You know how we just uh. We just lost um tv icon, uh, regis, regis, filming um they’re, the uh same time. I heard about today that um another um actress, because recently we lost another actress. Um kelly preston makes you rest in peace though, and um, and i now just found that uh today i got ta work out reports that um another actress passed away in that um, which i was supposed to to me. I had to be honest, though i didn’t even know that she was still alive until now, but um actress, olivia de havilland uh passed from the last the one. As far as i know, she was like she’s, like the last remaining cast member from the club from the most classic one of the most classic films ever gone with the wind, and that was back in 19′. She passed away at the age of 104.. I didn’t say i didn’t honestly. I did not even know that she she was still alive until now, and i did not know that she was over a hundred i’m like that’s, just like a hundred and four years old. She surpassed and my my surprise she surpassed kirk douglas who passed away earlier back in february. I think it was. It was 103.. God first was i i knew kirk douglas would i was i was i was expecting. You know because kirk douglas, because you know he’s been he was 103 or 100.

I think it was 103 when he passed away but um. I was like man he’s over he over. He lived over 100 years old and i didn’t even know that olivier having was still alive, and i didn’t even know that she was 104.. She just, i think she just turned 104 before she passed. I was like god, damn. You know olivia de joflin from the star from gone with the windows all the way back in 19′, so i think she was like about 23 when she did the movie and she’s 104. Would you pass away god 104 to me? That is amazing, like with kirk douglas, who i knew uh, who lived be over a hundred same with her? I was like, oh, my god, olivia diablo, who lived over 100 years old man. I was just like that’s amazing. Still i didn’t listen, i didn’t even know she was alive and i didn’t know what her age was. Of course i could have looked it up on the internet, but i didn’t think about living to hoffland after, but i know she’s been so yeah. This is amazing that just blew my mind that she was 104., even my dad’s mind was blown as well when he heard the news and olivier hoffland he’s been countless other movies, especially uh, since gone with the wind um and honestly, i did not watch too many Films with uh olivia devlin, but the other one that i remember either one i reviewed it long ago.

That um me a second here where is it? Oh, no it’s over here, Music, almost tripped over my shoes it’s over here there it is. This is the only this is the only film that i review with her starring her starring in it, and that is this. The swarm which i enjoy. This film, i think, is an underrated movie from director irwin allen. Yeah, olivier de havilland, was in this um. She played um uh. I think she was. She was a teacher in the school, of course, where her scene, when she sees the dead children outside the school, and she like, of course, this film you had use of slow mo though, but she turns in slow motion, goes oh what you at when she sees The dead children and, of course, um there was a bit of there’s a um she’s, been put in the middle between the two other guys that, like her um ben johnson and fred mcmurray, who both like her they’re trying to like win her like flowers and stuff And um, all three of them were on the train and when the bees attack um, like frederick murray and ben johnson, they both fall out the window and olivia de havilland, and she was in the train when the train tumbles down the hill and explodes so yeah. This is like the only film that i reviewed on here with the head that started her in it, so i haven’t watched i haven’t watched too many movies with her in it, though, but um yeah, but i enjoy the swarm, i think it’s an underrated movie.

I don’t think it doesn’t deserve to be called one of the worst movies ever made, i’ve seen a whole lot. Worse creature feature films or horror, films that are worse than the swarm, especially that’s, mostly well shot by directed by director irwin allen, and i enjoy the score by jerry goldsmith. Like i said before my favorite film composer, i think jerry goldsmith did a great job with the score and uh. But let me do the hotline. She was in that as well, but um, but i can’t believe, but i can’t believe she lived to be 104 years old god man. This is still incredible to me. I said i didn’t i i didn’t know that she was still alive until now, and especially when she was over 100. She lived over 100 and the swarm was back in 1978 as well. I just can’t believe that yeah she said that she surpassed um kirk douglas man. Well, but i say has this to me: that’s still incredible: she lived that over a hundred years, that’s still mind blowing to me same thing. That kind of like say my same reaction as my newbo kirk douglas’s age, but olivia hoffland makes you rest in peace. You know she’ll be sadly missed for all the i said. I haven’t watched too many films that her, starting, especially with that one and, of course we because most of everybody know how what a masterpiece classic uh going with the wind is.

So, although to me to be honest, although to be perfect perfectly honest, i still not yet seen the movie if anyone’s wondering i still might have seen the movie, but i know it’s for over the past, like 60 years, it’s been uh, big or even even 70 Years it’s been guarded as one of the most best films of all time.