I think we’ll find that out in the first 10 minutes how these teams approach the task. This is the leel lineup. Benjamin andre starts with renato sanchez in central midfield and it’s good to see that they’ve got two strikers looking to provide the goal threat for them. Really, anticipating something special from him here today, he’s one of the best ball players in this league in world football i’d, go so far to say: niang Applause going forward well looking to attack the cross in numbers. Well, sometimes you just have to clear it like that safety. First Applause, the red team goes like this. Damien de silva plays with joris nyanya in the middle of defense and it’s rounded off the team, with these two strikers. Applause raymie time to get the ball in it’s good play this. The opposition can’t get at them when they’re keeping the ball Applause. Applause he’s got it in behind the defenders for the attack of the chase. Well, the player’s broken down now. Applause looking to create an opening well that’s over the top of the defender and one to chase, has to get it away. Applause now they can swing into attack and he’s got some help. He’S had a banger that’s, a silly tackle really Applause. Well that’s risky going in like that. Well, in this day and age always risky going to ground like that, and some refs will uh think that he was not in control of his actions.

Oh, that is his party piece, putting it in the net direct from a free, kick brilliantly done. Applause. His party piece, alan isn’t, it he’s very, very good at these free kicks yeah. I think when the opposition conceded that free kick in this area, they feared the worst, and so it turns out, and that has opened the scoring one nil here, cut that out. Well. Well, read: here’s renato sanchez, benjamin andre Applause lille now, with the advantage given by the referee, must be a goal and the shots call the goalkeeper into action here, he’s done well, you can only put it behind for the quarter corner played in amazing, defending right on The line look, the shoots got in the way, and that will clear the danger Applause. Well, they are moving the ball well here. This is a good opportunity to put the ball into not a great cross, really for the goalkeeper, an easy piece of work and that’s. The referee’s decision two added minutes, renato sanchez it’s one nil here as the halftime whistle goes, and here we go – the referee’s blown his whistle and we’re off for the second half Applause, financial man, niang niang Applause cut out the pass. I think, that’s a good performance. Isn’T it allen from him in the first half yeah, i thought he looked lively in that first half really sharp and obviously got the goal. Another 45 of that and he’ll be well pleased.

It’S good work here in terms of possession can they find the final class Applause renato sanchez we’re. Looking for a couple of killer passes here from the attacking team against defenders that are really earning their money, the whole team is defending. This might be an opportunity to get level and it is there’s the equalizer, and that could be a turning point in the game. Yeah. The momentum must be with them now. Can they go on and win it Applause well, that’s a poacher’s goal, maybe not his most spectacular, but an important one here so away. We go at one all steven unzonzi trying to get involved. I think the forward by coming this deep to get on the ball. Lee i’ve got the substitute, ready, here’s renato sanchez, now it’s remy, certainly playing well enough to get their noses in front here. One or two players arriving in the middle defender’s done well here to clear the danger Applause. The return pass goes the goal. It comes out of the goalkeeper, great save Applause. Now he can cross it and they’re stopped in their tracks by a raised flag from the assistant. Well, i thought you know he timed his run perfectly there, but no, they kept a good straight line and they caught him. I’Ve got to admire these lines, but they don’t get too many of these decisions. Wrong gets the ball out wide with time to assess the situation, some players limbering up for the away team substitution in the offing.

Applause, just looking at the tactics of this match. Maybe this substitution will hold the key that’s a clever pass needed to be brave, but he was. It goes out wide again. It just doesn’t happen overnight. This kind of pressing and it’s working well for them showing how much they put into their training sessions. The silver rafinha it’s about finding the right pass now: Applause and a big clearance out of danger and out of play in the end he’s got a chance to cross. What is your they’re coming in at the back post, his teammates and he bangs it away? Well, most of these supporters came in expecting to see their team win. It hasn’t all gone according to plan, but they’re pushing him on now to silver. We’Ve got two added minutes. They’Ve gone wide, excellent vision golden opportunity. Now they have taken the lead here in the dying moments. Well, this place is absolutely jumping what a finish and what a stage in this match. He’S beaten the goalkeeper, but only just it went in off the keeper. Well, i think he’s just a pair on the ball martin. It was too much for him. We had seemed to be stuck in a bit of a stone final whistle Applause.