Until i die the first time i was aware of olivia havilland. I was 10 years old. I was sitting in a movie theater in longview washington, and there was olivia to have lending gone with the wind up on that screen, confined to a rain drenched wagon holding a newborn baby and trying to protect that baby from a storm raging around them, while also Hiding from unfriendly yankees patrolling the area, well, the look on olivia’s face in that scene. A mix of physical pain, emotional fear and great concern for the baby she’s holding is an image that i’ve never forgotten. I mean i was hooked at that moment and i’ve been a fan of hers ever since. After that, everything i saw her read about olivia havilland impressed me more among them, her courageous lawsuit against her employers of warner brothers in 1943, something which would have been career suicide for if she’d lost that suit and kept her off screen and without a paycheck. For three years, but in case she won and is now in the law book, says the de havilland decision, which severely limits studios control over their contract actors. She fought for that for one basic reason: she felt it was the right thing to do. Well, then, came a wagon full of oscar nominations for olivia. Besides 1 4 gone with the wind in 19′, the original nominations for hold back to dawn in 1941 and the snake pit in 1948.

The snake bit a particularly challenging role, addressing a very difficult issue, that of mental illness, and she is terrific in it, particularly because so much of her performance has to do with her hearing things. In her mind i mean you swear she’s, just sitting alone on a bench hearing things only she can hear yet the truth is there was a crew of 75 people watching everything she’s doing. Did you sleep well last night, mrs cunningham? How are you today very well? Thank you who is he and why all those questions as if they were testing me? Do you hear voices you think, i’m deaf? Of course i hear yours it’s hard to keep on being civil when they ask you such nut. Questions and she’s lost in this world and she’s not afraid to act apart, that’s very difficult to do. It’S quite extraordinary plus she went home with the best actress trophy for to each his own in 1946 and the heiress in 1949. Think of it i may never stand in this window again. I may never see washington square on a windy april night. Why won’t you? Because i will never be in this house again nonsense. You and austin will be reconciled within the year. I will never see him again in my life for over 50 years, olivia charmed, audiences and movies, including the nine that she made with errol flynn, like captain blood and the adventures of robin hood, which made the two of them one great screen teams.

You remember that day in sherwood forest. I realized, then, for the first time that what you were doing was right and that we were wrong now. Let me finish. You taught me, then, that england is bigger than just normals and saxons fighting and hating each other that it belongs to all of us to live peacefully together, loyal only to richard and to inc bottom line. The more i read about this extraordinary actress and studied her work, the more i admired her also admired the fact that she had a very strong personal life that extended far beyond her celebrated career, strong family ties, including a son and daughter she’s, always adored. I must admit knowing olivia has changed the course of my life. We first met on february 26 1977, when she was in los angeles, filming airport 77 it’s, an interview which was supposed to last an hour but turned into a lively three hour visit punctuated by several bottles of champagne and from there a friendship began which endures to This day, 40 years later, rarely does a sunday go by that we don’t talk on the phone, olivia and paris me either in new york or california, we’ve traveled to some exotic locales together and, more importantly, we’ve laughed a great deal together, olivia being one of the Wittiest women i’ve ever met her great sense of fun being only one of the many assets she possesses as a human being Music, something she said to errol flynn.

The first day they met, says a great deal about olivier to haveland, while they were waiting to test for the leads in 19”s captain blood. She asked carol flynn casually what he wanted out of being an actor. He said, as if her question surprised him. Well, i want success. What is it you want out of all of this? It took her a moment to think about that, and then she said i want respect, respect for doing a difficult job at making. It look easy and then she later said to me. You know both errol and i were very lucky. We each got what we wanted.