I think if we get a nice, sharp, quick tempo to begin with we’re in for a real treat here, because we’ve got a couple of entertaining sides that love to go forward on the move and able to cut out the pass samsung. And he could get away here, it’s offside and the referee’s given it well. Here is the team sheet for the home side, so alan 442 yeah. I think it looks that way. Martin, yes, it’s the conventional shape, it’s, the one that the manager prefers olympic marseilles, lineup, steve mandanda, starts in goal. Florian tova starts with dmitry pryot in the wide positions and today it’s, just the one striker in the side, cleared away by the defender in marking your card really, as we try to do main man for marseille here, he is well he’s, a crowd pleaser, because when He gets the ball. You just don’t know what’s going to happen so many possibilities with him in possession, sir Applause, but not he might have put his teammate in here – tell that try one now real opening. Now, oh it’s, a tremendous goal: oh it’s, an offside decision! Well, the players can’t believe it and neither can the crowd but it’s the right decision. This is another angle on it, alan well, it looked like the timing of the the pass and the run was spot on, but the defense squeezed – and i think they just caught him off Applause, trying to spot a potential ball to open them up, but they’re keeping The ball, well, Applause patiently, building up it could cross it from here.

Applause that looked promising and then broke down roger camera, trying to stretch the opposition using the wider areas here, payette camera so well. Now they can attack and he’s got support with him, benedetto amavi Applause they’re, trying to press it. Applause, you’d still expect them to win, but i do feel i’ve got ta switch it up a gear to start asking more questions of the opposing defense slip through put in from the wide area. Well, that’s the keepers ball from the moment the cross left his foot. Certainly playing well enough to get their noses in front here, can whip it in now difficult for the defender against the pro wants to take him on like this they’ve set it up well for the cross, not a threat at the moment, but they have got the Ball and that, i suppose, is a threat. Read the play well to intercept. Referee has chosen to add on two extra minutes: benedetto camera van anton rogier or we’re halfway through, and we haven’t yet got a goal to bring to you nil, nil. At half time. Second period to come now and marseille start it here’s a chance to go down the outside of the opposition Applause chance to go at the opposition with pace. Gracie it’s good play this. The opposition can’t get at them when they’re keeping the ball samwell, crossy and he’s dealt with it that dangerous moment, samuel granzi keeping the ball is one thing, but they’ve got to try and open up the opposition that was whipped into a good area, but no one Could get there to convert the opportunity? Applause he’s got players helping him here, but he might go alone, charbonnier Applause now.

Can he take them on i’m tidy work and on the home bench a substitute is clearly getting ready to come on. Benedetto Applause, morgan, stanson good support, running on either side. Camera Applause can really get at the opposition here. Trying to get behind the defenders to get in a good cross. Gon na try his luck. Well, the opposition must have thought they were holding out, but it’s a good goal and the opposing manager will be worried now because his team were basing their game on shutting out the opposition. Well, that’s failed and the manager of the team at school will be delighted. He’D be wondering whether it would come well, it has come relatedly, but it might be enough delight for marseille now they’re in front the hosts of controlled possession here so far, but i’ve been a bit disappointed with them. So far as we’ve shown, they’ve had lots of the ball, but they just haven’t been inventive enough with it. They’Ve moved it on too slowly made it too easy for the opposition to get back in shape. The build up is patient, samuel granzi, trying to pick out someone in the center that’s a shame, because in the end i will go down as a poor cross. Really, everyone seems to be at one today: the players, the supporters, especially the supporters – listen to this. Well, they need it. The keeper chooses to punch he’s looking for the cross, striding forward, purposefully a chance to put it in the box from here.

You can see what he was trying to do, but the defender in the way, camera now a chance to get a bit of width into this attack. Football is a passing game. Oh goodness, me they’re, passing the ball around the opposition beautifully here. Yeah there’s been a good tempo to it. Good movement off the ball and they’ve made the opposition work really hard Applause, two more minutes to be played then added time, there’s only a minute to go. Gracie and it’s come to an end. Now, as the referee blows the whistle for the last time well, you don’t have to dominate a game to win it.