Yes, yes, yes, oh, come on uh change things in a blink of an eye, good dangerous cross, very nearly deflected cassandra panels so near to an own goal. No wonder she looks uh much relieved corner swings away, top rows on the top of the net. Looking for the pass finding her marshall carolina, graham hanson flagger stayed down big opportunity. She squared it. Why didn’t she go for goal. She looked for joshua to the left. No confidence there, almost in the six yard box for barcelona to take the lead just to run perfectly she’s on side played on by hendrick in the middle that’s, where she had to go for goal and by the time she squared it woolsberg had lime shirts back. She looked up, saw the goalkeeper coming: he’s doubled his players up, but fajr’s got him behind now. Rolfo leaves it run, vanil harder, blocked, federer, meyer, offside anyway, against the left back. She pushed on into the box deus ex oh she’s done really well and marshall got between two defenders, but there was a block in the end the wrong way. On that left hand, side, didn’t use that engine and they get the cross in here now, it’s zipped, through to the far post it’s loose inside the penalty area, it’ll drop here and it’s poked in by rolfer barcelona thought there was a high foot in there and There should have been a free kick, but it came out this season plenty of red and blue back there.

They should have dealt with this engine’s passed away to spend your hoot and it was the cross that caused the problems missed by everyone poked up in the air that’s what they thought. It might have been: a free kick for the high foot pior. It was it then off, lay on and it was stabbed in from close range, but they should have dealt with the cross far better than they did the clearance by pereira, the number 17. What the width now provided by owabi she’s allowed to go on there and get the cross in oshawa arriving fingertips fingertips. I think i think i think she’s, given a gold kicker for me, it’s a corner good strength by the left back of abi, their challenge on dawson carter, it’s, a lovely cross set up into the middle and the keeper definitely got a touch on it. Fine goalkeeping. So she has to come back iron spiraling from toricon. Oh the document, that’s terrible dropped it under pressure from kalden tech. Did you lose it in the lights? I don’t know talk all keeping that to slip through your fingers. Great pressure was it from cal dente? No real challenge on the goalkeeper muscles, making a run towards the near post and took a defender away, drops to hamrawi a little bit of space as well, but look at the way the wolfsburg players closed on her very quickly and it came off. I want to kick it long, it’s, a good header on the way by pop it’s, a fine header, fire maria lay on powerful header.

Finally, it comes there’s. The drag back watch a chance for the equalizer mariona caldente over it went they’ve missed some opportunities in this game. Good work here by jennifer amoso little drag back then the pullback bombati great strength in the past, but she has a chance now to get a shot away. Conservative performance from her tonight enough george pyle she’s pulled up there as she was running and good that’s. A free kick and a yellow card here for tonic on into her opponent. Sure referees have to judge his eye on the ball. She gets there. She wins the ball. The follow through takes out hood, but she’s won the ball cleanly and barcelona will rage if wolfsburg score from this danger lurks everywhere inside that penalty area hoots kills it to the fast stick harder back across, got brilliant defending by ham rowing all right back across goal. Rowey got the header to it. No way carolina, graham hands run forward by tony horn. It’S done really well opportunity and again squandered they’re not going to get many more jennifer marshall. She did everything right, gave herself space, half a yard of space, lovely work here by tonic on determination and it ran across her body to get that opportunity to get the shot on guards on a horn. But it was a horrible effort in the end, but the champions league campaign could end in the next 12 minutes because santa’s away here from leon, hamrawi can’t get back she’s gone for goal.

It was a tired, easy save here for rapanos no strength behind a tired shot from pernille harder. She looks to add to her nine in the competition marina, graham hanson, oh it’s, a lovely cross and brilliant defending might have been appealing for a corner. Let’S have a look, i think hendrick deflects it on to her yeah. She does brilliant defending that. Hey leaves it here. Hamrawi thought about the shot, might yeah what get one away, toni khan advanced again from right back it’s loose pop will go for it. She’S turned she hasn’t won it hasn’t won a free, kick either and it’s leathered over in the end crossed by tonight. I don’t know what pop was trying to do there lifted over in the end by bombati. One tonight would rescue this guitar the goalkeeper’s come. She hasn’t got there here’s a chance for matty stopwide free, kick wouldn’t, it count, it floats high keepers come out and she collided into graham hanson. Then it’s, the the forwards eyes are on the ball. The goalkeeper takes her out there second time in the game. Wolfsburg wolfsburger into the final of the uefa women’s champions league rolfo, the only goal of the game it broke.