We go in the second half with olympic leone, all in white kicking from left to right, jodie, taylor, who’s on the bench on a short term contract at leon, his paris again, oh good, footwork. There she gets the shot away. Mourinho toto could come in off. This left hand side and get a shot away. Kumigai was there debris and to bend it. Finally, at san sebastian leon goal, Applause should be bumped and bruised nikita paris there’s so much out of it’s the way she reacted. Russian referee free kick little header on by goodness got it now. I wonder if buchanan was pulled back there. This is uh herrera leon bronze to go out with a winner’s medal. I think there dudek is pulling oh to play. Penalty should have been given. This is baltimore 22 minutes against the gunners. Bronze baltimore will have to do better than that bronze. This is a lovely run and zero’s in trouble here she’s in real trouble. She was only one miss time, challenge away and the second yellow sees grace giuro sent off and she was becoming a real force in the game she’s in tears, because she knows what this means if they win she’s. Out of the final look should have said to her look: one more you’ve got to calm down bronze good run. There tip to shoulder, went inside and shira got squared up against a runner as soon as you stick your foot out when you’re in that position, you’re going to concede a free, kick it’s a cautionary offense and she’s off for the second yellow silver world cup player.

Tree with the free kick and it’s one nil, wendy renard up in the back, because she often does so devastatingly puts leon ahead moments after the red card for grace giuro just a few days ago 17 days ago, and she scores here gianni. Let her go and there’s absolutely no chance ender’s going to keep that out. Wendy renard scores for the 103rd time for olympic leon. We are talking a center half with over a hundred goals. Can paris saint germain hit back diani? Well, she’s left car showy down, hey anastasia pushed the voice over to send off zero, but i don’t think she had any more space now with paris saint germain chasing the game, paris was pushed. I think this free kick by no way she was going to keep the ball in then, the england international, the pace she was running. Naturally around the corner, that’s, a foul and there’s schwabney gets a yellow card. The coach of barista man and i don’t know why he didn’t react beforehand, there’s an accident waiting to happen. Applause. Thank you, brad to rush she’s fouled by paris, who could be in trouble and she’s going to miss the final well. The first one, i think, was for descent Applause, quite forgiving it would seem let her go she’s not going to go anywhere you’re on a yellow, chipping offense such a yellow car defense can’t argue, but i would argue against the i’m gon na start.

Here. Come a guy it’s giving the goalkeeper work to do now. Will they rue that olympic leone? You need to take a risk like that here’s gianni, renard, imperius where’s. She going now took a chance wasted. The work johnny very nearly got in behind. Definitely there and then overplayed show voting, perhaps for this late stage, two deck, the cannon couldn’t clear, her feet: she need to get the challenge and it bounces back off under sander and started clears it away. An arm came back there, fish and and batman couldn’t get into the game for paris saint germain, kumar, guy and guinness dottie have done a very good job in that midfield area. The icelandic international brought a handbag into the box renault there again and it’ll come through to bahadi she’ll hold on to it and that’ll, be that and once again olympic leon make a champions league final for the fifth year in a row.