It’S, norman english and my father’s family originally lived near vallanya in the cottonta that peninsula, in which sherbur is situated in normandy and then a little after the time when william, the conqueror conquered england, they left normandy and settled in the island of guernsey, which is one Of those famous channel islands, jersey being one of them and they lived there consecutively for 900 years – i am the first member of my family not to have lived on the island of guernsey for all those years. Well, the only other time i’ve even begun to heard the the term havelin and you of course preface yours with d is in china. You know the the china that’s made the porcelain. Well, they say it’s the same family. It is that they started in guernsey, too, and then around 1400 and something one of them left and the one that has a common ancestor with me, left and went to england to dorset and then that family lived in england for a long time. I see now you have portrayed more than 40 actresses but i’m sure that one of the best loved of all these was certainly melanie in gone with the wind. And could you tell us briefly how you got that cherished part of melanie well, my sister was went to see the director george cucor, you better tell everybody who your sister is my sister joan fontaine, right and um, whose name of course is the same as my Own it’s really de havilland, but she went to see george cuco, the director of gone with the wind to read for the part of scotland.

That was the only part that she was interested in and he asked her to read for melanie instead and she refused and she said well, if it’s a melon, you won. Why don’t you? Why don’t you ask my sister, so we did, and so i went to see him and and committed the scene to memory after i’d. Read it for him and enacted it for david selznick, the producer and he decided well, you said miss de havilland that melanie’s character. If you could pick any person you’d most like to have been like, was what you’d like to have been like what qualities in that character? Do you respect so much melanie, yes, melanie? Well, i think that the whole thing that makes her so remarkable is that she was a perfectly loving person. It really was love that uh was at the center of her nature and was the uh. It was love that directed her relationship to all the people whom she met, and this is what made her a happy woman and all her relationships were happy and successful. Did all of you working together, clark, gable, um, vivian lee have the sense that this was a great experience, a great achievement in the cinema business when you were doing gone with the wind? Yes, we did. We thought we were doing something quite exceptional. It’S been said. Now that first came out in about 19′ didn’t it, the film was first shown to the public in the city of atlanta in december of 19′, and it was re released.

It’S been released several times since yesterday. How many times do you have any idea? Well, i think at least four, if not five and of course the most recent one is the 70 millimeter version and that came out in 1967, but it’s certainly it’s held up through the years no one’s attempted to do a remake on it. Have you has ever been any discussion of this at all? Yet not yet not yet, but it just shows us all. I think that a quality film will hold up over the years. Yes, when it’s a good story: Music, okay, all right, we’ll, good to stop it and then you’ll pick up with the other film, okay, okay, um. I think it’d be interesting for you to comment now. Mr havilland on some of the leading men you’ve had, and maybe you could just give me a one sentence – description if that’s possible, i’ll, just name the names and you can give me you mean my replies – are never your instant reaction to a name like clark gable For example, oh regard, i think now what did you say regard? I think i regard him with the you know, respect and and admiration how about errol flynn? Oh that rascal, okay, okay, good, then we’ll just do a little more here. That was delightful.