilland, initially wavered, but eventually Reinhardt and executive producer, henry blang, persuaded her to sign a five year contract with warner brothers on november 12, 1934, with a starting salary of 200 a week, marking the beginning of a professional acting career, which would span more than 50 years early films, 1935, 1937 de Havilland made her screen debut in reinhardt’s a midsummer night’s dream, which was filmed at warner brothers studios from december 19, 1934 to march 9, 1935. during the production de havilland picked up film, acting techniques from the film ceo director, william dieterle and camera techniques, from cinematographer hal, Moore who was impressed with her questions about his work by the end of filming she had learned the effect of lighting and camera angles on how she appeared on screen and how to find her best, lighting.following premieres in new york, city and beverly hills.

The film was released on october 30th, 1935.despite the publicity campaign, the film generated little enthusiasm with audiences.while. The critical response was mixed de havilland’s performance was praised by the san francisco examiner critic in his review in the brooklyn daily eagle, winston burdette wrote that she acts graciously and does greater justice to shakespeare’s language than anyone else.

In the cast point, two minor comedies followed alibi: ike with joey brown and the irish in us, both 1935 with james cagney dot. In both films, she played the sweet and charming love interest, a role into which she would later become typecast.after. The experience of being a reinhardt player de havilland felt disappointed being assigned these routine heroin march de havilland and her mother moved into an apartment at the chateau de fleurs at 6626 franklin avenue in hollywood. Although warner brothers studio had assumed that the many costumed films that studios like mgm had earlier produced would never succeed during the years of the great depression, they nonetheless took a chance by producing captain blood. Also 1935.. The film is a swashbuckler action drama based on the novel by rafael, sabatini and directed by michael curtis.captainbloodstar, then little known, contract bid, part actor and former extra errol flynn, alongside the little known to havaland. According to film historian, tony thomas, both actors had classic good, looks. Cultured speaking, voices and a sense of distant aristocracy about them filmed between august 5th and october 29, 1935. Captain blood gave to havaland the opportunity to appear in her first costumed historical, romance and adventure, epic, a genre to which she was well suited.

Given her beauty and the film she played arabella bishop, the niece of a jamaica plantation owner who purchases at auction. An irish physician wrongly condemned to servitude. The on screen. Chemistry between de havilland and flynn was evident from their first scenes together, where clashes between her characters, spirited hoter and his character’s.

Playful braggadocio did not mask their mutual attraction. To each other.arabella is a feisty young woman who knows what she wants and is willing to fight for it.the bantering tone of their exchanges in the film the healthy give and take, and mutual respect became the basis for their on screen. Relationship in subsequent films.captainblood was released. On december 28, 1935 and received good reviews and wide public appeal de havilland’s performance was singled out in the new york times and variety.the film was nominated for four academy awards, including best picture 50. The popular success of the film, as well as the critical response to the on screen couple led to seven additional collaborations de havilland, appeared in mervyn leroy’s historical drama, anthony adverse 1936 with frederick march, based on the popular novel by hervey allen. The film follows the adventures of an orphan raised by a scottish merchant, whose pursuit of fortune separates him from the innocent peasant girl. He loves, marries and eventually loses de havilland played a peasant girl, angela, who, after being separated from her slave trader, husband, becomes opera, star, mademoiselle, georges the mistress of napoleon. The film earned six academy award nominations, including best picture it garnered de havilland good exposure and the opportunity to portray a character as she develops over time.

Howard barnes of the new york herald tribune found her later scenes as mademoiselle george’s, not very credible but frank s. Nugent of the new york times called her a winsome angela that same year she was reunited with flynn in michael curtis period.